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    Roller blinds

    Roller blinds are ideal for windows where privacy is required, or where there is a need to control strong sunlight. Widely used in modern houses, Roller blinds are available in a wide range of fabric styles including blockout, light filtering, or solar screen selections.


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    What are roller blinds?

    Roller blinds are popular window coverings in both modern and traditional homes. They are the perfect window coverings for windows which open vertically or outwards, creating privacy and airflow while also helping to control the temperature and the amount of natural light in a room.

    Operated by chain, spring loaded device or motorised , roller blinds are in available in a wide range of fabric. Roller blinds are window blinds manufactured using fabric attached to an aluminium roller which is mounted to the window on single or duo brackets.They are sleek, modern and energy efficient window coverings which never go out of style.

    Why should I choose these kinds of blinds?

    At Carpet Court the diverse range of roller blinds offer a cool, contemporary look and are easy to operate, making them a hugely popular choice for modern interiors. In traditional homes where curtains may be preferred, blinds are often used as well as curtains for additional privacy or light and temperature control, especially in bedrooms.

    If your windows face the street or if your windows are directly visible to your neighbours, roller blinds will give you all the privacy you need.

    What types of roller blinds are there?

    In the past, they were used primarily as a device to completely block out light. Nowadays, you have many more options to choose from depending on your needs. Carpet Court has a wide range of blinds designed in stylish fabrics including block-out, light filtering and solar screen selections.

    As an alternative to roller blinds, venetian blinds provide versatility and style while also being entirely suitable for windows which open vertically. Somewhat of a cross between a roller blind and a plantation shutter, venetian blinds are hung to fit the window in the same way as a roller blind, but they have vertical slats made from aluminium or timber, which is similar to a plantation shutter. Blinds offer full and partial airflow and light filtering while also controlling privacy.

    What kinds of blinds are best for living rooms?

    At Carpet Court you will find a fabulous range of roller blinds and many other window coverings which are perfect for the living areas of your home. Our made-to-measure service is available for roller, roman, venetian, panel glide and vertical blinds and plantation shutters of course! The customer service teams at your local Carpet Court store will help you determine which window coverings are ideal for your living spaces, creating functional and practical benefits with fabulous aesthetics.

    What are the advantages of block-out fabric?

    Block out fabric blocks out all forms of external light. Block-out blinds are the perfect choice for bedrooms as they totally block out all external light sources, with total darkness being ultimately conducive to good sleeping conditions. Blind fabrics are manufactured in a range of styles including many different colours and designs from plain to textured and patterned. This means they can be a feature in the room, while also having a functional purpose within your home interior.

    What are the advantages of light filtering fabric?

    Light filtering fabric gives you the option of allowing varying degrees of privacy and filtered light into your space while helping to protect your flooring and furniture from fading and sun damage. Carpet Court has an extensive range to suit your individual needs.

    What are the advantages of solar screen fabric?

    Solar screen fabric is specifically designed to reduce heat and glare by filtering out harsh UV rays. If you have large windows or windows that allow a lot of sun, solar screen fabric will significantly reduce the amount of heat coming into the room. With energy costs skyrocketing, solar screen fabrics are the perfect way to save on your power bills and reduce your reliance on air conditioning.

    What styles are available?

    Roller blinds are hugely versatile, and are available in a wide range of textures, patterns, colours and screen density to suit any style of décor and personal taste. Beautifully textured blinds as seen in our Downton collection add more visual depth to a space and elevate the natural look and feel of a room. Blinds with patterns such as our Austere collection add the wow factor by bringing a unique design element to your windows.

    If you want to pair blockout blinds with solar or light filtering blinds, consider a duo bracket for mounting both on the one bracket.

    Vertical vs horizontal pattern

    Blinds offer the benefit of creating different effects in a room. Distinctive vertical patterns such as those seen in our Modern collection elongate a room and add visual depth. Horizontal patterns and textures such as those seen in our Stanza collection have the effect of making your rooms and windows appear wider. 

    Which style of roller blind will suit my home?

    The range of roller blinds at Carpet Court offer a diverse selection of colours and designs to suit any style of home. While there are no hard and fast rules, it’s important to consider that warm and cool colours can create different effects. If your décor is contemporary, bold colours and designs like the dramatic blacks and greys seen in our Modern collection will create a striking statement. If you want to add an organic feel to a modern décor, consider earthy, neutral tones and textures such as those in our Austere range. For expert advice and inspiration, talk to your local Carpet Court customer service team, who are well versed in the latest design trends.

    Can Carpet Court offer me a good selection of window coverings?

    Yes. Carpet Court is Australia’s largest flooring retailer with a wide range of made-to-measure window coverings alongside the extensive range of flooring products. Over 160 Carpet Court stores around the country are selling the latest styles in made-to-measure window coverings. Because all the stores are locally owned and operated, you’ll receive all the expert advice and professional customer service you need to make the right choice.

    Visit your local Carpet Court store and browse our range of blinds to suit any space. Begin by searching for your closest store in either VICNSWSAQLDTASACTWA or NT.

    How do you clean roller blinds?

    It is important to always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for cleaning your beautiful new roller blinds.