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featuring Darren Palmer

Interior Design Style with Carpet Court

Gradating Colour

Ombre has been a huge trend over the past few years and now having graduated from what was a tonal approach to now more of a graphic one, the ombre trend is embracing colour combination and blending more than ever. 

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Gradating Colour Style Story

Indoors for Outdoors

The line between furniture fit for the outdoors and furniture fit for the indoors has become more blurred than ever before with amazing steps forward in technology and textiles.
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Indoors for Outdoors Darren Palmer

Natural Wovens

Wicker has been around since the Ancient Egyptians, when reeds were used to fashion small pieces of furniture like tables and chairs. A common misconception about wicker is that it’s an outdated material, however the exact opposite is actually the case.

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Totally Tubular

This style might be a flash back to the 80s, but the tubular style we’re seeing in an abundance of furniture and décor at the moment is right on trend for spring.
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Totally Tubular style story

Transparent Iridescent Pearlescent

Until now, the days of coloured glass were a thing of the past. However this spring, there is a re-emergence of the coloured glass trend in the form of pearlescent and iridescent finishes.

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transparent iridescent pearlescent style story

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