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Browse Carpet Court’s large range of high-quality sheer curtains online. Book a free measure and quote for beautiful custom-made curtains in a variety of modern and traditional fabrics and designs that will suit any interior design style.

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Lighten your interiors with the soft, vertical lines and gentle movement of sheer curtains. Carpet Court’s stunning range of sheers allow you to enjoy the view outside while retaining a private space drenched in calming, natural light.

Shop sheer curtains to match every style and interior design

Soften your room with the gentle ambience provided by sheer curtains. Create a look that matches any style of interior design, from an entire wall of sheers that offsets hard lines in an industrial-style space, to complementing the light colour palette and soft furnishings of Scandi decor.

Let natural light into your home with sheer curtains

Living in Australia, we are blessed with plenty of sunshine. Sheer curtains are a window treatment that diffuses natural light indoors while providing daytime privacy. But their functionality doesn’t stop there, they can also help soften or hide an unfavourable view while providing UV protection for your floors and furnishings.

Lightweight fabric curtains to diffuse natural light

Layer them or leave them be, sheer, lightweight curtain fabrics in voile and linen blends bring movement and texture to your window. Go for white sheer curtains to maximise natural light, or if your window is in a particularly sunny spot, you can choose a darker sheer fabric to tone down harsh sunlight.

Get a free measure and quote for your sheer curtains

Spare yourself from DIY and get custom curtains for optimum performance and a professional finish. Simply book online for a free measure and quote or find your nearest showroom by entering your postcode into our store locator. With more than 200 stores around Australia, you’ll find a Carpet Court near you.

The best curtains to make your living room feel bright and open

Did you know that curtains hung from roof to floor can make a space look and feel bigger? And that small windows can appear larger with curtains. No matter your window size, sheer curtains can bring light and a feeling of space to your living room. Brighten your interiors with sheer curtains that infuse a warm glow into your home, creating a sense of airiness and space.

Match your home décor with classic and elegant sheer curtains

When it comes to choosing sheers curtains that match your home décor, consider the style and vintage of your home and the room in which they will be hung. A casual living space might be best suited to the relaxed look of s-wave curtains, while pinch pleat curtains are a great choice for formal living and dining rooms.

The most popular types of curtains available at Carpet Court include:

  • Pinch pleat curtains - Pinch pleat is a traditional yet timeless style of curtain that is popular for formal living areas. The curtain fabric is “pinched” together with sewn-in pleats across the top of the curtain fabric and can be mounted on a track system or rod pocket.
  • Pencil pleat curtains - Pencil pleat is a classic style where the folds of fabric are gathered uniformly along the top to create small waves resembling a line of pencils. This style can be mounted on either a curtain rod or track.
  • S-Wave curtains - Sometimes referred to as wave fold or s-fold curtains, S-wave style was named for the S pattern it creates where the fabric joins the curtain track. These waves gently flow all the way down to the bottom of the curtain fabric.
  • Eyelet curtains - Eyelet curtains are hung on a rod via a series of round eyelets pressed into the fabric along the top of the curtain.
  • Tab top curtains - This style of curtain is hung on a curtain rod via a series of fabric loops or tabs.

Cleaning and maintaining sheer curtains

We recommend following the manufacturer’s instructions when it comes to cleaning your sheer curtains. However, here are our basic cleaning and maintenance tips:

Sheer curtain maintenance:

  • Spot clean any spills or stains ASAP using only water or a mild detergent diluted in water.
  • Regularly give your curtains a very gentle vacuum to remove dust and particles that can lead to staining over time.

Sheer curtain cleaning:

  • If your sheers are made from a delicate fabric like silk, it’s safest to hand wash them.
  • For machine washable sheers, we recommend using cold water and the gentlest machine setting. Then, either line dry them or, if the weather is warm, you could re-hang them in your windows to dry.

If you’re in any doubt, call your friendly Carpet Court team for advice.

Timeless sheer curtains to match your modern or traditional home décor

Never out of style, timeless sheer curtains have been a popular window covering since their invention in the late 19th century. Of course, while the styles popular at that time have changed, the use of sheer curtains has never diminished with new fabrics, technology and styles evolving ever since. Sheer curtains are used to soften modern, minimalist, and industrial style interiors and remain a popular window furnishing for traditional homes, too.

High-quality curtains that offer light control

Mastering light can have a transformational effect on living spaces. Carpet Court’s range of high-quality curtains bring versatility in light control. Beginning with sheer curtains to flood your interiors with natural light, you can then add layers depending on your needs.

If you require night-time privacy, you could try the following ideas:

Double curtains: Hang two rows of sheer curtains or add a layer of blockout curtain panels.

Roller blinds: Team your sheer curtains with a roller blind that can be lowered or completely retracted as desired.

Sheer curtains perfect for any window size

There’s nothing like custom-made curtains for optimum fit and a professional finish. The professionals at Carpet Court can fit all window sizes, from small windows to an entire wall of floor to ceiling doors.


Are sheer curtains a good idea?

Sheer curtains are a good idea for rooms where you want to enjoy natural light while maintaining daytime privacy. They are available in a variety of types and fabrics and will match any interior design style, from modern to traditional.

What are the benefits of sheer curtains?

Sheer curtains have many benefits, from light control to daytime privacy. Sheer curtain fabrics are an excellent solution for screening out onlookers from a busy street and protect your floors and furnishings from the harsh Australian sun.