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51 Whitbread St, Taree, New South Wales 2430
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About Us

Carpet Craft

Carpet Court is your premier carpet store in Taree, NSW. Visit our showroom today to browse through an extensive range of flooring, including quality carpets, rugs, engineered timber, laminate, hybrid tiles and more.

Meet the team at Carpet Craft Taree

It all starts with the floors! Shop for premium carpet and hard flooring to transform your space into an inspiring one. Visit the team at Carpet Court Taree for ideas and advice on your next home or commercial flooring project. Our knowledgeable showroom staff will advise you on the ideal flooring products for your home or your business. Introduce yourself to the Carpet Craft team today at 51a Whitbread St, Taree NSW 2430.

Shop soft underfoot carpet

Carpet Court is Australia’s premium carpet retailer. With over 200 stores nationwide, we have access to the most extensive range of carpets at the best prices on the market. Our expert team will guide you to the top-performing products in your desired style and texture. Enjoy the luxurious sensation of soft underfoot cushioning.

  • Ultimate Soft - Luxurious, ultra-soft carpet
  • Premium Soft - Durability and supreme softness
  • Performance - Style and luxury in hardwearing twist pile
  • Natural - Elegant, durable and versatile
  • Textured - Bouncy loop texture
  • Functional -Style and cost-effectiveness for high-traffic areas

Outdoor rugs for your entertaining area

Add warmth and luxury to your outdoor space, from a courtyard to a garden or patio. Alfresco rugs create a seamless transition between the home and the outdoors. Made from 100% polypropylene, these stylish pieces are strong, durable, water-resistant and resistant to UV rays. Discover our chic outdoor rugs and learn how to make the most of every exterior space.

Discover what we do in the community

Carpet Court is committed to helping those in need of assistance. If you’d like to know how Carpet Court works with local community groups and charities throughout Australia, visit our Corporate Social Responsibility page for all the details.

Choose the best flooring for your home

Whether you’re building a new home, considering bathroom renovations or need a carpet refresh, come and look at our extensive range of floor coverings at Carpet Court, Taree. From contemporary to traditional floors, find the best products to suit your home, budget and lifestyle:

  • Timber flooring for authentic beauty and natural warmth
  • Luxury vinyl flooring for the look of timber in water-resistant vinyl
  • Laminate flooring for the timber aesthetic in hard wearing laminate
  • Hybrid floor tiling for a highly durable new-tech blend

Book a free measure and quote with Taree Carpet Court specialists

Let us help you find the best new flooring with a free quote. Gain professional advice on flooring products and more. Book in today and one of our knowledgeable specialists will visit you at home (or on location) for a free measure and quote.

Our friendly team would also love to meet with you in the showroom so we can introduce you to all the latest flooring products. Pop in and visit us at:

51 Whitbread St, Taree, New South Wales, 2430

How to find us

From Taree, head south on Wingham road, turn left on Muldoon street and turn right into Whitbread Road.

From Tuncurry and Forster, head 30 minutes north (toward Port Macquarie).

* Visit website store locator to find the Carpet Court near you.

Services Available
Carpet Timber Hybrid Laminate Vinyl Wall Panels Qantas Points
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What is the best carpet for high-traffic areas?

The popular Performance Collection offers warmth and luxury in a twist pile, designed to withstand the impacts of family living. Carpet tiles are also popular in homes and high-traffic commercial spaces thanks to their durability and easy carpet cleaning.

What carpets are popular in Taree?

Wool carpets are always sought after for their natural beauty and durability. However, if you have animals or a large family, we suggest you look at high-performance carpets crafted from hard wearing fibres and piles that don’t soil easily. Check out different carpet options online with Carpet Court.

Areas We Service

Caffreys Flat, NSW, 2424
Cells River, NSW, 2424
Cooplacurripa, NSW, 2424
Cundle Flat, NSW, 2424
Knorrit Flat, NSW, 2424
Knorrit Forest, NSW, 2424
Mount George, NSW, 2424
Number One, NSW, 2424
Tiri, NSW, 2424
Black Head, NSW, 2430
Bohnock, NSW, 2430
Bootawa, NSW, 2430
Brimbin, NSW, 2430
Cabbage Tree Island, NSW, 2430
Chatham, NSW, 2430
Croki, NSW, 2430
Cundletown, NSW, 2430
Diamond Beach, NSW, 2430
Dumaresq Island, NSW, 2430
Failford, NSW, 2430
Ghinni Ghinni, NSW, 2430
Glenthorne, NSW, 2430
Hallidays Point, NSW, 2430
Hillville, NSW, 2430
Jones Island, NSW, 2430
Kiwarrak, NSW, 2430
Koorainghat, NSW, 2430
Kundle Kundle, NSW, 2430
Lansdowne, NSW, 2430
Lansdowne Forest, NSW, 2430
Manning Point, NSW, 2430
Melinga, NSW, 2430
Mitchells Island, NSW, 2430
Mondrook, NSW, 2430
Old Bar, NSW, 2430
Oxley Island, NSW, 2430
Pampoolah, NSW, 2430
Possum Brush, NSW, 2430
Purfleet, NSW, 2430
Rainbow Flat, NSW, 2430
Red Head, NSW, 2430
Saltwater, NSW, 2430
Tallwoods Village, NSW, 2430
Taree, NSW, 2430
Taree DC, NSW, 2430
Taree South, NSW, 2430
Tinonee, NSW, 2430
Upper Lansdowne, NSW, 2430
Wallabi Point, NSW, 2430
Coopernook, NSW, 2426
Langley Vale, NSW, 2426
Moto, NSW, 2426

