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Camerons Carpet Court

Visit Carpet Court Cairns for only the best flooring solutions. Our carpet stores in Cairns, QLD are here to provide your home improvement project with quality flooring, from classic timber to highly popular laminate and vinyl flooring.


Are you starting a much-needed home renovation project or simply wishing to breathe new life into your living space and not sure where to begin? If the prospect of choosing flooring options is too daunting, then a visit to Carpet Court is in order. Come and meet the team at Camerons Carpet Court QLD. Gary and Val Cameron started the Homeflair Store in February 1989. Over time, the store changed to Carpet Court Northern before becoming what it is known today, Camerons Carpet Court.

Gary and Val Cameron together with their team of highly skilled and knowledgeable professionals are here to assist and guide you on the best choices for your home or workspace. Visit our showroom and explore the entire range of floor coverings, carpet tiles, and window treatments to transform your space. Located at 176 Mulgrave Road, Cairns QLD, 4870, this family owned and run flooring store has proudly been serving the people of North Queensland for many generations.


With over 200 stores across Australia, you could say we are the go-to experts for high-quality carpet tiles. We go above and beyond which is why Camerons Carpet Court Cairns is your leading store for an extensive range of floor coverings from vinyl flooring, laminate flooring, and much, much more.


Vinyl planks are a highly popular flooring solution for many Australian homes. Look to hard-wearing vinyl planks that offer resilience, durability and water-resistant properties. They’re low maintenance making them the perfect flooring solution for active households with pets. Built with commercial-grade wear layers, these vinyl flooring solutions are the modern fuss-free option for homes with high foot traffic and pets. Manufactured to the highest quality and workmanship, these aesthetically pleasing vinyl planks are the ideal solution to achieve the look and feel of timber at a fraction of the cost.


For a classic, timeless decor style, timber flooring is hard to beat. It has long been a favourite when it comes to furnishing Australian homes and Cairns is no exception. Infuse your home with the natural warmth of solid hard floorings like hardwood or engineered timber flooring. Available in a range of designs, hard flooring and floating timber come in a range of different textures and shades of colours like ironbark and spotted gum to elevate your home.

If timber flooring is not your cup of tea, look to other new floor options such as hybrid flooring, floating floors and the ever-popular laminate flooring.

Laminate flooring with its scratch-resistant properties is well-suited for homes with pets and young children. Not only is it hygienic, but it’s also hypoallergenic meaning it won’t gather dust or hold odours. As for those that love the look of natural wood floors, floating laminate is an affordable, durable, and low-maintenance solution. Floating laminate flooring is composed of high-density durable fibreboard beneath a woodgrain later. This layer is coated with a clear protective lacquer. Each plank is anchored to the next using a click-lock system, hence making it appear to ‘float’ above the subfloor.


Camerons Carpet Court is a proud supporter of the Cairns Christmas Appeal. This yearly affair is something we look forward to every Christmas. During this festive season, we also offer our support to Access Housing by providing Christmas hampers for displaced families. Other organisations that Carpet Court sponsors include local sporting groups such as Cairns Basketball, Cairns Softball and the soccer team.


For flooring solutions with great visual appeal that still mean business, you can count on Carpet Court commercial flooring options. Hardwearing, durable yet stylishly sophisticated for office and commercial spaces, Carpet Court’s selection of carpet tiles, commercial carpet and commercial vinyl are premium choices for your business solutions. They are not only economical, but they’re also easy to install with a little help from our team at Carpet Court.

  • Carpet Tiles. Designed by Acoufelt, these carpet tiles use QuietBack™ technology which absorbs unwanted sound so you have noise insulation. Their unique style means they offer versatility and carpet tiles can be laid to meet different patterns and textural preferences.
  • Commercial Carpet. We offer commercial-grade broadloom carpets as your flooring solution. Ideal for high-traffic areas, this resilient and durable carpet is suited for office spaces, hospitals, and educational institutions to name a few. Its stain and soil-resistant properties make it the top carpet choice for commercial spaces.
  • Commercial Vinyl. Constructed of synthetic polymer, vinyl sheet flooring is suited for many commercial spaces including schools, hospitals and supermarkets. Both water and stain-resistant, vinyl flooring makes it ideal for kitchens and high-traffic areas. Its soft underlayment provides cushioning underfoot which means a healthier work environment. Affordable and durable, choose vinyl planks or vinyl sheets for your workspace.


Please find us at your local Carpet Court showroom, to assist you with your flooring project. Speak to our local installation team - the industry experts. We are happy to visit your home or business address for a free measure and quote. For new carpet, carpet cleaning and flooring installation, book a home service appointment online or call 1300 CARPET. For those living in nearby Portsmith Queensland, 4870 or ever-popular Holloways Beach, Queensland 4878, our Camerons Carpet Court store, located at Cairns QLD 4870, is easily accessible. Check our store locator for more outlets.

