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featuring Darren Palmer

Interior Design Style with Carpet Court

A Feathered Nest

During winter, we all want to sink deep into a cosy nest and what better way to feather yours than literally with feathers?
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Feathered Nest Style Story


Kintsugi is an ancient Japanese design technique that minimises waste and celebrates imperfection, suiting our need to upcycle and reuse.
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Kintsugi Style Darren Palmer

Neutral Minimalism

Simple, neutral and minimalist interior spaces contain fewer items and visual elements. This natural minimalism takes on interior styling and provides less opportunity for drama within a space than more boldly coloured, patterned and detailed styling that can at times be harder to create.

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Neutral Minimalism Darren Palmer


If we hit peak Hygge in 2017, then Lagom is the approach du jour of 2018. Lagom occupies the sweet spot between minimalism and over-decoration and is just right for everyday homes.
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Lagom style story

Wabi Sabi

Wabi Sabi is the traditional Japanese approach to the acceptance and celebration of the beauty of imperfection. There are many ways to embrace this look within your own home, but you may have noticed the principal at work whilst out in your day to day life. Take the time to see the beauty in the imperfection all around us.
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wabi sabi style story

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