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25 Electra St, Bundaberg Central, Queensland 4670
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Burnett Carpet Court

Burnett Carpet Court is one of the most trusted carpet stores in Bundaberg QLD with a stunning range of quality flooring and window furnishings. We offer timber, vinyl, laminate and carpet floors, blinds, curtains and installation services.

Meet the team at Burnett Carpet Court

For quality Bundaberg carpets & vinyl, you can’t go past Carpet Court! Our premium floor coverings and window furnishings are made to enhance your living spaces with comfort, style and functionality at the forefront of every design. Located at 25 Electra St, Bundaberg Central QLD 4670, our Burnett store is run by a talented team of professionals who can help you out with product selection and installation at the most affordable prices.

Pop in to say hello and let us help you create a dream home you’ll love to live in every day.

Hardwood flooring options for your Bundaberg home

Nothing beats the warmth and timeless beauty of timber flooring. Solid hardwood floors are extremely durable, low maintenance and add value to your home with stunning grain patterns and a wealth of colours to suit every interior.

Discover a wide range of timber flooring at Bundaberg Carpet Court to bring the outside in with Australian native species like Blackbutt, Oak and Spotted Gum. Make a statement with chevron & herringbone designs or save money with engineered timber and floating timber floors.

Outdoor rugs for your entertaining areas

When it comes to alfresco dining areas, the right outdoor rug can tie a space together and add colour, contrast and warmth. We have outdoor rugs to spice up your patio and outdoor entertaining spaces with bold designs and vibrant hues that blend in or stand out beautifully.

Our outdoor rugs are:

  • Made from 100% polypropylene
  • Strong and durable
  • Resistant to UV rays so they won’t fade in the sun
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Resistant to mould and mildew
  • Suitable for high-traffic areas
  • Available in different sizes, colours and contemporary designs

The best carpet & flooring store in Bundaberg QLD

We don’t mind saying that we’re the number one choice for carpet and flooring in Bundaberg! Our customers trust us to deliver high-quality flooring at affordable prices with expert installation for professional results every time. Take a look at the flooring solutions we offer:

  • Synthetic and natural carpet in plush, loop and twist pile.
  • Timber flooring, including solid hardwood and engineered timber.
  • Vinyl flooring, including sheets and planks.
  • Laminate flooring to mimic timber, stone or tile.
  • Hybrid flooring that combines laminate and vinyl properties.
  • Commercial flooring that’s made to last in high-traffic areas.

Curtains vs blinds

Window furnishings are an important part of any interior design. Not only do they look beautiful and enhance the aesthetics of a room – they also provide privacy, light control and sun protection while still maintaining a view of the outside. But are curtains or blinds right for you? Let’s take a look at the differences:

  1. Curtains - You can find S-Wave or S-Fold curtains that undulate all the way to the bottom, eyelet curtains, pinch pleat curtains, pencil pleat curtains and more. Light-filtering curtains diffuse natural light while blockout curtains offer 100% privacy. You can layer sheer and blockout curtains for a customised result. Curtains can be parted in the middle for an elegant look.
  2. Blinds - Blinds are stylish and convenient. Choose from roller, roman, panel or vertical in light filtering and vertical fabrics that can be layered with curtains. Blinds are a fantastic choice for modern homes and provide a quick and easy way to control light and privacy.

Carpets for all home interiors

We’re known for our high-quality carpets that are super soft to the touch and durable to resist stains and heavy foot traffic. Discover plush pile carpets for ultimate luxury, hardwearing twist pile carpets that are crush-resistant, and loop pile carpets that are stain and imprint-resistant and add texture to rooms. We have wool carpets, nylon carpets and synthetic carpets in a wonderful range of colours to elevate any interior, from soft neutrals to earthy and dramatic tones.

Affordable vinyl & laminate flooring solutions

Vinyl and laminate floor coverings are an exceptional choice for modern homes that value stylish flooring that’s affordable and easy to maintain. We have:

  • Laminate flooring - Laminate can mimic real timber, marble and tile floors at a fraction of the cost. Laminate flooring is resilient, stain and scratch-resistant, easy to clean and simple to DIY with a click-lock installation.
  • Vinyl flooring - Vinyl flooring has similar properties to laminate flooring but is also water-resistant, making it ideal for bathrooms and kitchens. Luxury vinyl planks look stunning in entrances and main rooms while vinyl sheets are perfect for commercial spaces like hospitals as they are seam-free and easy to keep clean.

