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    Plantation Shutters

    Elegant and stylish our shutters will add value to your home. Shutters are energy efficient and help to keep your house cooler in summer and warmer in winter. A perennial favourite, shutters have wide appeal across all design themes.

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    Timeless elegance, practicality, privacy, insulation, light control... here at Carpet Court, there’s not much we don’t love about plantation shutters. Never out of style, these feats of form and function are as at home in modern, minimalistic homes as they are in coastal retreats and even country cottages. Below is a handy guide with everything you need to know about choosing plantation shutters for your home or business.

    Carpet Court’s indoor plantation shutters

    At Carpet Court, you can choose from our range of timber, PVC or fauxwood indoor plantation shutters in a variety of colours. We think plantation shutters are the ultimate in window treatments as they lift the look of your windows and interiors while being a truly practical window furnishing. Here’s a few more great reasons why plantation shutters could be a great option for you:

    • Insulation - An excellent thermal insulation structure that keeps the heat out in summer and cold out in winter.
    • Light control - The blades can be fully open or closed or at any tilt between 180 degrees for total light control.
    • Privacy - Versatility to leave certain panels open or partially open or create full privacy when closed.
    • Aesthetics - Plantation shutters elevate your interiors and provide wow factor outside by improving the facade of your home.
    • Shapes - Shutters are an ideal solution for unconventional window shapes like circles, triangles, and arches.
    • Timeless - They never go out of fashion and work with any style of home.
    • Strong and durable - They can stand up to use even in busy family homes with children and pets and still look great for years and years.
    • Low maintenance and easy clean - Regular dusting and a wet wipe are all that’s needed to keep your shutters looking great.
    • Increase value - Plantation shutters create a perception of refinement that adds value to your home.
    • Allergy-free - A great option for allergy suffers as any dust wipes off.
    • Installation options - Choose from bi-fold or hinged systems to suit your window or door.

    As you can see, there are many reasons to choose indoor plantation shutters for your window coverings. Not only are plantation shutters a stylish, modern window covering with enormous visual appeal, they also provide the ultimate in privacy, light control and insulation while their timeless sophistication adds value to your home.

    Browse our indoor plantation shutters online or in-store today

    Carpet Court has one of the largest ranges of window furnishings in Australia, at competitive prices. We work with industry leaders to produce plantation shutters that are built to last. Our plantation shutters can be constructed from timber, PVC or fauxwood with hinged or bi-fold systems. Browse our range online and book a free measure and quote so we can come to you and customise your requirements, or head in-store to see our products in person.

    Some key features of the materials we use include:

    PVC plantation shutters - PVC shutters are made with an aluminium core which strengthens the blades and panels making them durable great for kitchens and bathrooms. They also have great UV and moisture resistant properties.

    Fauxwood plantation shutters - Fauxwood is a timber composite crafted with an internal aluminium tube and coated in PVC to create a wood look. It has excellent heat and moisture resistant properties making it suitable for kitchens and bathrooms.

    Timber plantation shutters - Timber is the most luxurious material in our range of plantation shutters. Made from quality timber, they are strong, resistant to bumps and warping, and available in a variety of stains and paint colours.

    Leading design and engineering - check out the plantation shutter system

    In many ways, plantation shutters are like a series of slatted doors that attach to your windows. They are a beautiful, solid piece of engineering that adds light and refinement to your room while serving a practical and important function.

    Our shutters can be made in bi-fold or hinged systems:

    • Hinged shutters – Hinged allow the shutter ‘doors’ to swing open and is the most popular style of shutter installation.
    • Bi-fold shutters – Are installed on a track system that allows the panels to bi-fold off one another. They are used on doorways and large windows and can be stacked to one side when you want full access through the doorway. They are perfect for indoor/outdoor areas.

    The open-close tilt rod mechanism for the blades can be made in your choice of clearview, centre tilt or offset tilt rod.

    • Clearview – The tilt rod is concealed within the panel for an unobstructed view.
    • Centre-tilt – This is the traditional style where the tilt rod sits in the centre of the panel of blades.
    • Offset tilt – The tilt rod sits on the left or right of the panel of blades.

