5 Trending Looks For Summer

Darren PalmerDarren Palmer has a broad portfolio, having studied fine art & graphic design, originally working in advertising and owning his own graphic design company. After succumbing to his true passion, Darren now operates his own interior design studio and has been a judge on numerous seasons of The Block.

Summer interior design ideas

Summer in Australia is very much about the outdoors but if you want to create your best summer interior you need to think about just what kind of summer vibe you want to create.

Home décor

Freshen up your home with some light and bright feeling, summer décor updates. Store away the things that feel cosy and change up your space with light flowing fabrics and woven textures that are an open weave.

Look for colour and contrast in your summer décor choices with inclusions that can be used both inside and outdoor under cover, providing even more bang for their buck. Items like candlesticks as center pieces to summer entertaining tables and candle lanterns add both ambience and interest and are to be coveted this summer.

Summer flooring

Get that summer boat house feeling with a weathered looking grey timber-like floor that you don’t need to think twice about should it be subject to wet feet or sand. Hybrid flooring has great water and stain resistance – Carpet Court’s Metropolis range has a soft grey appeal that will freshen any home.

Blurring the barrier

The best thing about Summer is the breeze flowing through open doors and easily moving through them. To that end, Carpet Court’s Veri Shades® provide a perfect summer solution in that they allow for the harsh light and warmth to be kept outside through the built-in light obstructing blades with the added inclusion of a soft and flowing sheer, creating that dreamy summer look on your external openings. Both the sheer and blind parts of the Veri Shades® are untethered at the base allowing you to easily transition through them to your backyard, balcony, deck or terrace.

Green thumb

Connect your interiors to the outdoors through potted plants. Palms, Ficus or even Cacti are excellent for big scale drama, whereas small succulents look great on side tables and bedsides. Medium sized foliage, such as Ferns and Cycads provide fullness and scale when grouped together. Just make sure you keep your plants cool, watered and out of direct sunlight unless they thrive in that intense environment.

Summer rugs

A soothing and soft, light summer interior still needs elements of impact and drama - and rugs are just the ticket. A round rug can elevate any living space or provide a great accent under the corner of a bed.

Carpet Court’s Lunar cotton rug in Gold would work with this year’s summer home trends, in any or all of the above locations to give your summer interiors a pop. Choose a size that is right for the situation, use and location. 2m diameter rugs work well in living spaces, dining rooms and bedrooms, whereas a 1.5m rug would be just the right size for creating a reading corner.

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