Introducing Into The Pale, where nothing is as white as it seems

When someone mentions a pale interior, it may conjure a vision of stark, monochromatic all-white minimalism that is defined by a total absence of all other colour. However, the interiors scene is seeing a return to a gentle era of elegance and luxury, and this time it has a modern twist – and a distinctly relaxed Australian feel. Welcome to Carpet Court’s latest look - Into The Pale - where warmth, texture and a subtle colour palette will create elevated beauty throughout your home.

Into The Pale focuses on a satisfying variety of textures featured in timber, carpet, and window furnishings in a warm tonal palette from soft white to cream, to warm beige and blonde, with hints of ginger, amber and russet. Although it’s a warm palette, it’s not just suited to toasty winter interiors in cooler states – it’s also a dream for the tropics or homes in the country and by the sea. This look works incredibly well in period or contemporary homes – its beauty is universal and doesn’t hinge on the presence of any architectural features.

Texture is as equally as important as the colour palette. From furniture, to carpet, rugs, walls, window treatments and soft furnishings - texture is paramount. It’s a touchy-feely wonderland that will make you want to scrunch your toes into the rugs, walk barefoot on floorboards, nestle into crispy linen sheets, and curl up on the sofa. Always remember that texture is just as pleasing for your eyes as it is for your fingers and toes. Fabrics such as rough-hewed linen, bouclé, corduroy and velvet, and materials such as stone, travertine and raw timber give your eyes an interesting plane to traverse as they are drawn in by the satisfying textures.

The third most important feature of Into The Pale is the shapes involved. Curves, arches and rounded organic forms are key – adding an extra element of comfort and relaxation to the look. This new-found popularity of curves and arches is said to be a part of a movement towards softness, where people are craving subtle organic forms rather than rigid, straight and uncompromising shapes.

Throughout the kitchen and dining area, we selected a stunning pale timber board, ‘Mandalay’ from the Precinct Oak collection. Real oak timber is a luxurious flooring that perfectly evokes the elegance of Into the Pale, yet it is tough and hardwearing enough to withstand high-traffic family zones. Another highly durable and long-lasting pale flooring option, which was chosen for the home-office and hallway, is the Southern Lights vinyl collection in ‘Beachside Oak’. Easy to maintain and comfy underfoot, vinyl floorboards are perfect for those who want to bring the look of real timber to any room. These pale boards look even better when you add round rugs, such as the custom wool rug from the Bremworth collection.

In every home, the ability to control the light and airflow with window furnishings is key to creating a comfortable space. The Into The Pale lounge features Veri Shades® in Net White; and the bedroom features classic Indoor Plantation Shutters in ‘Antique White’ - a great option for light control, temperature control and importantly, privacy.

There is such a reassuring elegance to wall-to-wall carpet in a room. In the lounge we feature Sandy Ridge in ‘Gum Tree’, a 100% Pure New Zealand textured loop pile carpet in a Heathered yarn to provide a natural fibre look.

The super-luxe carpet in the Into The Pale bedroom is the Cosmos in ‘Luminous’. This
luxuriously soft twist pile carpet is produced from a 100% ECONYL® regenerated nylon and is treated with ColourGard to provide stain and fade resistance.

We hope you love our Into The Pale look, and appreciate it’s elevated classic beauty just as much as we do.


Whether you’re incorporating a natural look with a wood finish or injecting a touch of opulence with terrazzo-like flooring, our trends are timeless and here to stay.