Turn your dream home into a virtual reality with Style Visualiser.

When you’re styling your home from the floor up, the amount of different flooring options available can make the process extremely daunting.

How do you know exactly which type of flooring is right for your lifestyle, personal taste and budget? Should you consider hardwood, laminate, vinyl, tiles or carpet? What sort of wood grain or finish will best suit your current décor? If you choose carpet, which fibre, colour and texture will look best?

Our incredible new Style Visualiser cuts out the confusion and lets you see and experience how the floor you’ve chosen will actually look installed in a room. Using the latest cutting edge virtual reality technology, it's never been easier to visualise carpet and flooring in a room before you buy.

Easily accessible by a standard computer link or in virtual reality goggle mode on your phone, Style Visualiser transports you to a finished room and lets you connect with your floor choice on a more emotional, immersive level. Not sure about the carpet and flooring look you’ve chosen? Simply choose another one and compare. The Style Visualiser is the ultimate try-before-you-buy experience.

Use Style Visualiser in standard mode

  1. Tap/click on the mobile phone image above or link below.
  2. Tap/click anywhere on the screen to enter the room.
  3. Browse the product range and tap/click on any carpet or flooring swatch to select.
  4. Drag your finger/mouse across the room to get a 360 degree view.
  5. Tap/click on circles to see other rooms.

Use Style Visualiser in Virtual Reality mode (Use cardboard or VR goggles)

  1. Access the Style Visualiser on your mobile.
  2. Look for the 'VR' symbol at the top of the screen and tap on it.
  3. Tilt your mobile 90 degrees and 2 squares will appear.
  4. Place mobile into your cardboard or VR goggles and enjoy!