Crowdy Head, NSW, 2427
Harrington, NSW, 2427
Minimbah, NSW, 2312
Nabiac, NSW, 2312
Blueys Beach, NSW, 2428
Boomerang Beach, NSW, 2428
Booti Booti, NSW, 2428
Charlotte Bay, NSW, 2428
Coomba Bay, NSW, 2428
Coomba Park, NSW, 2428
Darawank, NSW, 2428
Elizabeth Beach, NSW, 2428
Forster, NSW, 2428
Forster Shopping Village, NSW, 2428
Green Point, NSW, 2428
Pacific Palms, NSW, 2428
Sandbar, NSW, 2428
Shallow Bay, NSW, 2428
Smiths Lake, NSW, 2428
Tarbuck Bay, NSW, 2428
Tiona, NSW, 2428
Tuncurry, NSW, 2428
Wallingat, NSW, 2428
Wallis Lake, NSW, 2428
Whoota, NSW, 2428
Back Creek, NSW, 2422
Bakers Creek, NSW, 2422
Barrington, NSW, 2422
Barrington Tops, NSW, 2422
Baxters Ridge, NSW, 2422
Belbora, NSW, 2422
Berrico, NSW, 2422
Bindera, NSW, 2422
Bowman, NSW, 2422
Bowman Farm, NSW, 2422
Bretti, NSW, 2422
Bulliac, NSW, 2422
Bundook, NSW, 2422
Callaghans Creek, NSW, 2422
Cobark, NSW, 2422
Coneac, NSW, 2422
Copeland, NSW, 2422
Craven, NSW, 2422
Craven Plateau, NSW, 2422
Curricabark, NSW, 2422
Dewitt, NSW, 2422
Faulkland, NSW, 2422
Forbesdale, NSW, 2422
Gangat, NSW, 2422
Giro, NSW, 2422
Glen Ward, NSW, 2422
Gloucester, NSW, 2422

Gloucester Tops, NSW, 2422
Invergordon, NSW, 2422
Kia Ora, NSW, 2422
Mares Run, NSW, 2422
Mernot, NSW, 2422
Mograni, NSW, 2422
Moppy, NSW, 2422
Rawdon Vale, NSW, 2422
Rookhurst, NSW, 2422
Stratford, NSW, 2422
Terreel, NSW, 2422
Tibbuc, NSW, 2422
Titaatee Creek, NSW, 2422
Tugrabakh, NSW, 2422
Wallanbah, NSW, 2422
Wards River, NSW, 2422
Waukivory, NSW, 2422
Woko, NSW, 2422
Bobin, NSW, 2429
Boorganna, NSW, 2429
Bucca Wauka, NSW, 2429
Bulga Forest, NSW, 2429
Bunyah, NSW, 2429
Burrell Creek, NSW, 2429
Caparra, NSW, 2429
Cedar Party, NSW, 2429
Comboyne, NSW, 2429
Dingo Forest, NSW, 2429
Dollys Flat, NSW, 2429
Dyers Crossing, NSW, 2429
Elands, NSW, 2429
Firefly, NSW, 2429
Innes View, NSW, 2429
Karaak Flat, NSW, 2429
Khatambuhl, NSW, 2429
Killabakh, NSW, 2429
Killawarra, NSW, 2429
Kimbriki, NSW, 2429
Kippaxs, NSW, 2429
Krambach, NSW, 2429
Kundibakh, NSW, 2429
Marlee, NSW, 2429
Mooral Creek, NSW, 2429
Strathcedar, NSW, 2429
The Bight, NSW, 2429
Tipperary, NSW, 2429
Warriwillah, NSW, 2429
Wherrol Flat, NSW, 2429
Wingham, NSW, 2429
Yarratt Forest, NSW, 2429