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    Herringbone & Chevron

    Distinct in style using an eye-catching zigzag effect, herringbone and chevron flooring both create a timeless interior that is sure to be loved for many years. Originating in France and traditionally manufactured in timber pieces, the herringbone and chevron effects have now been mimicked in other flooring types including laminate flooring like Carpet Court’s Masterpieces and Herringbone collections. The chevron style also lends itself to a stylish and contemporary aesthetic that is unforgettable. Learn more about herringbone and chevron flooring below and get a free, in-home measure and quote today.

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    What is chevron flooring?

    Chevron flooring is a visually distinctive style of flooring which follows a V-shape pattern. The Chevron style originates from the type of flooring known as parquetry, where the design is created using many narrow pieces of timber, ceramics or even pavers. The specific pattern is created by laying the individual pieces in right-angled rows forming straight lines of zigzag shapes with overlapping edges. Historically, beautiful chevron-style floors and have been meticulously designed using richly textured timbers such as oak, cherry, mahogany and walnut.

    Along with the similar herringbone flooring style seen in Carpet Court’s Masterpieces collection, the striking chevron design features in seven vibrant colours and textures. In contrast to the original parquetry floors meticulously created piece by piece in bygone eras, Masterpieces planks in the chevron and herringbone flooring designs click and lock together using the patented ‘Uniclic’ system to float above the subfloor.

    What is the difference between chevron flooring and herringbone flooring?

    In the Masterpieces laminate flooring collection, the Natural Chevron and Natural Herringbone floors are similar colours. The difference is in the pattern, which is clearly visible when you compare the two. Herringbone ends are cut to a square set at 90-degree angles, whereas chevron ends are cut to a triangular shape, creating a different look to herringbone. Both create beautiful floors with unique composition. To compare the two call in to your local Carpet Court store where the friendly team will be happy to point out the differences.

    How to lay chevron flooring?

    Larger, wider planks than traditionally used in parquetry flooring are used in chevron and herringbone flooring, making it much quicker and easier to install than the original floors. Chevron and herringbone planks are 1200mm long, 300mm wide and 8mm thick. They can be laid using the Uniclic system as a DIY project by confident handypersons. Alternatively, your stunning new herringbone and chevron flooring can be laid for you by Carpet Court’s experienced installers.

    The pattern is made by working from the centre of the room outwards in precise lines. In order to achieve a perfect finish with the chevron or the herringbone designs it is important to closely follow step by step instructions if doing it yourself, or take the easy solution and use the professional layers from Carpet Court.

    Why choose chevron flooring?

    Timeless and elegant, chevron flooring makes a strong statement with its vibrant, patterned design in richly textured woodgrain tones. Colour variations, light and dark tones and the natural timber permutations are clearly visible in the Masterpieces chevron and herringbone flooring. The hardwearing laminate flooring is both durable, easy-care and has distinctive and luxurious appeal.

    Choosing chevron laminate flooring for your home is an investment in the value of your property if you are planning to sell. This style of flooring adds significant visual impact to the overall aesthetic and ambience in the room. It provides a unique look, adding a sophisticated point of difference to your home over competing properties on the market.

    Floating floors can be laid over some existing flooring, making the transition from your existing old and worn floors to fresh and beautiful chevron floors quick, easy and affordable.

    Does chevron flooring make the room look bigger?

    It certainly does. You can easily create the illusion of greater space in the room by choosing which direction to run the vertical line patterns in your chevron flooring. In fact, if you want to make your rooms look bigger chevron floating floors are a fantastic choice.

    Create a sense of more width or length in a small room by laying the laminate planks in line with the longest dimensions of the room, as your eyes naturally follow the direction of the pattern.

    Chevron flooring colours are generally mid to light shades of woodgrain tones, with the darkest being Noyer. Lighter colours naturally provide a feeling of openness and space in a room, so choose from Boho, Chic, Cream or Natural to create fresh, light flooring or Grey for a modern aesthetic. After Noyer, Classic is the colour with slightly darker grains flowing through mid-brown planks.

    Chevron and Herringbone are mid-tone colours with lovely warmth and contrasting light and darker shades. Both products will enhance the sense of space in any room.

    How to order chevron flooring online at Carpet Court?

    Carpet Court are Australia’s largest flooring retailer with a huge range of flooring options.  There are over 200 locally owned and operated Carpet Court stores located right around the country, so there is sure to be one not far from you.

    Featuring fabulous showrooms with an endless display of beautiful carpets, all types of floating floors and window furnishings, a visit to your local Carpet Court store is a worthwhile experience, especially as you can chat with the friendly and knowledgeable staff about your home and lifestyle to determine the right flooring for you.

    If you’ve decided that chevron flooring or herringbone flooring are perfect for your home, you don’t need to visit the store. You can simply use the handy online form here to book a free measure and quote and a member of your local Carpet Court store will visit your home at a convenient time for you. Of course, if the online room size estimator (small 3 x 3m, medium 3.5 x 4.5m or large 4.5 x 6.5m) is close to your room size you can go ahead and add the beautiful chevron or herringbone flooring to your online shopping cart.