    Solid timber shutters available in a range colours

    Timber shutters are the ultimate in elegance and durability, blending beautifully with other natural materials and textures within the home.

    Carpet Court’s solid timber shutters are available in various stains to highlight the natural grain of the wood and make it a feature. Choose from oak, walnut, chestnut, or darker shades of chocolate and black. Alternatively, you can choose to have them painted in one of our light, crisp shades of white, antique white or eggshell.

    Affordable plantation shutters at Carpet Court without compromising quality or style

    We never compromise on quality at Carpet Court. From our most luxurious products to the more affordable, we don’t cut corners, and our range of plantation shutters are no exception.

    Our timber shutters sit at the top of our range and our fauxwood and PVC shutters are the more affordable options. While all these shutters look and behave in a similar way, the PVC and fauxwood can actually be used in more rooms of the house than their timber counterpart. Because they are resistant to moisture and humidity, they can be used in wet areas.

    What sort of paint finish do plantation shutters have?

    Our PVC shutters are finished with high quality, long-lasting paint and our timber shutters can be finished in your choice of stain or paint. All our shutter surfaces are easy-clean. Simply remove dust with a soft cloth or vacuum brush followed by a wipe with a damp cloth to remove fingerprints or grime.

    Do plantation shutters offer longevity?

    Durable and built-to-last, indoor plantation shutters are an investment because they become permanent fixtures within your home. They even form part of property appraisals when selling your house.

    Carpet Court’s plantation shutters are manufactured with the Australian climate and lifestyle in mind. They can endure hot Perth summers, cold Melbourne winters, and even stand up to the rigours of busy family homes with pets and children.

    Depending on the type you select, our Australian made plantation shutters come with up to five years warranty on paint and up to 20 years warranty on structural defects. So, they’re a quality product made with solid craftsmanship that will last for years to come.

    Open up your lifestyle with our range of plantation shutters

    Simply never out of fashion, indoor plantation shutters improve the appearance of your home from the inside. But did you know they also improve the outside? The sleek lines of horizontal panels can really lift the façade of your house, elevate your street presence, and make tired looking windows less noticeable.

    Whether your interior style is paired back and modern, or you’ve got a cosy cottage, your shutters will still complement your décor. Even if you’re renovating your home entirely, your plantation shutters can still work in with whatever new look you’re creating.

    Indoor plantation shutters are a great option for large expanses of windows and doors as well as unconventional window shapes. Surprisingly, shutters are the perfect solution to fit out seemingly challenging shapes like arches, circles, and triangles. Because they are custom made, pretty much any shape is possible.

    Flexibility to select hinged or bi-fold systems means they can be applied to many types of doors. From French doors that swing open, to an entire track system for large sliding patio doors. Shutters can fold or fully open to bring the outside in. It’s a window furnishing that can be customised to meet your lifestyle.

    For the home or office

    Indoor plantation shutters have stood the test of time as a coveted window furnishing that communicates refinement. Timeless and elegant, they are not confined to use with one style. They are as at home in a luxurious waterfront Brisbane residence as they are in a modern, corporate office in the heart of Sydney’s CBD. It’s their ability to cross interior design boundaries, combined with their immensely practical functionality, that make them popular in Australian homes and appropriate to any setting.

    Make life a little brighter at home when you choose from our range of plantation shutters

    Shutters give you incredible freedom when it comes to managing the light in your home. Whether you choose bi-fold or hinged shutters, you can open their doors to flood the room with light and remove all visual obstruction between indoors and outdoors. Or you can close the doors and shut the blades tight to darken the room and obtain privacy. In the middle-ground, there is every angle in between. Tilt them one way to gain more light or tilt them another way to block out glare. And, because shutters sit inside their own panels, they can be operated separately, for example, closing the lower panel for privacy while leaving the top panel open for light.

    Styles and colours trending now

    In 2022, after crisp white tones and grey neutrals have long been popular in interiors, we’re seeing warm, rich colours of caramel, tan, and latte on the rise. Within the realm of indoor plantation shutters, this means you can’t go wrong.

