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Basenji is an Australian-made carpet, exclusive to Carpet Court, that is specifically designed for a busy home. A durable twist pile carpet, Basenji has 5 stars on the Australian Carpet Classification Scheme.

This carpet is simple to clean, with water able to wash away most common spills easily. Basenji is also made from UltraPet fibres, which provide greater elasticity, softness, and resiliency than regular PET fibres. UltraPet also repels spills, resisting those common accidents from your pets and children. This carpet is ideal for busy homes with high traffic from both feet and paws, who still want the feeling of soft carpet underfoot.

Basenji is made from solution dyed fibres, which ensure maximum colour retention. During manufacture, the colour of your carpet is built directly into the yarn, ensuring consistent colouring throughout the carpet fibre. Basenji already has a 15-year warranty, which can be extended by 10 years when paired with the UltraPet underlay. This equals a 25-year warranty that keeps your pets and children in mind, covering wear, stain resistance, colourfast and includes a lifetime warranty on antistatic.

If you choose to pair Basenji with the UltraPet underlay, you can be confident you are making the perfect choice for you and your family. The underlay is manufactured with StainShield, an innovative and multilayered barrier that protects against soiling from kids and four-legged friends. This advanced technology resists stains and extends the life of your carpet, while also improving appearance and performance. The underlay is also treated with antimicrobial protection to create a healthy and hygienic home for your family and pets.

Basenji comes in a large range of 10 soft colours, from rich dark shades to lighter neutrals. This palette is perfect for creating a relaxed feel in your pet loving home.

Drop by one of our family owned stores to experience the feel Basenji for yourself or give us a call to help decide if this is the dream carpet for your home. We cannot wait to help you choose a carpet your family and pets will love.

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Carpet Classification Performance
Type Carpet
Carpet Type Twist
Fibre Synthetic
Manufactured Australian Made

Warranty Information

Victoria Carpets will warrant your UltraPet carpet for an additional 10 Year period if your carpet has been installed on Dunlop UltraPet underlay. The extended warranty is applicable to residential wear, stain resistance, pet resistance and colourfast warranty.

To view and download full warranty information associated to this product please click here.

Care Instructions

To view and download full care instructions associated to this product please click here.

High performing pet friendly flooring is just what Australian family homes with fur-kids need! UltraPet pet friendly carpet and underlay is the perfect flooring choice for pet-lovers who also happen to love the luxurious look and feel of carpet in their home.

UltraPet carpet - Purrfeclty pawsome flooring for pet owners!

When we talk about family-friendly flooring in Australia we mean floor coverings which are suitable for our furry friends, because they’re part of the family too.  UltraPet Carpet & Underlay use cutting-edge technology to provide advanced durability and superior stain repellent properties without compromising on comfort, warmth and luxurious style.

A family home isn’t the same without at least one canine or feline fur-baby gallivanting about with the kids. But with all the joy and laughter our furry friends bring, there is often the stress of worrying about accidents like pet-puddles (and worse!) and scrambling claws damaging our beautiful floors. So, let’s consider which are the best flooring options for households with pets.

Recommended pet-friendly flooring:

  • Hard flooring such as hybrid floors are water-resistant, scratch-resistant and stain resistant. Hybrid flooring such as UltraPet Hybrid flooring is designed to withstand the wear and tear associated with energetic family fur-buddies. Recommendation: A good option for dog-friendly flooring
  • High quality, durable cut-pile carpet with increased stain repellent properties are easy-care, providing warmth and comfort to the whole family. This cat and dog friendly flooring type is scratch-resistant, soil and stain resistant, as well as slip-proof. Recommendation: Suited to all environments and the best pet-friendly flooring

How to choose carpet when living with pets?

Pet owners don't tend to think of carpet as the right flooring option when considering the best pet-friendly flooring options, especially if there is the prospect of new puppies or kittens joining the family. But if we select the right carpet, it can be the best possible decision for the whole household.

1.  What is the most pet-friendly carpet?

UltraPet is a pawsome choice for pet owners due to advanced manufacturing processes providing superior protection against spills, scuffs, stains. It is essentially ‘pet-proof’ meaning that pet urine, faeces are repelled and easily cleaned in cold water. 

The underlay is engineered to protect against most common household spills and pet accidents. It is treated with antimicrobial agents to provide hygienic freshness and prevent pet odours, even pet urine.

2. Choose the best carpet fibre for pets and people

Just as we don’t find it appealing to lie on a cold, hard surface, neither do our pets. UltraPet is soft underfoot and soft underpaw, providing comfort to every family member. While our cats and dogs love it, we do too because it provides peace of mind knowing those inevitable pet accidents are easy to clean up.

Australian-made UltraPet is manufactured in a cut and twist pile construction, so there are no looped fibres to catch your pet’s nails, even if they are a little overdue for their doggy salon pet-icure!

This sensational flooring type delivers:

  • Unbeatable stain protection
  • Unparalleled colour retention
  • Ultra-soft comfort
  • High tensile strength

3. How good does it look?

UltraPet isn’t just low maintenance and high-performing, it offers sophisticated style and on-trend colours to enhance your interior design.

Choose from a stunning colour palette of soft browns and neutrals, rich charcoals and cool greys to suit any décor with colourfast properties.

What are the long term benefits of choosing UltraPet pet-friendly flooring?

Because UltraPet is designed as cat and dog friendly flooring it will retain its beauty throughout your beloved pet’s life. From the trials and tribulations of toilet training through to the occasional incontinent episode, UltraPet will soldier on for many years.

How do you clean pet friendly carpet?

Regular vacuuming is recommended to prevent a build-up of household debris and pet hair within the carpet fibres. A thorough, deep steam clean by a professional carpet cleaner every 12-18 months is also recommended.

Blot liquid spills including pet urine as soon as they occur to remove as much liquid as possible. Cold water is generally sufficient for cleaning spills on this type of flooring but if you prefer to use a household cleaning agent then refer to the UltraPet Cleaning Table. Always rinse with cold water and blot dry afterwards.

Dry stains such as muddy pawprints can be brushed and then vacuumed.

Protection against spills like pet urine is provided by the Dunlop StainShield Underlay, a multi-layer, high-density polyethylene barrier which helps to prevent stains and pet odours.

What warranties does UltraPet Carpet & Underlay offer?

UltraPet carpet is the best pet-friendly flooring! It attracts 25 year warranties for:

  • residential wear, 
  • residential stains, 
  • residential colourfastness, 
  • residential pet resistance and 
  • lifetime anti-static protection.

If your UltraPet carpet is not installed on the UltraPet underlay, your carpet will only attract 15 year warranties.

See UltraPet cat and dog friendly flooring and other types of flooring suitable for pet owners at your nearest Carpet Court showroom today.

Just to note: The underlay is guaranteed for the life of the carpet.