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Synthetic Carpet

Today’s innovative technology and manufacturing processes have resulted in synthetic carpet fibres which provide an appealing alternative to pure wool carpets. A popular choice in a great number of Australian family homes, synthetic fibres provide sublime softness and comfort underfoot as well as supreme performance, durability and affordability. In fact, with some carpets it can be difficult to tell whether a carpet is wool or synthetic.

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What are the benefits of synthetic fibre carpet? 

Synthetic fibre carpets can provide all of the benefits and visual beauty of pure wool carpets at a more affordable cost while also being fade resistant, hypo-allergenic and easy to clean.

There are several types of synthetic carpet:

Solution dyed nylon carpet (also referred to as SDN) is a durable, colourfast fibre with superior fade and stain resistance and increased elastic recovery which enables it to withstand the negative effects of a high volume of foot traffic. It is also an affordable product for many families who find the cost of pure wool outside of their budget.

Polypropylene is an inexpensive, high performing carpet with good resistance to moisture and staining. Due to its strength and immense durability polypropylene is often used in rental properties, rumpus rooms or playrooms. It is easy to clean and hard-wearing but doesn’t rate as high as other carpet fibres with respect to comfort.

Polyester carpet fibre outperforms nylon and polypropylene in terms of softness and comfort underfoot. Sometimes hard to distinguish from wool, it has excellent fading and stain resistance properties. It has the benefit of being less expensive than 100% pure wool while being just as visually appealing.

Triexta is similar to polyester in many ways. A manufactured biopolymer, it is sourced from renewable natural corn sugar. Due to its combination of natural and synthetic fibres, Triexta is soft underfoot like polyester, while also being highly resistant to wear and tear, and fading.

Synthetic carpets are anti-static and also don’t have the same issues with fibres shedding or pilling like some wool carpets may do when they are first laid.

Are synthetic fibre carpets durable? What are the benefits of synthetic fibre carpet?

Synthetic fibre carpets are known for their immense strength and high resiliency, that is they bounce back after being crushed underfoot or compacted by furniture. They are manufactured with excellent stain resistance capabilities and superior resistance to fading. The combination of these properties mean synthetic carpets are a very appealing floor covering, particularly in family homes where wear and tear and stain resistance are necessary qualities in a carpet.

Frequent technological advancements mean that synthetic carpets are becoming stronger competitors to wool carpet all the time. Not only are synthetic carpets highly durable, they are becoming increasingly comfortable underfoot as well as visibly appealing.

Synthetic carpets are known for their durability. They have long been the carpet of choice for use within commercial and rental properties because of their longevity and because they are easy to clean and maintain.

What areas of the house would benefit from synthetic carpet? What colours are synthetic carpets available in?

Which type of fibre you choose for your home is best decided by considering your lifestyle, budget and environment. Synthetic carpet is an affordable option popular in many homes because of its durability and excellent stain resistance. It is also easy to clean which makes it ideal for any room in the house frequented by children, pets or heavy foot traffic.

If you live in a particularly cold climate where insulation is a requirement, you may prefer a wool carpet, but synthetic carpet is well suited to the majority of climatic conditions.

For these reasons, synthetic carpet is also well suited to specific areas of the home such as playrooms, rumpus rooms, hallways, children’s bedrooms or rooms which experience a lot of activity.

What colours are synthetic carpets available in?

Carpet Court have synthetic carpets in a huge range of light, dark, medium and neutral colours sure to enhance any home décor.

Consider the Scenic Rise collection, a luxurious synthetic carpet with a hardwearing twist pile available in nineteen amazing colours. From the fresh, light shades of Bright Day and Alpine Mist through to the dark depths of Boulder, Nightscape and Raincloud, the Scenic Rise collection in the versatile Triexta material has the perfect shade for your home. If light, dark or neutral aren’t your cup of tea, Clear Skies or Tallest Pine will provide some colour, interest and zest to your floors.

Tuftmaster’s Doncaster collection has a broad selection of strong earthy colour tones in a twist pile carpet designed to cater to the rigours of family life.

For lovers of light, airy spaces the Mountain Chalet collection includes some delightful pale shades such as Cloud Burst, Glacial, Morning Light and Morning Mist, while offering a selection of mid-range colours and several darker tones as well.

Are synthetic carpets good for families?

Able to withstand dust, dirt, debris, dogs and the daily disasters that are part and parcel of family living, synthetic carpets are made for families. Call 1300 CARPET today for your free, in-home measure and quote.