When it comes to prodviding for your children, you always want the very best. At Carpet Court, we stock a fantastic selection of kids rugs which are made from 100% super-soft, hand-tufted acrylic. Beautiful and thick, they will keep little toes warm in winter while their bright colours will look fantastic in summer - or any time!

Available in a range of playful designs that you're kids are sure to love, browse Carpet Court's range of kids rugs below. 

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What sizes do kids rugs come in?

What colours and textures do kids rugs come in?

When decorating kids’ rooms it’s easy to be as flamboyant and creative as you like. Mix colours, mix designs – the bolder and brighter the better! Colours, textures, designs and shapes are all important for kids’ developmental processes so go ahead and let loose when decorating their bedrooms, knowing you are stimulating their creativity and providing a learning environment as well.

At Carpet Court we love our vibrant, fun kids’ rugs and their multitude of colours, designs and textures. From pretty pastels to vivid hues and classic stripes, we’ve got every colour of the rainbow to make your little people’s rooms feel absolutely special.

What are the best kids rugs to brighten up a room?

If your lightbulb moment says ‘let’s brighten up the kids’ rooms with new rugs!’ – we have the best kids rugs for the job. The oh-so-gorgeous Stripe Candy rug is full of deliciously rich and robust colours while Indie Multi is a diverse, geometric design with bold colours looking fabulous in any child’s bedroom.

The Rainbow Pink and Rainbow Green rugs are a little ray of sunshine in any space and the rich, plush colours and textures of Beautiful Striped Rainbow is simply heavenly. Choose any of our gorgeous kids rugs to brighten up their rooms but be warned… your kids won’t want to come out!

What colours and textures do kids rugs come in?

What sizes do kids rugs come in?

Our kids’ rugs come in a variety of sizes to match the complete gamut of kids’ bedroom sizes. We have small rugs, large rugs and rugs in between – both in round and rectangular shapes.

For single bedrooms we have adorable little rugs which are soft and snuggly and add a touch of cosy cuteness to any décor.

If your kids’ rooms are generously sized we have rugs as large as 2.2m x 1.5m, big enough to take the chill off your timber or floating floors and create an inviting environment for the kids to play comfortably.

Which kids' rugs are the softest?

Our kids’ rugs are predominantly made from 100% super-soft, hand-tufted acrylic which is also thick and warm. They have excellent colourfast properties so they will retain their vibrant appearance over time. Acrylic rugs compete well with wool for softness and appearance, so they add a beautiful touch to your children’s rooms without attracting a steep price tag.

Browse online or chat with the helpful staff at your nearest Carpet Court store for more information about our range of kids’ rugs. Not all of our locally-owned and operated stores have rug displays though, so give your local store a call first to check.

Which kids' rugs are most durable?

When it comes to rugs in kids’ bedrooms or playrooms, durability is a must. Accidents and spills are inevitable, so easy-to-clean fibres are important. Acrylic rugs are resilient, meaning they will withstand the trials and tribulations of young families and keep on keeping on. An acrylic rug will bounce back when crushed, dry quickly when under fire from any kind of liquid spills and won’t shrink or pucker.

When cleaning up spills or tackling mysterious, perhaps-best-left-unidentified stains, always consult the manufacturer’s instructions beforehand to ensure many years of continued enjoyment from your kids’ rugs.