Browse the Carpet Court website to see the wide range of flooring products all able to create visual appeal and deliver high performing functionality to any Sydney property.

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  1. Play Safe - Pro Play 20mm Pads
    Artificial Grass Play Safe - Pro Play 20mm Pads
  2. Pet Fresh
    Artificial Grass Pet Fresh
  3. Centennial
    Artificial Grass Centennial
  4. LuxTurf
    Artificial Grass LuxTurf
  5. flooring_laminate_superior
    Laminate Superior
  6. flooring_laminate_dynamic
    Laminate Dynamic
  7. Enchantment
    Laminate Enchantment
  8. Florence Laminate
    Laminate Florence Laminate
  9. vinyl_harmony_planks
    Vinyl Harmony Plank
  10. The_Native_Collection_Silver_Gum
  11. flooring_vinyl_harmony_artisan
    Vinyl Harmony Artisan
  12. flooring_laminate_big_country
    Laminate Big Country
  13. Florence Plus
    Laminate Florence Plus
  14. laminate_amazone
    Laminate Amazone
  15. laminate_exquisit_plus
    Laminate Exquisit Plus
  16. flooring_laminate_exquisit
    Laminate Exquisit
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How is bamboo flooring made?

What are the types of flooring?

At the top end of the flooring market we install quality carpets with a luxurious feel and a stunning aesthetic in opulent Sydney homes along with solid timber flooring in a range of natural Australian and European woodgrains.

Popular flooring products offer excellent resilience, durability, contemporary style and a hygienic, easy to clean surface. These include floating timber flooring, laminate flooring, vinyl planks and sheets, bamboo flooring and the highly regarded hybrid flooring which blends the best features of both vinyl and laminate and has great water resistance properties.

Differences in the construction and composition mean that you can find high quality flooring products priced to suit a variety of budgets. Floating timber flooring has the beautiful woodgrain finish of solid timber flooring but becomes more affordable when it is manufactured using advanced imaging techniques to produce the look of real timber in a laminate, vinyl or hybrid finish.

Often regarded as a timeless and luxurious flooring product, carpet is manufactured in 100% pure wool and also in wool blends and synthetic materials such as solution dyed nylon, polypropylene, Triexta and polyester. Today’s synthetic fibre carpets are manufactured to be difficult to tell apart from pure wool. If your preferred floor covering is carpet, it pays to browse Carpet Court’s wide range of wool and synthetic carpets manufactured with remarkable stain, soil, crush and fade resistance.

What is the best flooring for heavy traffic?

If you’re looking for a carpet to stand up to heavy foot traffic, Carpet Court’s range of synthetic carpets includes many with excellent crush resistance properties. These carpets are commonly designed with a twist fibre which has superior tensile strength, and also in a low-profile loop fibre.

Made from premium solution dyed nylons and other highly resilient synthetic materials, our carpet collections designed for high use have added stain, soil, crush and fade resistance built in to withstand the demands of the busiest homes.

Our commercial collections are designed for extremely heavy traffic conditions such as in commercial environments and includes commercial carpets and high grade commercial vinyl.

Vinyl flooring is a low maintenance and hardwearing product which attracts buyers on a low budget wanting a resilient type of floor to withstand heavy foot traffic.

Of course there are robust laminate flooring products, hybrid, bamboo and the option of solid timber flooring – all of which will work well in high traffic areas. If you speak with Carpet Court’s flooring experts at any of the Sydney flooring stores, they will advise you which flooring offers the best resistance to the foot traffic in your residential or commercial environment.

What bamboo flooring options are available at Carpet Court?

Does flooring in Sydney increase home value?

As the foundation of your property’s interior, the floors set the tone and determine the visual appeal and mood of your home. Therefore, top quality inspirational flooring is definitely a noteworthy feature when your home is being marketed. Along with kitchens and bathrooms an investment in your home’s flooring is a worthwhile exercise if you are considering selling at any time.

Exquisite natural Australian or European hardwood floors create an air of sophistication while luxuriously tactile, pure wool carpets with elegant colours and textures certainly make a statement.

Floating floors are a popular flooring solution in family homes because they create the look of authentic timber while being low maintenance, hygienic and resilient to normal family wear and tear. When the cost of flooring installation is removed because they are DIY-friendly, floating floors become an affordable way to increase your home’s value.

Why choose Carpet Court for flooring Sydney?

Carpet Court are Australia’s largest flooring retailer with over 200 locally owned and operated flooring stores throughout the country, many of which are located in Sydney. Not only do Carpet Court have a wide range of flooring products and offer comprehensive flooring services to their Sydney customers but they also provide the best advice.

Your local Carpet Court store is staffed by a professional team of flooring experts with industry knowledge and endless experience. Why would you not trust them to help with choosing the perfect floor for your Sydney property?

Our commercial collections are designed for extremely heavy traffic conditions such as in commercial environments and includes commercial carpets and high grade commercial vinyl.