Carpet Tiles

Carpet Tiles

With easy installation, carpet tiles are a durable, affordable, and practical wall-to-wall flooring solution ideal for commercial spaces. Carpet tiles provide noise insulation and are a visually versatile interior design flooring option, making them a popular alternative to vinyl planks.

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Carpet Tiles for your office space

Stain resistant commercial carpet tiles are ideal for office spaces where you might require:

  • a practical and hard-wearing floor covering
  • a stain resistant surface which is easily cleaned or replaced
  • a versatile floor covering that is also quiet underfoot
  • visually appealing designs in colours and/or patterns to complement your business
  • cost-effective and affordable flooring for large areas

Different Options Available

Browse our carpet tile range to see a large quantity of carpet tile designs in a variety of bright or neutral colours, and different shapes and sizes.

Carpet tiles may be square - often 500mm x 500mm, and they may range in thickness between 2.5mm and 5.0mm. Carpet tiles are also manufactured in plank shapes - often 1000mm long and 250mm wide.

Choosing the Best Carpet Tiles for Your Space

Our extensive carpet tile range offers a huge choice of colours. Check out the beautifully bright and bold colours seen in our, Mercury Lights and  Prime collections as well as the plain neutrals and earthy naturals found in many popular collections such as Terra and Escape.

Carpet Tiles for Commercial Flooring

While commercial carpet tiles are designed with high levels of durability and excellent stain resistant properties, individual tiles are also easily cleaned or replaced with minimal disruption.

This means they are perfectly suitable for the high traffic areas of:

  • public spaces
  • medical facilities
  • aged care homes
  • the hospitality sector
  • educational institutions
  • recreational facilities
  • offices
  • retail settings

Commercial carpet tiles are also an affordable flooring option for covering large areas. They are:

  • quick and easy to install
  • able to be laid in a variety of designs to create specific looks, and
  • available in a fabulous choice of colours and patterns to complement any business

Carpet Tiles Explained

A carpet tile is a type of floor covering which is generally a square or rectangular (plank) shape that is laid individually across a wide area. The finished floor resembles carpet but they can be laid in a way that allows the textures and patterns to create a specific look.

Carpet tiles are a popular new carpet option for businesses, bringing several benefits to a commercial environment:

  • Noise insulation

At Carpet Court we supply a range of acoustic carpet tiles designed by Acoufelt. This type of carpet tile is designed using QuietBack™ technology with acoustic properties to absorb unwanted sound from floor surfaces. Our acoustic carpet tiles come in a wide range of designs and colours and range between 4mm and 6mm thickness.

  • Practical and hard wearing

Carpet tiles are an affordable and practical floor covering for all interior designs. They provide an ideal flooring solution for commercial environments due to their durability, stain-resistant properties and the ease with which they can be cleaned or replaced.

  • Visually Versatile

Our premium quality carpet tiles can be laid to form distinct patterns in a range of designs and colours to suit the environment.

In commercial buildings such as shops, offices and public spaces like art galleries or museums, commercial carpet tiles can complement the essence of a business. Choose colours and patterns to convey a mood, message, impression or create a focal point.

Cost of Carpet Tiles

Our carpet tile ranges vary greatly, not just in the fibres, colours and patterns but also in size, thickness and shape.

You'll find solution dyed nylon carpet tiles are widely used around Australia for high-traffic areas in commercial environments. These premium carpet tiles are also a popular choice for office spaces.

The cost of carpet tiles per square metre is therefore based on many factors, but they do provide an economic and affordable floor covering able to cope with heavy duty usage.

To estimate the cost of carpet tiles for your Australian business contact your nearest Carpet Court showroom or phone 1300 CARPET. We have over 200 stores including many stores around Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane and Adelaide.

Carpet Tiles for Your Home

Modular carpet tiles are particularly suited to commercial environments because they are designed to handle heavy duty foot traffic. Our high-quality commercial carpet tiles also meet the standards required for fire ratings and commercial heavy-duty usage.

However, there is no reason premium quality loose lay carpet tiles can't be used in residential properties too. The advanced stain resistant properties in carpet tiles make them a great flooring option for investment properties or rooms in the family home which require a hard-wearing floor covering such as rumpus rooms and home offices with castor chairs.

Best Spaces for Carpet Tiles

In a commercial environment carpet tiles can be laid throughout offices. They are also ideal for medical, retail, recreational and educational facilities, as well as throughout the aged care and hospitality sectors and in various public spaces.

Carpet tiles are a great option for rumpus rooms and children's playrooms in residential investment properties and family homes.

Carpet tiles can be laid in areas within residential properties and commercial premises which may attract spills or moisture such as kitchens but unless you can dry them quickly you may find yourself replacing individual tiles often. A better option for those 'wet' areas may be something in our vinyl tiles range.

