Spotted Gum

Spotted Gum

Spotted Gum is a versatile Australian timber displaying smooth textures and a gently flowing grain. It is an ideal selection for contemporary homes, however it is just as comfortable in a classic or period home. Browse our range of spotted gum flooring options below and contact your local Carpet Court store to get started today.

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Is Spotted Gum right for my home?

What is Spotted Gum flooring?

Spotted Gum, also known as the lemon-scented gum, is a native Australian hardwood ranging in colour from a mid-brown through to a rich brown which can sometimes display reddish hues. It is widely used as a solid timber floor and in engineered timber floating floors due to its durable properties and luxurious aesthetic appeal.

Is Spotted Gum right for my home?

Spotted Gum is a versatile Australian timber displaying smooth textures and a gently flowing grain. Neither the colours not the textured woodgrain are bold, yet they aren’t insipid either. A wide floor coverage of Spotted Gum creates a spacious, soothing ambience, easily blending with a vast range of interior colour schemes and designs. Spotted Gum is ideal in modern homes and just as comfortable in a classic or period home.

Spotted Gum timber flooring is an elegant and luxurious choice of flooring which will add value to your home. You will find Spotted Gum in our timber flooring range within the Latitude 25, Readyflor and Stockmans Ridge ranges. Its timeless beauty is guaranteed to provide your home with an exquisite, gracious finish which will never date.

If you love the look of Spotted Gum – which most people do – but timber floors are not suited to your budget, opt for one of several other products which may be more budget friendly. The natural appeal of Spotted Gum hardwood flooring is also available in our hybrid, laminate and vinyl collections using a decorative photographic layer to display its beautiful characteristics in different flooring types.

It can be hard to tell the difference between authentic timber and our luxurious laminate floors which provide all the hardwearing benefits of timber for a fraction of the price. Spotted Gum in the Largo, Eligna, Colonial Plus, Big Country and Classic ranges provide a high performing flooring surface for the active family, with the naturally beautiful appearance of native Australian woodgrains.

Is Spotted Gum easy to maintain?

Is Spotted Gum durable?

Australia has one of the harshest climates in the world, and our native trees are built to withstand it. Once harvested, our hardwood flooring products don’t lose that resilience. If anything, the engineering methods used to create floating floors increase the durability and toughness that nature bestowed upon the timbers used.

Spotted Gum is showcased within our timber, hybrid, laminate and vinyl flooring products, each of which have incredible resilience and durability which enables them to maintain their good looks within busy family homes for many years.

For a super resilient floor, blending the best qualities of laminate and vinyl, consider a hybrid floor in Spotted Gum. Several collections in the hybrid range feature Spotted Gum, including the Sunplank Retreat Aussie Species where three different Spotted Gum varieties are available.

Is Spotted Gum easy to maintain?

The team at your local Carpet Court store are vastly experienced and have extensive knowledge of all the different flooring products in their showrooms. They will ask all the right questions about your home environment to ensure you select the right type of flooring in the Spotted Gum design, be it a budget-friendly viny plank right through to a luxury timber floor. And of course they will make sure you know how to maintain your beautiful new floor!

A vacuum using a hard floor attachment, an indoor broom or a microfibre mop will pick up all the household dirt and dust from your floating floor and a damp mop will remove persistent marks, but to safely ensure the continued high performance of the wear layer of your floating floor, you should always refer to the manufacturer’s care guide.

What are the other flooring varieties offered by Carpet Court for my home?

With a growing network of over 200 stores right across the country, Carpet Court are Australia’s largest flooring retailer, with many different flooring varieties. Their range of carpets is second to none, and some stores offer tiles and bamboo flooring along with timber, laminate, hybrid and vinyl.