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From home upgrades to backyard escapes, discover the latest design trends that can transform the way you live.


Colour Play is all about having confidence in your own style and treating your interiors with a sense of fun. It will inspire the individuals who like to be just that – individual. There are no real rules in Colour Play, except perhaps, ‘more is more’ and ‘if it makes you happy, then it belongs. Learn more


The Raw Luxe look is inspired by our desire to achieve a calmer, more tranquil existence in a world in which we are increasingly connected and bombarded with information and imagery, 24/7. Learn more


Strong, clean graphic lines never go out of style. Yet, this latest incarnation of the monochromatic interior trend is more than sharp angles and dramatic contrasts. Its evolution stems from our urge for simplicity and symmetry, quality over quantity and in an increasingly hectic world, a sense of tranquillity and calm. Learn more


Get inspired by the Euro Retro trend. European design has always represented the epitome of style, luxury and craftsmanship. From the renaissance through to the 1970s and even today, the world has always looked to ‘the continent’ for inspiration and design leadership. Learn more