Commercial Vinyl

Commercial Vinyl

Commercial vinyl flooring in sheet form or as luxury vinyl plank flooring is durable, attractive, and designed to handle heavy foot traffic. Used extensively in offices, hospitality, healthcare and education sectors, commercial vinyl flooring boasts easy installation and a huge range of design options such as woodgrain, stone, and geometric patterns, all available at Carpet Court.

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Commercial vinyl flooring

Commercial vinyl flooring is a cost-effective and hard-wearing flooring solution made from synthetic materials. It can be the perfect choice for high-traffic spaces such as hotel lobbies, supermarkets, schools and offices. Available in a wide variety of design patterns, commercial vinyl flooring is easier to clean than carpet, more stylish than concrete and cheaper than tile. 

Vinyl flooring products include vinyl sheets, vinyl planks and vinyl tiles. The synthetic polymer construction delivers slip resistance and a wear layer protective coating that keeps commercial spaces free from scratches, scuffs and stains. Commercial vinyl flooring is also used extensively in busy residential homes to provide hassle-free, hygienic and durable flooring for children and pets.

Perfect for a range of commercial uses

Australian commercial establishments operate under strict health and safety regulations, making resilient vinyl flooring the right choice for lots of applications as it combines functionality with modern style. Here are some important commercial vinyl flooring advantages for your business or other establishments.

Water Resistant - Vinyl sheet flooring is the perfect flooring option for areas that get wet. Made from water-resistant materials, vinyl flooring is ideal for commercial kitchens, restaurants, hospitality, healthcare, and many other services where safety is prioritised.

Stain Resistant - Vinyl flooring products have a strong wear layer surface barrier. The composite polyurethane materials are hardwearing and easy to clean with a broom or mop, making vinyl sheet flooring or luxury vinyl tile the right choice in busy commercial areas.

Comfort - Standing for long periods on hard surfaces can be very damaging to the body, and vinyl flooring is the solution. Commercial vinyl flooring includes soft underlayment that provides cushioning underfoot for a healthier, happier workplace.

Affordable - Vinyl sheet flooring is the budget-conscious flooring choice compared to traditional tile and wood flooring. Explore every type of flooring at Carpet Court to suit your style and budget.

Low Maintenance - Time is money in any business. Transform your workplace into a smooth operation with low-maintenance vinyl sheet flooring or vinyl plank flooring that always looks first-class.

Ease of Installation - DIY professionals appreciate convenient solutions that deliver eye-catching results, and vinyl flooring for commercial use is a go-to product all around Australia. However, professional installation is generally recommended for the best results. 

Design Options - Times have changed and vinyl flooring has evolved. Modern manufacturing and innovative technologies have resulted in incredibly realistic commercial vinyl patterns such as hardwood, stone, ceramic tile and contemporary designs. The choices are all yours at Carpet Court.

Commercial vinyl sheet vs luxury vinyl planks

Every type of commercial-grade vinyl flooring has its own set of advantages. For example, sheet vinyl comes in wide rolls and can be the right option in hospital and healthcare settings where a seamless floor covering offers safety advantages. 

Luxury vinyl planks, on the other hand, are a great option for business foyers and offices where reproducing the look of natural timber or stone results in classy, upmarket appeal. Professionally laid vinyl that is glued permanently to the subfloor is designed to resist shrinkage or expansion for quality long-term appeal.

Heavy-duty quality flooring advantages

Vinyl flooring has made a comeback during the past few decades for all the right reasons. All types of businesses, commercial establishments, government offices and residential homes are taking advantage of vinyl flooring solutions. Here are a few more reasons why people are making the change to vinyl plank, vinyl tile and vinyl sheet products.

Hygienic: Vinyl floor coverings are hygienic and very easy to keep clean. Quality vinyl has an impermeable surface that resists moisture, mould and bacteria.

Pet Friendly: Timber is porous and carpet is a magnet for pet hair. The solution is vinyl flooring that is conveniently cleaned using a broom, mop, or cloth.  

Anti-allergenic: Vinyl flooring doesn't harbour mould, mites or spores that can cause allergies. Vinyl is a good choice for combatting asthma, hay fever and other allergies.

Soft cushioning: Layered vinyl provides cushioning underfoot, reducing leg fatigue, and is ideal for almost any room in the home or business.

Slip resistant: Commercial vinyl flooring is manufactured specifically as a non-slip product with a specified slip rating, making it:

  • The perfect flooring solution for education settings.
  • A healthcare flooring option to consider.
  • Ideal aged care flooring for high traffic areas.

Choosing the right flooring for your Office area

Office interior design can make or break a business, so it's good to have lots of flooring options. Carpet Court is Australia's favourite flooring retailer with a comprehensive range of vinyl flooring, laminate flooring, carpet tiles, hardwood flooring, engineered timber flooring, and other classic and contemporary flooring products. You can refine and personalise your flooring choices in ways that include:

  • Style - modern, traditional, kid-friendly and new products.
  • Type - commercial vinyl sheet, luxury vinyl plank, laminate, timber and more.
  • Finish - tailor selections with gloss, matte and satin flooring options.
  • Room - adapt flooring solutions for residential and commercial applications.
  • Usage -choose flooring suitable for high use, moderate use and areas that need to be water-resistant.
  • Colour group - select dark, light, medium, warm or cool colours and tones.
  • Flooring budget - stay on budget with high-quality flooring at affordable prices.

Ideal flooring solution for hospitality settings

Homogeneous vinyl sheet flooring is available in a wide range of patterns and styles to suit all types of hospitality venues. It's also incredibly durable and can handle heavy foot traffic due to state-of-the-art manufacturing. This commercial-use vinyl is typically made up of up to 5 layers.

1. Wear layer: The top protective layer that resists wear and tear.

2. Texture/definition: Your choice of wood, stone, or patterned textures. 

3. Print layer: High-quality print visuals embedded into