Carpet Court offer many exciting flooring options for your Melbourne home or business. These include luxury floors such as beautifully tactile wool or synthetic carpet, natural timber floors, engineered timber flooring and high-performing laminate flooring, vinyl flooring or hybrid floors which are a blend of the two.

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    Laminate Dynamic
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    Laminate Clix
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    Laminate Big Country
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    Laminate Exquisit Plus
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    Laminate Exquisit
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    Vinyl Harmony Grange
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    Hybrid Athena
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    Hybrid Sunnyvale
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Is Spotted Gum right for my home?

What kind of flooring is best?

We expect pure wool carpets to be high performing and durable, but did you know Carpet Court’s synthetic carpets can be just as soft and sensual while also having supreme fade, stain, soil and crush resistance? Carpet is one of the bests types of flooring for luxury homes, family homes and Melbourne homes seeking good insulation and a classic or contemporary look.

Pet-friendly flooring is the best choice for homes with furry family members, due to its resistance to scratching, slipping, odours and little doggy accidents. Check out our water resistant and scratch resistant hybrid flooring products specifically designed for homes with pets.

The best floor for your home or business might be one of these, but equally it could be an innovative floating floor product which offers the beauty of natural timber floorboards but is made from highly durable and resilient vinyl, hybrid or laminate flooring – perfect for family homes, office spaces, investment properties and more.

When deciding which floor is best, always consider your environment, lifestyle, building design and likely foot traffic – as well as your budget and the style you love.

What flooring is easiest to maintain?

No floor is hard to maintain if it is laid in the right environment and is suited to the amount and type of wear and tear it will be subject to.

If you live in a rural location surrounded by typical Aussie red soil and have a household full of kids and pets, obviously a light-coloured plush carpet is going to be hard to maintain, but in a Melbourne city apartment it could be ideal.

Timber floors may be harder to maintain than other types of flooring in a beachfront location, as sand is prone to take a toll on the gloss finish, which means more frequent sanding and polishing. However, in a classic suburban villa or modern home, natural timber floors are perfectly suited.

Dark woodgrain floors of any form whether they be natural timber floors, engineered timber flooring, laminate, hybrid or vinyl flooring, will require more vacuuming if you have pets with light fur, yet in a family home the average amount of dirt, dust and debris is easily swept or vacuumed.

Choosing the right floor for your home environment and your lifestyle is what makes it the easiest floor to maintain.

Is Spotted Gum easy to maintain?

What is a good price for flooring in Melbourne?

As Australia’s largest flooring retailer with numerous stores throughout Melbourne, Carpet Court are able to use their bulk buying power to offer a comprehensive range of high quality flooring solutions at extremely competitive prices.

Within the different flooring products there are a range of prices to suit every budget, so it is best to obtain a free, all inclusive, in-home measure and quote from Carpet Court to find the best floor for your property at a fabulous price. And remember, choosing a floor which is DIY-friendly eliminates the cost associated with flooring installation, making it affordable to tighter budgets.

Where to buy flooring in Melbourne?

Of course you want to buy your flooring from the Australian owned retailer who has progressive showrooms featuring a vast range of traditional and highly innovative flooring solutions. Being staffed by a highly experienced, friendly and knowledgeable team who are committed to helping you find the perfect flooring solution for your Melbourne property helps too!

You can find the nearest locally-owned and operated Carpet Court store to your location by entering your postcode or suburb into the handy store locator. A list of stores within a specified radius closest to your location will be displayed. Call in today and see the stunning range of carpets and hard flooring products along with floor rugs, wall panels, blinds and more.