Venetian blinds

Venetian blinds

Venetian blinds are a classic window covering that never goes out of style. Available in fauxwood or slimline aluminium, Venetians lend traditional style to all your windows. 


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What are the benefits of venetian blinds?

Carpet Court have stunning custom-made venetian blinds in fauxwood and slimline aluminium. They have long been a popular choice for window coverings in many modern and traditional homes. Renowned for their stylish versatility and durability, venetian blinds are also affordable which is great news if you’re shopping for contemporary style on a budget.

Versatile venetian blinds allow you to control the amount of light in the room, letting in partial light, full light or no light as the slats overlap when the blinds are closed. Operated by cords or wands, they have modern appeal but also look quite at home in traditional or formal environments in the fauxwood design. They are good insulators, provide excellent privacy for large windows and are simple to clean with a duster or damp cloth.

How much light control will they give me?

As well as giving you full privacy, these blinds give you the ability to control the light levels in the room. To control the amount of light simply angle the blades anywhere from fully open to fully closed.  Want the maximum amount of light? Just draw the blinds completely up to let light stream through the window.

Why are they called venetian blinds?

Venetian blinds have been around since the late 1700’s. While various European countries claim ownership, it is believed they originated in Venice, Italy, hence the name.

How do I decide which style of blinds I need?

The style of blinds you choose is influenced by a number of factors.

While all the fashionable blind options from Carpet Court will transform your windows with exquisite designs, colours and fabrics, there are a few lifestyle and budgetary factors that may impact upon your decision. Do you have young children and pets in the home? In this case window coverings such as easy-to-clean venetian blinds are ideal.

What sort of climate do you live in, is there adequate ventilation, excessive sunlight, high moisture levels? Consider these factors when deciding what type of material is the best for your windows.

Do you need to control the light for family members to sleep during daylight hours? Check out our range of blockout fabrics suitable for roller, roman, vertical and panel glide blinds.

What style of blind will best suit your décor and home design? It might be roller blinds or panel glide blinds, but it’s hard to go past venetian blinds as fauxwood and aluminium venetians complement such a wide variety of interior styles.

Do you have large windows, and in what direction do they open? Roman and roller blinds are great options for windows that open vertically or outwards because they don’t obstruct airflow, while curtains, panel glide and vertical blinds are ideal for sliding windows and large windows. Fauxwood and aluminium venetians and plantation shutters are perfect for any window design, as they allow airflow through the slats and are custom made to suit any sized window.

For expert advice on the best window coverings for your home, speak to the specialists at your local Carpet Court store.

The benefits of choosing fauxwood venetian blinds

If you love timber but your budget is tight, fauxwood is the perfect choice as it gives you the look of real timber at a fraction of the price. Carpet Court’s range of Aria fauxwood venetians are made from water resistant poly materials which are resistance to humidity, heat and moisture. This makes them ideal for areas where real timber is not typically used such as bathrooms, kitchens and laundries. They won’t fade or mark easily, which makes them suitable for sunny spots and in children’s bedrooms or playrooms. Our fauxwood venetian blinds are available in white or ivory shades for an inspiring look that is cool and contemporary.

The benefits of selecting aluminium venetians

Flexible, fashionable and economical, aluminium venetian blinds are a popular choice for many modern homes. Carpet Court’s range of highly durable aluminium blinds are available in cool alabaster, sophisticated silver or classic white to suit a range of contemporary décors.

Aluminium venetians are resistant to moisture which makes them a great choice for areas of the home where other blinds aren’t suitable, such as kitchens, laundries and bathrooms.

They are incredibly easy to clean just by dusting or wiping with a damp cloth, and they won’t warp like timber or grow mould like some fabrics.

How do you clean venetian blinds?

Fauxwood and aluminium venetians are very easy to maintain. They don’t need to be washed, in fact all you have to do to clean your venetians is wipe them over with a dry or damp cloth occasionally. Too easy!

Which style will suit my home?

The beauty of these blinds is that they are versatile enough to suit any décor. Choose between fauxwood and slimline aluminium in a choice of colours to perfectly complement the interior styles of both traditional and modern interiors.

Why should I buy my blinds from Carpet Court?

You may be aware that Carpet Court is Australia’s largest retail flooring specialist with over 200 locally owned and operated stores right around Australia. With a comprehensive selection of made-to-measure plantation shutters, roller blinds, venetian blinds as well as roman, vertical and panel glide blinds available from Carpet Court you can easily shop for your new floors and complementary window coverings at the same time. Some stores offer interest free terms to make your purchases more affordable, and all offer friendly and professional customer service along with helpful advice regarding the best flooring and window covering solutions for your home.

Visit your local Carpet Court store and browse our range of blinds to suit any space. Begin by searching for your closest store in either VICNSWSAQLDTASACTWA or NT.