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Classic Soft

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Classic Soft is an Australian-made Solution Dyed Nylon carpet that is exclusive to Carpet Court. Made in a luxurious twist pile, this premier collection is styled for modern living.

Ideal for the busy family home, this product strikes the perfect balance between comfort and practicality.

An exceptional insulator, this collection keeps rooms warmer in winter and cooler in summer. Uninsulated floors create large levels of heat loss, with carpeted floors requiring less energy to heat the same area. Classic Soft will not only create a floor beautifully warm underfoot but will also add to your energy savings by reducing your heating and cooling bills.

Carpet Court has partnered with flooring industry leaders Quest manufacturers to produce this carpet. If you are looking for a carpet that is both plush and high performing, this partnership makes Classic Soft the perfect fit.

Designed for the contemporary family, this collection is available in a large range of eight modern shades. Select from rich chocolate browns or subtle sandy fawns to create a luxurious space to relax. The deeper tones of Classic Soft make a striking contrast against white walls or lighter coloured furniture, effectively grounding your space.

This collection also reduces noise levels in the home, making it perfect for young families. Effectively lessen disruptive sounds while also improving acoustic value with Classic Soft. By eliminating excessive noise, this product allows you to create a quiet and welcoming space to come home to.

To experience the benefits of Classic Soft for yourself, give us a call or drop by one of our many family-owned stores. Our expert team would love to introduce you to your dream carpet.

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Carpet Classification Premium Soft
Type Carpet
Carpet Type Twist
Fibre Synthetic
Manufactured Australian Made
Budget $$$

Warranty Information

To determine which warranties in the Warranty Table apply to the carpet you have purchased, please refer to the first page of this warranty brochure, which details the type of carpet you have purchased. Only the warranties set out in the column headed by the type of carpet you have purchased apply to your carpet. For example, if the carpet you have purchased is a wool or wool blend carpet, then only the warranties set out in the column headed ‘Wool’ or ‘Wool Blend’ in the Warranty Table apply to your carpet.

The full warranty information guide with full details can be downloaded here.

Care Instructions

To keep your carpet looking and feeling its best there are three important things you must do: 1) Vacuum at least once a week, or more in heavy traffic areas, to remove dirt particles before they become embedded in the carpet pile; 2) Treat spills straight away; 3) A professional ‘deep’ or restorative cleaning treatment once every 12-18 months will do wonders to protect your carpet pile and enhance its beauty. More detailed information on caring for your carpet can be found and downloaded here.

What are the main benefits of carpet over other flooring types?

There are many benefits to having carpet such as our stunning Classic Soft carpet range in your home. Elegant, comfortable and beautifully tactile, carpet never goes out of style, so matter how many trends come and go, you can rest assured your carpet style will remain on-trend.

Carpet is still one of the most popular floor coverings in Australia and when you consider all the different benefits it brings, it’s easy to see why.

Warmth and comfort is a big factor in the Classic Soft carpet range. The combination of the latest generation fibres, which are designed for maximum durability, and the dark colour palette, gives any room a warm, cosy feeling.

Is Classic Soft Carpet a healthy flooring choice?

Absolutely. A major study by the German Asthma and Allergy Society (DAAB) found that wall to wall carpet reduced dust in the air to half that found in hard flooring surfaces, so it’s an amazingly good choice for young children and allergy sufferers. Carpet also softens the noise in a home, making your environment feel calm and harmonious.

Can Classic Soft carpet really help reduce my energy costs?

Yes! Carpet such as the premier Classic Soft collection is an exceptionally good insulator. The insulation value of carpet is similar to fibreglass insulation and can be up to ten times higher than that of other floor coverings. You can also increase the level of thermal insulation by installing a higher quality of underlay, which is highly recommended by the carpeting experts at Carpet Court.

As uninsulated floors account for 10-20% of heat loss from a home, carpet can help to significantly reduce energy costs in heating and cooling when there is a temperature differential between the indoor air and that under the floor. Your carpeted floor will beautifully warm underfoot, which means it does not always require the same amount of heating that a room with a smooth surface may. This will add further energy savings.

Obviously, the greatest benefit energy saving benefits from carpet is obtained when as large an area as possible, preferably wall to wall, is covered. This is because the reduction in heat loss is proportional to the area carpeted.

How does carpet reduce noise levels in my home?

It’s such a noisy world outside, wouldn’t it be lovely to create a home that is truly a haven. That’s the beauty of carpet as it softens harsh sounds and creates a quieter, much more peaceful indoor environment.

Installing carpet such as Classic Soft is a great way to eliminate excessive noise generated by floor impacts; annoying things such as people walking in heels, chairs being scraped across the floor and objects dropped on the floor are suddenly lessened. This is ideal if you live in a home with children running and jumping up and down hallways, as it can really reduce the noise – and your stress levels!

If you live in a modern, open plan home, you may be subjected to a lot of sound reverberation or echoey sounds that can really impact your ability to hear yourself talk, or talk over the phone. So if you want to avoid a home that sounds more like a noisy restaurant, carpet is a great solution.

Tell me about the Classic Soft carpet colour palette

Styled for modern designer living, the Classic Soft premier collection is available in a range of contemporary colours. Reflecting the trend towards a statement interior, each of these colours is designed to make an impact and add the all important ‘wow’ factor to your décor. These darker tones make a striking contrast against white walls or lighter coloured furniture, effectively grounding the space. They also create a feeling of sophistication, luxury and warmth and allow you to accessorise with pops of colour to brighten the mood.

Can I arrange for a quote?

Of course! Simply complete on online form which will be directed to your nearest store. Alternatively, you can pop into any of our stores to see and touch the carpet for yourself.

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