    Our timber shutters are a great way to bring in warm tones and a natural feel, and our lighter-coloured shutters in varying, crisp shades of eggshell and antique white enjoy enduring popularity as they can be teamed with the colours of the season. So, a warm coloured carpet, or rugs and other soft furnishings could be used to add on-trend elements to your interiors.

    Rooms perfect for plantation shutters

    Bi-fold or hinged plantation shutters look stunning in any room of any house. They are particularly stylish in living areas, setting a chic and refined tone that can work in with any style, while providing excellent thermal and sound insulation.

    They’re also a great window furnishing for bedrooms due to their high degree of light and privacy control and a durable option for playrooms and children’s bedrooms because they’re easy to clean.

    PVC and fauxwood shutters can tolerate moist and humid areas which makes them suitable for wet areas and splash zones like kitchens, bathrooms, and laundries.

    What’s the best type of plantation shutters for my home?

    The best type of indoor plantation shutters for your home is the kind that suits your lifestyle and budget. Timber shutters are the most luxurious and expensive in our range, while fauxwood and PVC shutters are more affordable, yet still incredibly durable.

    Timber plantation shutters can stand up to knocks, bowing, UV rays and harsh sun, while PVC shutter panels and blades are fabricated for extra strength and durability. Fauxwood can withstand the demands of young families and is suited to any room of the house. It’s a composite timber material coated with PVC to give the look of real timber for a fraction of the price. PVC and fauxwood plantation shutters can be used in any area of the house, including rooms prone to moisture and wet areas.

    No matter which material you choose, our indoor plantation shutters are durable, practical and will last for years.

    Do plantation shutters block out light at night?

    Blockout roller blinds, Roman blinds, and other conventional window coverings provide a high degree of light control over your windows and doors, but they cannot remove 100% of light seepage. Plantation shutters allow a small amount of light through closed louvres, but blinds allow a similar amount around the edges, so they are comparable. The depth and thickness of plantation shutters make them a very effective method of controlling the light and the heating and cooling within a home.

    Installation of plantation shutters

    Carpet Court’s professional installers will spare you from DIY installation. Our expert team will ensure a perfect fit for your beautiful new plantation shutters. Each frame is custom made with the highest quality workmanship then fitted with hinged or bi-fold louvre doors, depending on your preference. This ensures the ultimate in light control and insulation for your home.

    Installing plantation shutters requires precise dimensions to fit within tight tolerances. For this reason, we don’t recommend DIY plantation shutter installation. We always leave it to the professionals.

    Get a free measure and quote

    Get expert advice and book a free measure and quote for plantation shutters online, or simply make a phone call to the team at your local Carpet Court showroom. One of our experts will come to you. If you’d like free samples or to see the rest of our window furnishings range in person, enquire in-store. We can provide all the product details you need, including warranty information.

    With more than 200 stores in every state and territory of Australia, there is bound to be a retailer near you. Begin by searching for your closest store in either 

    VIC, NSW, SA, QLD, TAS, ACT, WA or NT.

    Looking after and caring for your plantation shutters

    Cleaning your plantation shutters is easy. To keep them fresh for years to come, all they need is a little bit of love that’s in keeping with the basic cleaning required to maintain the rest of your home. Simply follow these quick and easy steps.

    1. Remove dust - Start by removing dust from each slat, front and back, with a soft cloth or vacuum brush.
    2. Wipe - Using water mixed with a mild detergent such as dishwashing liquid, take a soft brush or cloth, and gently wipe/brush each slat.
    3. Regular light maintenance - Continue to undertake light, regular dusting of your plantation shutters.


    What is the difference between shutters and plantation shutters?

    Window shutters are made from timber and have small, narrow louvers which typically make them suitable for small windows. Plantation shutters have wider louvres, are made in a variety of sizes, colours, and materials, and let in a lot of natural light and air when open.

    Are plantation shutters a good investment?

    Plantation shutters are an excellent investment for your home or commercial premises because they are timeless, elegant, practical, easy to use and durable. Unlike other window furnishings like venetian blinds, plantation shutters add value to your property and will last for years.