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Protect your floors and furniture from fading with our wide range of blinds and shutters. Offering a range of on-trend blind designs, including neutral plantation shutters, simple shading, high-quality window coverings and unique earthy timber venetians.

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  1. Austere Block Out
    Blinds Austere Block Out
  2. Austere Light Filter
  3. Contemporary Block Out
  4. Contemporary Light Filter
  5. Downton
    Blinds Downton
  6. Downton Light Filter
  7. blinds_indoor_shutters
  8. Modern Metallic
    Blinds Modern Metallic
  9. Modern
    Blinds Modern
  10. Transitional Light Filter
  11. Transitional Plus
    Blinds Transitional Plus
  12. Transitional
    Blinds Transitional
  13. blinds_venetian_aluminium
  14. blinds_venetian_fauxwood
  15. Venetians - Timber
  16. Veri Shades® Alpine
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What are the benefits of blinds?

Window furnishings provide your home with privacy, insulation, light control, security and interior design style.

There are blinds to suit all interior designs, lifestyle requirements and budgets at Carpet Court. Choose from sleek and hygienic venetian blinds for excellent privacy, practical vertical blinds and modern panel glide blinds for optimum access through sliding doors, timeless plantation shutters – for simply everything, or seamless, versatile roman or roller blinds – which do you think will be the perfect fit for your home or office?

While we all love the versatility of gorgeous plantation shutters, blinds offer just as much style, practicality, privacy, insulation and light control as luxury shutters do but they may be more affordable.

Custom made from a huge range of exquisite fabrics in a vast array of colours and designs, you’ll love all the benefits your new blinds deliver.

Visit your local Carpet Court store and browse our range of blinds to suit any space. Begin by searching for your closest store in either VICNSWSAQLDTASACTWA or NT.

Why should I have my blinds custom fit?

No matter which style of blinds you choose, custom made blinds will be a perfect fit within your window or door cavity which means they will provide the optimum in light filtering control as well as heat control, allowing no light or heat to escape or enter through unsightly gaps. The end result will instantly refresh your interior proving a designer look and optimum performance.

What size blind do I need?

That depends on the style of blind you choose, because some are best fitted within your door or window cavity, and others are designed to be mounted outside the cavity. The size is therefore determined by where the blind will be mounted.

Is installing blinds easy?

When your blinds have been manufactured an experienced installer will return and install the custom made blinds to your doors and windows. As a perfect fit is imperative for optimum light and heat control, we recommend using our expert installers to ensure you are 100% happy with your new blinds.

How do I choose which blinds are right for me?

Carpet Court has a fabulous blind collection covering a range of colours, designs and styles. While we’d all love to ignore it, budget has to be a determining factor in which fabric and style of blind you choose. The friendly and experienced team at your local Carpet Court store can suggest fabrics to suit your budget.

Also as important as budget is the decision about which style of blind is most suited to both your home environment and your lifestyle. Questions to consider include:

  1. Do you have young children or pets?
  2. Do you need blinds for privacy?
  3. What is your interior design style – modern or traditional?
  4. What style are your windows and which direction do they open?

When thinking about which fabric to choose consider:

  1. Which rooms of the house are the blinds going it?
  2. Do you need full blockout blinds, light filtering blinds, or both?
  3. Is moisture an issue in the rooms you are putting blinds into?
  4. Do your glass doors slide open or open inwards or outwards?
  5. Do you need a fabric to insulate the room?
  6. Do you need a fabric which prevents the sun from damaging your interior?

Carpet Court’s team of window covering specialists can help you determine what are the most important things you need your window coverings to do, so you can be sure to make the right decision.

What other factors should I consider before choosing blinds?

In bedrooms and other rooms of the house you may need to consider pairing a light filtering blind with a blockout blind. Affixed to a duo roller, the combination of light filtering and blockout blinds allows you to simultaneously use both, one or the other depending on your needs.

What kinds of blinds are best for kitchens?

The kitchen is the hub of the home. Carpet Court’s blinds collection is quite diverse, so there is sure to be a blind which will transform your kitchen from okay to fabulous!

Sophisticated and luxurious plantation shutters work in kitchens and any room of the house. Their durability and timeless contemporary appeal makes them a great investment as they can significantly increase the value of your home. 

Fitted outside the window frame, Roman blinds provide your windows with a touch of elegance and sophistication. They can create a focal point in the room, making a strong statement if you choose a richly textured design or a bold colour palette. They may be a little too ornate for a kitchen, but if it works with your interior style go for it!

If your kitchen has a large window or glass sliding door to the outdoors, vertical blinds are a cost-effective, practical option. Hugely versatile, they allow you to control privacy and light in your space with a simple wand control mechanism. Mounted with a chain guard for safety reasons, vertical blinds are safe, easy to maintain and clean.

Venetian blinds are a popular choice for window coverings in modern kitchens. Renowned for their versatility and durability, they are also relatively low maintenance. They are available in Timber, Fauxwood, and traditional Aluminium. 

Affordable roller blinds are one of the most popular options for kitchens. They give your home a contemporary look and feel while being unobtrusive and easy to operate with a choice of spring-loaded or chain mechanisms.