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Camerons Carpet Court in Cairns is your carpet expert for your next flooring project. Visit our showroom in North Queensland for more flooring inspiration! We have an extensive range to suit your budget and design needs.


Carpet Court Cairns offers carpet installation services across North Queensland, from within Cairns City, Andersens, Mooroobool, and nearby Manunda, Donaldson Street. Visit our showroom or speak to one of our team members and get started on your flooring transformation journey.

Areas We Service

Goldsborough, QLD, 4865
Gordonvale, QLD, 4865
Green Hill, QLD, 4865
Little Mulgrave, QLD, 4865
Packers Camp, QLD, 4865
Bamboo, QLD, 4873
Bonnie Doon, QLD, 4873
Cape Tribulation, QLD, 4873
Cassowary, QLD, 4873
Cooya Beach, QLD, 4873
Cow Bay, QLD, 4873
Dagmar, QLD, 4873
Daintree, QLD, 4873
Dedin, QLD, 4873
Diwan, QLD, 4873
Finlayvale, QLD, 4873
Forest Creek, QLD, 4873
Kimberley, QLD, 4873
Low Isles, QLD, 4873
Lower Daintree, QLD, 4873
Miallo, QLD, 4873
Mossman, QLD, 4873
Mossman Gorge, QLD, 4873
Newell, QLD, 4873
Noah, QLD, 4873
Rocky Point, QLD, 4873
Shannonvale, QLD, 4873
Spurgeon, QLD, 4873
Stewart Creek Valley, QLD, 4873
Syndicate, QLD, 4873
Thornton Beach, QLD, 4873
Upper Daintree, QLD, 4873
Whyanbeel, QLD, 4873
Wonga Beach, QLD, 4873
Clifton Beach, QLD, 4879
Ellis Beach, QLD, 4879
Kewarra Beach, QLD, 4879
Palm Cove, QLD, 4879
Trinity Beach, QLD, 4879
Trinity Park, QLD, 4879
Bayview Heights, QLD, 4868
Mount Sheridan, QLD, 4868
White Rock, QLD, 4868
Woree, QLD, 4868
Evans Landing, QLD, 4874
Jardine River, QLD, 4874
Mapoon, QLD, 4874
Mission River, QLD, 4874
Nanum, QLD, 4874
Napranum, QLD, 4874
Rocky Point, QLD, 4874
Shelburne, QLD, 4874
Trunding, QLD, 4874
Weipa, QLD, 4874
Weipa Airport, QLD, 4874
Wenlock, QLD, 4874
Bentley Park, QLD, 4869
Edmonton, QLD, 4869
Mount Peter, QLD, 4869
Wrights Creek, QLD, 4869
Badu Island, QLD, 4875
Boigu Island, QLD, 4875
Burrar Islet, QLD, 4875
Coconut Island, QLD, 4875
Dauan Island, QLD, 4875
Dowar Islet, QLD, 4875
Erub Island, QLD, 4875
Guijar Islet, QLD, 4875
Horn, QLD, 4875
Iama Island, QLD, 4875
Keriri Island, QLD, 4875
Kubin, QLD, 4875
Mabuiag Island, QLD, 4875
Masig Island, QLD, 4875
Mer Island, QLD, 4875
Moa Island, QLD, 4875
Murray Island, QLD, 4875
Poruma Island, QLD, 4875
Prince Of Wales, QLD, 4875
Saibai Island, QLD, 4875
Stephens Island, QLD, 4875
Thursday Island, QLD, 4875
Ugar Island, QLD, 4875
Warraber Islet, QLD, 4875
Waua Islet, QLD, 4875
Yam Island, QLD, 4875
Yorke Island, QLD, 4875
Aeroglen, QLD, 4870
Barron Gorge, QLD, 4870
Brinsmead, QLD, 4870
Bungalow, QLD, 4870
Cairns, QLD, 4870
Cairns City, QLD, 4870
Cairns Dc, QLD, 4870
Cairns Mc, QLD, 4870
Cairns Mcleod Street, QLD, 4870
Cairns North, QLD, 4870
Earlville, QLD, 4870
Edge Hill, QLD, 4870
Freshwater, QLD, 4870
Kamerunga, QLD, 4870
Kanimbla, QLD, 4870
Lamb Range, QLD, 4870
Manoora, QLD, 4870
Manunda, QLD, 4870
Martynvale, QLD, 4870
Mooroobool, QLD, 4870
Portsmith, QLD, 4870
Redlynch, QLD, 4870
Stratford, QLD, 4870
Westcourt, QLD, 4870
Whitfield, QLD, 4870
Bamaga, QLD, 4876
Injinoo, QLD, 4876
New Mapoon, QLD, 4876
Punsand, QLD, 4876
Seisia, QLD, 4876
Somerset, QLD, 4876
Umagico, QLD, 4876
Almaden, QLD, 4871
Aloomba, QLD, 4871
Amber, QLD, 4871
Basilisk, QLD, 4871
Bellenden Ker, QLD, 4871
Blackbull, QLD, 4871
Bolwarra, QLD, 4871