Get in touch to book a free measure and quote today

As one of Australia’s most popular retailers in flooring and window furnishings, we make it easy to buy and install quality products into your home. Book a free measure and quote to have us come to your home and take accurate measurements for installation and show you samples.

You can also use the Store Locator to find your local store and visit us in person. Our Burnett showroom is located on Electra St in Bundaberg QLD 4670. We’re near major streets like Bourbong St, Enterprise St and Barolin St and within close driving distance to areas including Woongarra, Bundaberg East, Svensson Heights and Bargara.

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What is a popular carpet choice in Bundaberg homes?

Wool carpets are fantastic for Queensland homes as they are self-insulating to keep homes warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Plush pile wool carpets are popular in homes that value comfort while loop and twist pile wool carpets are crush-resistant, hard-wearing and resistant to spills and stains. Our expert team can help you choose the best carpet for your Australian home and inform you about underlay options, specials, warranties and more.

Areas We Service

Torbanlea, QLD, 4662
Abbotsford, QLD, 4670
Alloway, QLD, 4670
Ashfield, QLD, 4670
Avenell Heights, QLD, 4670
Avoca, QLD, 4670
Avondale, QLD, 4670
Bargara, QLD, 4670
Branyan, QLD, 4670
Bucca, QLD, 4670
Bundaberg, QLD, 4670
Bundaberg Central, QLD, 4670
Bundaberg DC, QLD, 4670
Bundaberg East, QLD, 4670
Bundaberg East, QLD, 4670
Bundaberg North, QLD, 4670
Bundaberg South, QLD, 4670
Bundaberg West, QLD, 4670
Burnett Heads, QLD, 4670
Calavos, QLD, 4670
Coonarr, QLD, 4670
Coral Cove, QLD, 4670
Boolboonda, QLD, 4671
Booyal, QLD, 4671
Bullyard, QLD, 4671
Bungadoo, QLD, 4671
Dalysford, QLD, 4671
Damascus, QLD, 4671
Delan, QLD, 4671
Doughboy, QLD, 4671
Drinan, QLD, 4671
Duingal, QLD, 4671
Gaeta, QLD, 4671
Gin Gin, QLD, 4671
Good Night, QLD, 4671
Horse Camp, QLD, 4671

Kolonga, QLD, 4671
Lake Monduran, QLD, 4671
Maroondan, QLD, 4671
Mcilwraith, QLD, 4671
Molangul, QLD, 4671
Monduran, QLD, 4671
Abercorn, QLD, 4627
Ceratodus, QLD, 4627
Cheltenham, QLD, 4627
Cynthia, QLD, 4627
Eidsvold, QLD, 4627
Eidsvold East, QLD, 4627
Eidsvold West, QLD, 4627
Grosvenor, QLD, 4627
Malmoe, QLD, 4627
Wuruma Dam, QLD, 4627
Miara, QLD, 4673
Waterloo, QLD, 4673
Yandaran, QLD, 4673
Bancroft, QLD, 4630
Bukali, QLD, 4630
Cania, QLD, 4630
Cannindah, QLD, 4630
Coominglah, QLD, 4630
Coominglah Forest, QLD, 4630
Dalga, QLD, 4630
Glenleigh, QLD, 4630
Harrami, QLD, 4630
Kalpowar, QLD, 4630
Kapaldo, QLD, 4630
Langley, QLD, 4630
Monal, QLD, 4630
Monto, QLD, 4630
Moonford, QLD, 4630
Mulgildie, QLD, 4630
Mungungo, QLD,4630

Rawbelle, QLD, 4630
Selene, QLD, 4630
Splinter Creek, QLD, 4630
Baffle Creek, QLD, 4674
Berajondo, QLD, 4674
Deepwater, QLD, 4674
Euleilah, QLD, 4674
Mount Maria, QLD, 4674
Oyster Creek, QLD, 4674
Rosedale, QLD, 4674
Rules Beach, QLD, 4674
Taunton, QLD, 4674
Abington, QLD, 4660
Apple Tree Creek, QLD, 4660
Buxton, QLD, 4660
Cherwell, QLD, 4660
Childers, QLD, 4660
Cordalba, QLD, 4660
Doolbi, QLD, 4660
Eureka, QLD, 4660
Farnsfield, QLD, 4660
Goodwood, QLD, 4660
Gregory River, QLD, 4660
Horton, QLD, 4660
Isis Central, QLD, 4660
Isis River, QLD, 4660
Kullogum, QLD, 4660
North Gregory, QLD, 4660
North Isis, QLD, 4660
Promisedland, QLD, 4660
Redridge, QLD, 4660
South Isis, QLD, 4660