South African Style

South African Style

Darren Palmer has a broad portfolio, having studied fine art & graphic design, originally working in advertising and owning his own graphic design company. After succumbing to his true passion, Darren now operates his own interior design studio and has been a judge on numerous seasons of The Block.

Travel expands the mind and changes your point of view on many things - your personal aesthetic included. The textures, colours and patterns traditionally used in different cultures add interesting layers that can be incorporated into your own spaces once you return from abroad.

South Africa is a place with a distinct design language and is renowned for its hand-crafted items. Organic materials with soft edges, and a palette of raw, natural colours permeate the design language of South Africa.

Traditional elements such as thatching can be hard to replicate in Australia due to our building regulations. However, there are equally authentic and charming outdoor roofing solutions, such as the ceiling or pergola lining made from eucalyptus poles.

Masonry walls become softer visually with curved rendered edges and a rustic, textured patina that diffuses light. Rock walls and paving such as crazy pavers look right at home as part of this look.

Hand woven textiles and loose, basket inspired weaves are a great contrasting element to add to the natural feeling of the style. A pure palette of natural timbers, crisp white and black are the perfect base for South African style. Emerald greens work well as a coloured accent to cut through the otherwise texture-focused scheme.

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