Installing carpet tiles is quite like laying vinyl, ceramic or porcelain floor tiles but with far greater ease and versatility.

One of the best things about carpet tiles is the ability to create different visual effects using laying methods based on direction. These popular installation methods creating distinct patterns are classified as:

  • Monolithic
  • Quarter Turn
  • Brick
  • Ashlar

Carpet tiles may also look like a floating floor made from laminate, luxury vinyl plank flooring or timber flooring and are just as easily laid with minimal cuts required. Carpet tiles can be installed as a DIY project, so if this interests you then chat with the friendly experts at your locally owned and operated Carpet Court store. They are the best people to advise on the correct way to lay and fix your carpet tiles in place.

Alternatively, our professional carpet installers can lay your carpet tiles for you, all you have to do is ask!

Cost of Installation

The cost of laying any commercial flooring product is dependent on several factors. These include:

  • the size of the area being covered,
  • the square metre cost of the product itself,
  • the condition of the subfloor and the work required to prepare it,
  • the base materials and the time it takes to complete the job.

To determine the cost of installing any of our premium quality commercial carpet tiles or flooring products in the latest colours and styles within your business premises, simply request a quote online or call 1300 CARPET to speak to the friendly and knowledgeable staff who can arrange a free measure and quote service.

Benefits of Carpet Tiles

Carpet tiles are a great quality product! They are a modern and stylish floor covering, more versatile than broadloom carpet and available in a range of colours, patterns, shapes, thicknesses and styles.

Often constructed from hard-wearing polypropylene or solution dyed nylon carpet fibres, carpet tiles are a practical flooring option. They are a popular choice in spaces where spills or stains occur because they are highly stain resistant but also easily replaced on a tile-by-tile basis if necessary differing from standard carpets.

Carpet tiles also offer a very affordable flooring option when you are covering large spaces, which commercial environments typically are.

You may find that  Pavement or Gravel’s plank style of carpet tiles available in five textural designs are the perfect floor covering for your space. Perhaps Regenerate carpet tiles with the multi-faceted loop pile can create the look you want using directional installation, or maybe Mercury Lights carpet squares are just what you need to brighten your workspace and lift the mood.

If you like a quiet workspace, acoustic plank carpet tiles such as Canyon, Multi-Storey, Flinders and many more are awarded an excellent acoustic rating, which means they absorb unwanted sounds in the workspace.

Advice on choosing the best commercial floor covering for your commercial premises is available from the expert team at your local Carpet Court store. Not sure where the nearest showroom is to your location? Use our handy store locator tool or call us on 1300 CARPET.

Installing Your New Flooring

When you lay carpet tiles, you can create visual effects and patterns using directional installation techniques or you can create a uniform carpet effect.

If you’re laying carpet tiles in your commercial space, you can view our online resources for design inspiration and easy installation guides.

Underlays for Carpet Tiles

Carpet tiles come in a range of thicknesses and have built-in backing, so they do not require underlay.

Find out more about when to use carpet underlay at Carpet Court.

Benefits of Carpet Tiles

Carpet tiles and commercial carpets are ideal in retail, medical, educational and hospitality sectors, and office spaces. Carpet tiles offer the following benefits:

  • durable and stain resistant
  • easily cleaned or replaced
  • quiet underfoot
  • cost effective in large areas

Carpet Court offer a wide range of commercial carpets including carpet tiles and broadloom carpet.

Do Carpet Tiles Need an Underlay?

You don't need to use underlay beneath carpet tiles. If you are tackling a DIY installation, you'll be pleased to know that carpet tiles can be laid on almost any hard surface without underlay. The surface just needs to be smooth, clean, and free of dirt and debris. You must also have the recommended adhesive and adhesive applicator (trowel). If you are removing old carpet be aware not to leave protruding nails which can damage carpet tiles.

Carpet tiles can be laid directly onto hardwood subfloors, tiles, concrete and even laminate and vinyl flooring without the use of underlay. Adhesive and some floor preparation may be required to ensure that your product warranty remains valid.

Carpet Court also have an exclusive range of QuickDrop DIY carpet tiles. The Delta and Outlook ranges are commercially rated ECONYL® solution dyed nylon carpet tiles, and can be installed without adhesive, for a seamless DIY commercial installation.

What Size Carpet Tiles Should You Get?

Carpet Court has many types of carpet tiles in stock which are high quality, commercially rated square carpet tiles are generally 500mm x 500mm and made in varying thicknesses measuring from 2.5mm to 6mm. Carpet planks are usually 1000mm long and 250mm wide, also varying in thickness up to about 6mm.

How Much Do Carpet Tiles Cost?

Carpet tile prices vary depending on the brand, fabric, style and quantity you select. We have a large range of carpet tiles to select from and which will suit every budget. Just visit your local store today and they can help you with your selection.