Bombeeta, QLD, 4871
Boogan, QLD, 4871
Bramston Beach, QLD, 4871
Bulleringa, QLD, 4871
Camp Creek, QLD, 4871
Chillagoe, QLD, 4871
Claraville, QLD, 4871
Conjuboy, QLD, 4871
Coralie, QLD, 4871
Cowley, QLD, 4871
Cowley Beach, QLD, 4871
Cowley Creek, QLD, 4871
Croydon, QLD, 4871
Crystalbrook, QLD, 4871
Currajah, QLD, 4871
Deeral, QLD, 4871
Desailly, QLD, 4871
East Creek, QLD, 4871
East Trinity, QLD, 4871
Einasleigh, QLD, 4871
Esmeralda, QLD, 4871
Fishery Falls, QLD, 4871
Fitzroy Island, QLD, 4871
Forsayth, QLD, 4871
Fossilbrook, QLD, 4871
Georgetown, QLD, 4871
Germantown, QLD, 4871
Gilbert River, QLD, 4871
Gilberton, QLD, 4871
Glen Boughton, QLD, 4871
Green Island, QLD, 4871
Hurricane, QLD, 4871
Julatten, QLD, 4871
Karron, QLD, 4871
Kurrimine Beach, QLD, 4871
Lakeland, QLD, 4871
Lakeland Downs, QLD, 4871
Lower Cowley, QLD, 4871
Lyndhurst, QLD, 4871
Macalister Range, QLD, 4871
Mamu, QLD, 4871
Mena Creek, QLD, 4871
Mirriwinni, QLD, 4871
Moresby, QLD, 4871
Mount Carbine, QLD, 4871
Mount Molloy, QLD, 4871
Mount Mulligan, QLD, 4871
Mount Surprise, QLD, 4871
Northhead, QLD, 4871
Nychum, QLD, 4871
Petford, QLD, 4871
Portland Roads, QLD, 4871
Rookwood, QLD, 4871
Sandy Pocket, QLD, 4871
Southedge, QLD, 4871
Springfield, QLD, 4871
Stockton, QLD, 4871
Strathmore, QLD, 4871
Talaroo, QLD, 4871
Thornborough, QLD, 4871
Utchee Creek, QLD, 4871
Wangan, QLD, 4871
Warrubullen, QLD, 4871
Waugh Pocket, QLD, 4871
Woopen Creek, QLD, 4871
Yarrabah, QLD, 4871
Barron, QLD, 4878
Caravonica, QLD, 4878
Holloways Beach, QLD, 4878
Machans Beach, QLD, 4878
Smithfield, QLD, 4878
Yorkeys Knob, QLD, 4878
Craiglie, QLD, 4877
Killaloe, QLD, 4877
Mowbray, QLD, 4877
Oak Beach, QLD, 4877
Port Douglas, QLD, 4877
Wangetti, QLD, 4877
Butchers Creek, QLD, 4885
Glen Allyn, QLD, 4885
Jaggan, QLD, 4885
Kureen, QLD, 4885
Malanda, QLD, 4885
North Johnstone, QLD, 4885
Peeramon, QLD, 4885
Tarzali, QLD, 4885
Topaz, QLD, 4885
Barrine, QLD, 4872
Barwidgi, QLD, 4872
Cairns Mc, QLD, 4872
Danbulla, QLD, 4872
Dimbulah, QLD, 4872
Forty Mile, QLD, 4872
Glen Ruth, QLD, 4872
Gunnawarra, QLD, 4872
Innot Hot Springs, QLD, 4872
Kairi, QLD, 4872
Kirrama, QLD, 4872
Koombooloomba, QLD, 4872
Lake Tinaroo, QLD, 4872
Minnamoolka, QLD, 4872
Mount Garnet, QLD, 4872
Munderra, QLD, 4872
Mutchilba, QLD, 4872
Silver Valley, QLD, 4872
Tinaroo, QLD, 4872
Wairuna, QLD, 4872
Walkamin, QLD, 4872
Arriga, QLD, 4880
Biboohra, QLD, 4880
Chewko, QLD, 4880
Glen Russell, QLD, 4880
Mareeba, QLD, 4880
Paddys Green, QLD, 4880
Tolga, QLD, 4882
Atherton, QLD, 4883
Carrington, QLD, 4883
East Barron, QLD, 4883
Upper Barron, QLD, 4883
Wongabel, QLD, 4883
Gadgarra, QLD, 4884
Lake Barrine, QLD, 4884
Lake Eacham, QLD, 4884
Yungaburra, QLD, 4884
Beatrice, QLD, 4886
Ellinjaa, QLD, 4886

