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    Roman blinds

    Available in the traditional plantation style, with horizontal, aluminium battens, or the contemporary classic style, with neat and minimal folds, Roman blinds have many options to really make them your own.

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    What are roman blinds?

    Roman blinds are made of fabric, and bring a soft, layered effect to your room. They lie flat against the window when they are pulled down, and gather into elegant pleats when they are raised.

    Why choose these for my windows?

    If you love luxury and elegance, then these window coverings are the perfect choice. The layers of fabric add softness, texture and depth as well as a touch of opulence to your home. They also create a designer focal point in a room, especially if you choose a textured design or dramatic colour palette.

    What are the different types available?

    Roman Blinds are available in the traditional plantation style, with horizontal, aluminium battens, which gives a room a casual look. Or for a more contemporary, classic style, they are also available with neat and minimal folds.

    Are they a good choice for light control?

    Yes, in fact these blinds offer great flexibility when it comes to privacy and light control. Sheer blinds provide glare reduction and protection from harmful UV rays, while total block-out fabrics provide complete darkness. Reducing the amount of sunlight entering a room has the added advantage of providing great insulation. By choosing a heavier material, you can keep a room cooler in summer and warmer in winter, which is great news if you want to reduce rising energy costs and have less reliance on your air conditioning and heating.

    What styles are available?

    There are many options in textures, colours and screen density to suit any style of décor or personal taste.

    Hand woven looks with linear textures such as our Tuscany II collection adds more visual depth to a space and elevates the natural look and feel.

    Blinds with patterns such as our Blizzard collection are an easy way to add a unique design element to your windows.

    Vertical vs horizontal pattern

    If you want to make your windows appear longer, choose distinctive vertical patterns such as those seen in our Cordoba collection. These have the effect of elongating a window and adding visual depth.

    If you want to make your windows appear wider, choose horizontal patterns and textures such as those seen in our Stanza collection, which have the effect of adding width to a window.   

    Can these blinds control heat and glare?

    Carpet Court’s exclusive Cornerstone Aria Solar Collection is specifically designed to control heat and glare. Manufactured with superior quality solar screen material, the Aria Solarscreen collection blocks out up to 95% of UV rays. If your windows are prone to receiving a huge amount of sun, these are a great choice from both a functional and fashionable perspective.

    Can you advise me about which colour to choose?

    There is really no right or wrong when it comes to which colour blinds you should choose, as it is a matter of personal taste. But as a general design rule, it’s important to consider that warm and cool colours will have different effects in your home. Warm colours are perceived as lively, while cool colours are more calming and relaxing. If your décor is more on the contemporary side, strong colours such as red, black or blue will make a unique designer statement and add instant wow factor. If you prefer a more traditional or classic look, neutral colours and natural textures never go out of style and can easily be accessorised with pops of colour in your soft furnishings. For expert advice and inspiration, talk to your local Carpet Court specialists, who are well versed in the latest design trends.

    Does Carpet Court offer me a good selection of roman blinds?

    Absolutely. With over 200 local stores selling the latest fabrics styles, designs and colours, we’re Australia’s largest retailer of window coverings. All our stores are locally owned and operated and our specialist advice mixed with inspiration and personal service makes Carpet Court the ultimate destination when choosing your window coverings.

    Visit your local Carpet Court store and browse our range of blinds to suit any space. Begin by searching for your closest store in either VICNSWSAQLDTASACTWA or NT.


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