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Carpet Court stores offer an extensive range of quality products including blinds and awnings, outdoor blinds and more. Custom-made in quality, heavy duty fabric means that Carpet Court's blinds are some of the most energy efficient, ideal for Canberra homes.

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What is the best material for blinds in Canberra?

High quality window coverings are an important component in Canberra homes due to the extreme climatic changes and the need for energy efficiency. Choosing the best material and type of blind from Carpet Court’s extensive range creates significant energy savings along with light control and privacy both within the home and in our outdoor areas.

The blinds Canberra homeowners need during harsh summer months include light control blinds to protect furnishings and flooring from sun damage and blinds with a perfect fit in order to provide good insulation. Outdoor blinds and awnings also provide shade and sun protection to pergolas and alfresco dining spaces while reducing the amount of solar heat penetrating your home.

Carpet Court’s extensive range of indoor light-filtering sheer curtains and blinds reduce the damaging effects of the sun and can be paired with curtains or blockout blinds for complete light and temperature control.

Equally, during Canberra’s cold winter months high quality window coverings installed in the home create energy savings due to reduced heat transference through glass windows and doors.

What are the best blinds to block out light?

In order to effectively block light you need blockout fabrics through which light cannot penetrate, and a perfect fit within your door or window cavity to reduce light exposure around the edges of the blind.

At Carpet Court stores in Canberra you will find an extensive range of curtains and blinds, including but not limited to vertical blinds, venetian blinds, roman blinds and roller blinds. Roller blinds are a fantastic choice for blocking out the light because they comprise a solid piece of fabric which can be fitted within the window or door cavity following a free measure and quote. Roman blinds can achieve the same result.

When you pair roman or roller blinds installed by Carpet Court’s professional installers with any of the high quality block out fabrics, you effectively reduce all external light.

Are blinds energy efficient?

Indoor and outdoor blinds improve your home’s energy efficiency rating. Blinds and awnings installed in your outdoor areas help to prevent the sun’s rays from hitting your home, particularly glass doors and large windows. Inside, your sheer fabrics and light filtering blinds continue to reduce the sun’s impact while high quality curtains and blinds finish the job.

While panel glide and vertical blinds are popular choices for covering glass sliding doors, consider two roller blinds installed side by side for greater insulation during the cold weather.

Of course in winter we can easily open them all up to allow any warmth to penetrate the home on sunny days. On cold, wet and grey days our curtains and blinds insulate our homes, preventing external cold transference through glass, and retaining our home heating.

Consequently, it can be said that Carpet Court’s custom-made, quality products in heavy duty blind fabrics are one of the most energy efficient window coverings available for Canberra homes.

Does Carpet Court offer high quality blinds in Canberra?

Carpet Court stores offer an extensive range of quality products including curtains, blinds and awnings, outdoor blinds and more. Discuss your needs with the experienced and helpful team instore to determine the right fabric and style of blind for the Canberra conditions. They will provide a free, in-home measure and quote service and manufacture the top quality blinds Canberra homes need. You can even have your blinds installed by their experienced, professional installers. Choose quality fabrics for roman, roller, panel glide or vertical blinds, while stylish fauxwood and aluminium venetian blinds are popular blinds Canberra homeowners opt for.