Panel blinds

Panel blinds

Discover Carpet Court’s stylish range of high-quality, modern panel blinds online. Choose from durable light filtering and blockout fabrics in a large variety of colours and textures to create the perfect sliding panel glide blinds for your home.

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Benefits of panel blinds

Clean and contemporary-looking, panel blinds are made up of a series of fabric panels that are mounted to a track system and glide quietly and smoothly to open and close. Some of the benefits of panel blinds include their ability to:

  • Open from the right, left or a split stack.
  • Be made in varying panel widths to suit your taste and window/door.
  • Create the illusion of height with their long panels.
  • Operate smoothly and quietly.
  • Be made with blockout or light filtering fabric.
  • Be used as a room divider.

Panel blinds are a popular option for creating privacy in a bedroom, dividing a living area, or concealing a study nook.

Cleaning and maintaining panel blinds

If you opt for panel glide blinds in your family home with young children, you may find you need to clean them more often than other types of blinds, simply because young children will love hiding behind them! While we recommend checking the manufacturer’s guidelines for cleaning advice, you can sponge off marks or grubby fingerprints using a mild detergent diluted in water and then wipe them dry with a clean cloth.

If in doubt, contact your local Carpet Court store for the best advice on how to care for your window treatments.

Vertical blinds vs panel blinds – what’s the difference?

Vertical blinds are made of a series of narrow vertical fabric slats attached to a track system. Much like panel blinds, vertical blinds are controlled by an easy-to-use wand control or chain mechanism and can be drawn fully open or sit in any range between open and closed for total light and privacy control.

The major difference between panel blinds and vertical blinds is the width of the panels. The fabric panels of panel blinds are custom cut to suit the size of the opening and the look you’d like to achieve. Best suited to larger windows, sliding doors, and bi-fold doors, the curtain track can be mounted in numerous ways including from the roof, the wall, recessed in the window/door cavity or inside a slimline pelmet. It can be difficult to know the ideal location for the track, which is why Carpet Court spares you from DIY, offering custom installation instead.

Best window coverings for sliding doors and large windows

While panel glide blinds work well in virtually any room, there is no doubt they can appear more striking on large windows and doors for the following reasons:

  • The fabric panels sit neatly stacked either inside the window/door cavity or, space permitting, on the wall next to the window or door.
  • They look fantastic along an entire wall of glass and create a perception of height.
  • When the blinds are open, they allow you to flood your interior space with natural light and enjoy your view of the outside.

Save space with panel glide blinds

The capability to stack makes panel blinds effective at saving space despite the large proportions of their fabric panels. It is this design feature, combined with their slimline track system, that gives panel blinds their stylish look and sleek function. When open, they sit flush in the footprint of one panel and when closed, they are flush with the window or door.

Best décor to suit panel blinds

Neat, minimal lines make panel track blinds a good fit with contemporary-style furnishings and décor. As a decorating tool, the wide panels are a great way of introducing strong lines, texture, and colour to your modern space. So, you can complement your existing colour palette with fabrics that either blend in with your interiors or stand out with a pop of colour. You can even alternate fabric colours if you wish!

Best window furnishing for privacy and light control

If you need day and night-time privacy but don’t need the option to darken your room, you need Carpet Court’s collection of clever light filtering fabrics. Choose lighter colours to maximise light, or dark colours to reduce glare. Panel blinds in blockout fabrics allow you to completely darken a room and can be drawn aside for a clear view outdoors.

Modern and stylish blinds for your home

Carpet Court’s range of modern blind fabrics is manufactured with the Australian lifestyle in mind. Made durable so they can stand up to the rigours of busy family life, managing light, heat, and privacy needs while maintaining their sleek, stylish look for years.

Modern homes often contain multi-functional spaces that call for a flexible room divider. Panel blinds can be installed on ceiling tracks to divide or conceal an area such as a shared bedroom, laundry or study nook or simply anywhere requiring a moveable divider. Light filtering fabric will provide privacy while maintaining a feeling of openness, and blockout fabrics will offer a greater sense of solitude.

Panel blinds to screen out the sun and cool your home

It’s all about fabric selection. Panel glide blinds give you scope to tailor their function to your needs. So, if you’re needing to screen out harsh UV rays, Carpet Court’s Transitional Plus fabric is a collection of dual-function sunscreen fabric designed with harsh Australian summers in mind. Transitional Plus fabric:

  • Provides excellent daytime privacy.
  • Gives exceptional sun protection.
  • Allows you to enjoy your outside view.
  • Controls light and heat.
  • Reduces heat transfer through windows.
  • Blocks 95% of harmful UV rays.

Available in 10 colours, the darker colours block glare to supply a superior view and provide more eye comfort for screen use, while lighter shades reflect heat to keep your home cooler in warm weather.

Choosing the right fabric panel blinds for your needs

The most important factor to consider when it comes to choosing the right panel glide blinds is the type of window or door you will be furnishing. You may have a large wall of bi-fold doors that receives full sun. Or two large windows on the same wall, shaded by a neighbouring building. Or perhaps you need a window treatment for sliding doors or French doors. At Carpet Court, you can select a blockout fabric from the Austere or Contemporary ranges, a light filtering fabric from the Contemporary Light Filter range or a sunscreen fabric. So, whether you want to darken a room, brighten a room, or enjoy privacy and a great view, you have plenty of options.

Book online or phone your local store for expert advice and a free measure and quote. An experienced member of our team will come to you with free samples to discuss which fabrics and window coverings will suit your home and answer your questions about installation timeframes and warranty terms.

Panel blinds with blockout or light filtering fabrics

Panel blinds in blockout fabrics offer complete privacy and the ability to darken a room. When they are open, your view outside is unobstructed. Panel blinds in light filtering fabrics offer complete privacy day and night but won’t darken a room. So, you may find light filtering works well for a living room and blockout is preferred for a bedroom.

If you’d like to know more about other styles of quality blinds, Carpet Court has many other excellent blind choices for privacy and light control including Veri Shades®, Venetian blinds, Roman blinds, plantation shutters and roller blinds. A popular window treatment offering all aspects of light control is double roller blinds where a duo roller is used to hang a light filtering and a blockout blind.

Where can I get expert advice on blinds?

Australia-wide, you will find locally owned and operated Carpet Court stores doing so much more than just selling flooring. But did you know we also have one of Australia’s largest selections of high-quality, on-trend and traditional window furnishings?

Visit your local Carpet Court store and browse our range of panel blinds to suit any space. Our team would love to assist you with finding the best window treatment solution for your home. With more than 200 stores Australia-wide, from Melbourne and Sydney to rural regions, there is bound to be one near you. Enter your postcode into our store locator to find your local showroom. We also sell extensive flooring options and curtains as well as rugs that you can shop online and checkout with free delivery to your home!


What are panel glide blinds?

Panel glide blinds are a contemporary take on vertical blinds. While similar in operation and function to vertical blinds, they are made up of a series of wide fabric panels that are mounted to a track system and glide quietly and smoothly to open and close.

How do you fit panel blinds?

Panel blinds are fitted to a sliding track system that is mounted to a ceiling, a wall, inside a window or door cavity or within a slimline pelmet. Fitting panel blinds can be tricky which is why Carpet Court’s professional team will custom measure and make them for you.