Enjoy optimum versatility and light control with Carpet Court’s range of high-quality double roller blinds. Customise a dual blind combination in light filtering, sunscreen or blockout blind fabrics to suit your taste and requirements.

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If you think that roller blinds are an easy-to-use, versatile window covering, you’d be right. But did you know that double roller blinds, that is two blinds in the same or different fabrics on a dual roller, take their function and style to the next level? Learn more about why double roller blinds are the epitome of light control.

Control light in your home with double roller blinds

You simply can’t get a window covering that offers more light control than double roller blinds. Choose roller blind fabrics for your dual-hung system according to the privacy, purpose, and amount of sunlight in your space. The following types of fabrics can be used in any combination to meet your light control needs:

  • Transitional - Acts as a sunscreen blind allowing you to enjoy your view of the outside while maintaining daytime privacy and protecting your interior space from UV rays. 
  • Light filtering - Brings in diffused natural light from outdoors while offering both day and night-time privacy.
  • Blockout - When closed, achieves complete blackout in your room.

Double vs single roller blinds 

Having the best of both worlds is what sets dual roller blinds apart in the window treatment world. Roman blinds and vertical blinds, while attractive and versatile, can only be made in a single fabric. And hard window furnishings like plantation shutters and venetian blinds can’t quite achieve blockout capability due to small amounts of light coming through between slats. 

So, it’s safe to say two fabrics provide more options than one. Why settle for single roller blinds when you can have double the functionality with double roller blinds?

Blinds for day and night 

For rooms requiring day & night blinds for 24/7 privacy with natural light by day and darkness as required, custom-made dual blinds are an excellent window covering solution.

Create a daytime light-filled oasis and a private haven at night. Light filtering and transitional blind fabrics allow light in while retaining privacy. And blockout blind fabric will limit as little or as much light as you like at any time. Together, like peas and carrots, or hand and glove, they’re perfection. 

A combination of sunscreen and blockout roller blinds

Creating a blind system that teams a transitional fabric sunscreen blind with a blockout fabric blind means complete privacy. This double-blind combo is particularly popular for rooms that have a nice view to enjoy outside but receive strong sunlight. These fabrics together allow you to enjoy the view, bring in natural light and control glare as well as partially or completely darken the room.

Complete privacy with dual roller blinds 

If you’re like most people, you like your privacy. Whether you’re relaxing in front of the TV or getting dressed, no one wants outsiders looking in. The beauty of light filtering roller blinds is you can still have plenty of light while enjoying your privacy and the extra clever feature of this fabric is it provides privacy at night, too. What’s more, when hung with a second light filtering blind in a matching or complementary colour, you can further darken your room, or add a blockout roller blind for total darkness.

Cleaning and maintaining double roller blinds

We recommend following the manufacturer’s guidelines for cleaning your double roller blinds. However, for regular maintenance and cleaning, try the following:

  • Maintenance - Remove dust from your blinds with a duster, soft cloth, or vacuum brush.
  • Cleaning - Wipe your blinds using a damp sponge and water or a diluted mild detergent. Dry the blinds with a clean, soft cloth. Don’t roll up the blinds when damp.

Match your décor with our extensive fabric range for double roller blinds 

Browse Carpet Court’s high-quality fabric range for the perfect colour and texture to suit your home décor. Whether it’s a crisp linen look for your Hamptons-style home or a modern metallic finish for a glam apartment, our large range of different fabrics has something for every style. 

Why do this DIY when you can get excellent service and a perfect fit from us? Book online for a free measure and quote. A friendly team member will come to you before you can say “roller blind”.

Double roller blinds for UV protection 

No matter which roller blind fabric combination you choose from our range - transitional/sunscreen, light filtering, or blockout, you will have excellent UV protection and light control. A sunscreen blind or light filtering blind will let natural light in while protecting your floors and furnishings and a blockout blind will reflect sun and heat to keep your room cool. 

Dual roller blinds to control light and heat while providing privacy 

Would you like to save on your power bill? Australia gets hot. And cold! From Sydney summers to Melbourne winters, roller blinds stop heat coming through the glass of your window or door and prevent indoor warmth from escaping. This helps regulate your indoor temperature and reduces the demand for heating and cooling. And two blinds are even more effective than one! 

That’s a win for your power bill and the climate!

2 blinds sharing 1 bracket offer flexibility for your home

The beauty of double roller blinds is the value and functionality you get from two blinds in the slimline footprint of one. Their sleek look and matching bottom base rails tie them together as a set even in contrasting fabrics and they are operated easily via a discreet chain drive. Or if you’re looking to minimise effort and elevate functionality, enquire about motorisation and automation for effortless use via remote control or app. 


What are double roller blinds?

A double roller blind is two roller blinds hung together on a dual mounting system to maximise light control. A popular reason for choosing double roller blinds is to achieve privacy and light during the day with a light filtering or sunscreen blind and room darkening with a blockout blind.

What are the benefits of double roller blinds?

One of the benefits of double roller blinds is the ability to maximise the versatility of your roller blind. For example, if you’d like to obtain daytime privacy while enjoying your view, but also need the option to blockout light when needed, pair a transitional sunscreen blind with a blockout.