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    Commercial Carpet

    High performing commercial carpet is a floor covering with has a softer and warmer aesthetic than timber flooring, laminate or luxury vinyl planks - although they are all excellent flooring solutions in commercial environments too. 

    Commercial carpet is constructed in incredibly tough and hardwearing carpet types such as solution dyed nylon and polypropylene. Available in a vast choice of colours, carpet styles and synthetic fibres, commercial carpet is the ideal flooring solution for office environments as well as aged care, education, hospitality and healthcare facilities where the noise reduction, durability and ease of cleaning properties are welcome. 

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    1. Antipodes
      Commercial Carpet Antipodes
    2. Commercial_Carpet_Battery_Point_Black_Starburst
      Commercial Carpet Battery Point
    3. Centauri
      Commercial Carpet Centauri
    4. Commercial_Carpet_Classic_Loop_Accord
      Commercial Carpet Classic Loop
    5. Commercial_Carpet_Contexture_IV_Ash_Grey
      Commercial Carpet Contexture IV
    6. Commercial_Carpet_Deco_Point_Anthracite
      Commercial Carpet Deco Point
    7. Commercial_Carpet_Degree_Charcoal
      Commercial Carpet Degree
    8. Commercial_Carpet_Infinity_Asteroid
      Commercial Carpet Infinity
    9. Commercial_Carpet_Jermyn_Street_Harvie
      Commercial Carpet Jermyn Street
    10. Commercial_Carpet_LanghorneHut_Jacal
      Commercial Carpet Langhorne Hut
    11. Commercial_Carpet_Levante_Artifact
      Commercial Carpet Levante
    12. Commercial_Carpet_Magnetic_Bay_Bolger
      Commercial Carpet Magnetic Bay
    13. Commercial_Carpet_Marquetry_Ebony
      Commercial Carpet Marquetry
    14. Commercial_Carpet_Medallion_Tourmaline
      Commercial Carpet Medallion
    15. Commercial_Carpet_Phoenician48_Coal
      Commercial Carpet Phoenician 48
    16. Rosewood
      Commercial Carpet Rosewood
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    What is broadloom carpet?

    As the name implies, broadloom carpet is woven on a wide loom and is installed wall to wall in both commercial and residential environments. There is a wide range of fade, stain and soil resistant, highly durable broadloom carpets which may be suited to high traffic areas within the home or business. The difference with commercial broadloom carpet is that it attracts a higher rating for durability and performance in much tougher conditions.

    Commercial grade broadloom carpet is suitable for fit outs in spaces which attract a very high level of foot traffic such as offices, aged care facilities, hotels, schools, hospitality venues, medical and educational institutions, along with many other active commercial environments.

    How wide is broadloom carpet?

    Broadloom carpet is generally manufactured in a twelve-foot roll with a width of 3.66 - 4.0 metres which is why it is ideal for the large open spaces you often find in commercial venues like hotels and sports clubs. In these types of venues, along with restaurants and aged care facilities, you may typically find frieze carpets installed whereby the patterned border creates a defined edge and a more interesting and intimate atmosphere.

    How much does commercial carpet cost?

    There is a selection of commercial carpets available, and with a range of products comes an obvious range in prices. You can use the website to find commercial carpets within your budget and narrow down the options, before calling in to your local showroom to view your preferred carpets. 

    Our Classic Loop carpet is a fine example of a resilient synthetic carpet in a loop pile construction. Classic Loop is available in a choice of eight natural, earthy tones to complement every workspace. Speak with your local store or arrange a quote online for Classic Loop supplied and installed to your business premises.

    Along with carpet tiles and commercial grade vinyl flooring, you will find that wall to wall, broadloom commercial carpet is the most cost-effective commercial flooring option suited to high traffic areas.

    The cost of commercial flooring supplied and installed is dependent on a number of factors, such as the size of the area, the preparation and time required for installation.

    To determine the cost of commercial carpet installed in your business request a quote online or call 1300 CARPET to speak to the friendly and knowledgeable staff. They can arrange a free measure and quote and discuss the ideal flooring options for your commercial premises.

    What is commercial carpet?

    Commercial carpet is a high-performance floor covering suited to high traffic areas in business environments such as:

    • offices
    • medical facilities
    • hospitality industry
    • schools

    Carpet Court have a wide range of commercial carpets available including carpet tiles and broadloom carpet.

    How to install commercial carpet?

    Laying carpet tiles in your commercial premises is not difficult. Simply fix carpet tiles using adhesive directly to a clean and level subfloor surface with no dirt, debris or protruding objects.

    You can also have our professional installers lay commercial carpet for you. Be sure to read our pre-installation guide before your carpet arrives!

    How to clean commercial carpet?

    Commercial carpets can be vacuumed regularly to prevent a build-up of dirt and debris. Spot cleaning should be done in accordance with the manufacturer’s cleaning and maintenance guide.

    Read our Cleaning & Care Guide for full details on how to clean commercial carpet.