Maalan, QLD, 4886
Middlebrook, QLD, 4886
Millaa Millaa, QLD, 4886
Minbun, QLD, 4886
Moregatta, QLD, 4886
Mungalli, QLD, 4886
Herberton, QLD, 4887
Irvinebank, QLD, 4887
Kalunga, QLD, 4887
Moomin, QLD, 4887
Watsonville, QLD, 4887
Wondecla, QLD, 4887
Bingil Bay, QLD, 4852
Carmoo, QLD, 4852
Djiru, QLD, 4852
Dunk, QLD, 4852
Garners Beach, QLD, 4852
Midgeree Bar, QLD, 4852
Mission Beach, QLD, 4852
South Mission Beach, QLD, 4852
Tam O'Shanter, QLD, 4852
Wongaling Beach, QLD, 4852
Bilyana, QLD, 4854
Birkalla, QLD, 4854
Bulgun, QLD, 4854
Cardstone, QLD, 4854
Dingo Pocket, QLD, 4854
Djarawong, QLD, 4854
East Feluga, QLD, 4854
Euramo, QLD, 4854
Feluga, QLD, 4854
Hull Heads, QLD, 4854
Jarra Creek, QLD, 4854
Kooroomool, QLD, 4854
Lower Tully, QLD, 4854
Merryburn, QLD, 4854
Midgenoo, QLD, 4854
Mount Mackay, QLD, 4854
Munro Plains, QLD, 4854
Murray Upper, QLD, 4854
Murrigal, QLD, 4854
Rockingham, QLD, 4854
Silky Oak, QLD, 4854
Tully, QLD, 4854
Tully Heads, QLD, 4854
Walter Hill, QLD, 4854
Warrami, QLD, 4854
Daveson, QLD, 4855
El Arish, QLD, 4855
Friday Pocket, QLD, 4855
Granadilla, QLD, 4855
Gulngai, QLD, 4855
Jaffa, QLD, 4855
Maadi, QLD, 4855
Maria Creeks, QLD, 4855
Shell Pocket, QLD, 4855
Goolboo, QLD, 4856
Japoonvale, QLD, 4856
Mccutcheon, QLD, 4856
No. 4 Branch, QLD, 4856
No. 5 Branch, QLD, 4856
Silkwood, QLD, 4856
Walter Lever Estate, QLD, 4856
Silkwood East, QLD, 4857
Walter Lever Estate, QLD, 4858
Etty Bay, QLD, 4858
Martyville, QLD, 4858
Mourilyan, QLD, 4858
Mourilyan Harbour, QLD, 4858
New Harbourline, QLD, 4858
No. 6 Branch, QLD, 4859
South Johnstone, QLD, 4859
Bamboo Creek, QLD, 4860
Belvedere, QLD, 4860
Coconuts, QLD, 4860
Cooroo Lands, QLD, 4860
Coorumba, QLD, 4860
Coquette Point, QLD, 4860
Cullinane, QLD, 4860
Daradgee, QLD, 4860
East Innisfail, QLD, 4860
East Palmerston, QLD, 4860
Eaton, QLD, 4860
Eubenangee, QLD, 4860
Fitzgerald Creek, QLD, 4860
Flying Fish Point, QLD, 4860
Garradunga, QLD, 4860
Goondi, QLD, 4860
Goondi Bend, QLD, 4860
Goondi Hill, QLD, 4860
Hudson, QLD, 4860
Innisfail, QLD, 4860
Innisfail Estate, QLD, 4860
Jubilee Heights, QLD, 4860
Mighell, QLD, 4860
Mundoo, QLD, 4860
Nerada, QLD, 4860
Ngatjan, QLD, 4860
O'Briens Hill, QLD, 4860
Palmerston, QLD, 4860
Pin Gin Hill, QLD, 4860
South Innisfail, QLD, 4860
Stoters Hill, QLD, 4860
Sundown, QLD, 4860
Upper Daradgee, QLD, 4860
Vasa Views, QLD, 4860
Wanjuru, QLD, 4860
Webb, QLD, 4860
Wooroonooran, QLD, 4860
Babinda, QLD, 4861
Bartle Frere, QLD, 4861
East Russell, QLD, 4861