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Heather Nette King is a Melbourne-based interiors stylist and writer for many leading interior titles and newspapers. The hallmarks of her styling are colour and vibrancy, and she writes passionately about peoples’ homes and how they live in them.

Heather Nette King’s Top 5: Rugs for a spring refresh

Is there anything lovelier than the moment when you notice the first signs that spring is finally on its way? For me, it is the scent of Jasmine blooming along my fence. It’s also the smell of freshly cut grass in the soft sunshine. It’s also when we notice the days lengthening and we start wondering if we will be too hot in our overcoats. There is such a sense of promise to these days – I think it may be my favourite time of year.

The notion of a ‘spring clean’ has been around for centuries, yet it has now become a metaphor for any time we like to open up our homes and refresh our living situation via a good scrub, a cull of unnecessarily accumulated stuff, and by updating our interiors with a few fresh pieces.

One of the easiest ways to refresh our rooms for the new season is by choosing a new rug. To me, rugs represent a high-impact for low-investment change. They can add colour and interest, or conversely, tone down an already vibrant room. They can add layers of comfort or provide a sense of calm and nurturing to a space. Here I have chosen my top five favourites from the Carpet Court range to give your home an invigorating spring refresh.

Create an everlasting spring vibe with Carpet Court’s Eternal rug range.

I love to mix old and new styles in my interiors, so when I find a rug that does the same thing, I am smitten! The Eternal range of vintage overdyed rugs is the perfect combination of a traditional Persian style rug, recreated in more contemporary colourways. It’s a kind of stonewashed, gently distressed look that works equally well with really modern furniture and art, or also a quite eclectic mix of mid-century or vintage furniture styles.

These are super-durable, and easy to care for which is a bonus for someone like me, living in a busy home with a golden retriever and a ginger cat who do like to spread themselves (or rather their fur) around. My favourite colourway is the Rust, with its warm mix of pale pinks, oranges, crimsons and just a hint of blue. It would look terrific on floorboards or layered with another rug for a beautiful bohemian look.

Conjuring the richness of the past with Carpet Court’s Evoke rug range.
Also along the lines of contemporary/traditional styling is the stunning Evoke range. The best part is that it comes in hallway runners and circular rugs as well as the more often-seen rectangular shape. Despite being quite intricately patterned, the effect - rather than being busy - is actually quite refined and calming. Each of the colour palettes is quite gentle on the eye, resulting in a very sophisticated range. I would place one of these rugs in an older style home - anything from Edwardian or Victorian, through to a Californian Bungalow. Or, if you’d like to bring a sense of age and grandeur to a really contemporary interior - even a warehouse conversion - the Evoke will certainly do the trick. My favourite colorways are any of the blues: Navy, Oasis Navy, Culture Blue or Glacier White Blue. I’d pair them with navy sofas or chairs, white walls and a really modern graphic blue statement art piece.

Pale beauty with the Colombo rug range

The resurgence in popularity of hand-crafted and rustic designs has led to an appreciation of beautiful textures in neutral colours inspired by nature. I adore the handwoven loop pile of the Colombo rug range, with its diagonal over-tuft pattern and its’ soft knobbly texture. The pattern adds interest to the design, but as it is in the same colour as the rest of the rug, it doesn’t become too contrasty or visually overpowering. The result is a very calming, nurturing design, that would bring an extra level of natural comfort to any room.
In my home, I’d pair the Colombo with linen furniture, or soft, aged leather - even rattan or cane would look superb with it. I can see it with rustic timber pieces, beautiful earthenware and ceramics in natures hues, and lots of indoor greenery.

Pastel perfection with Carpet Court’s Loft rug collection

To me, the colours of spring are gentle pinks, soft blues, buttery yellows and the most tender, palest greens. It’s little wonder then that I would nominate the gorgeous Loft range as one of my top picks for a spring update to your home. They are hand-woven, 100% wool rugs with a beautiful textured feel. And, don’t immediately think that because they are pastel they are for nurseries and kids’ rooms - they would look just as fabulous in lounge or sitting rooms too. My top colour pick from this range is the Pistachio, for it’s very refined, palest of pale green hue.

Bring the outdoors in with Carpet Court’s Atrium jute rug range

ThWe best interiors have the ability to change with the season – appearing wonderfully cosy and warm in winter and easy-breezy cool in the warmer months. Rugs can be one of the most effective ways to change the mood and vibe of a room, so maybe consider having two rugs for your space - so you can do a bit of ‘seasonally adjusting’. It may sound a little indulgent, but it really will help you create a spring vibe as the seasons turn.

Jute rugs will create a fabulous holiday at home feeling, like you’ve stepped into a tropical resort. They work beautifully with contemporary styled furniture as well as cane, rattan and other outdoor pieces in undercover areas. Made by skilled artisans in India, these will add a casual elegance, and I love seeing them with lots of lush indoor plants in woven baskets and terracotta pots. You can also look at the Lunar cotton rug range for a similar feel.

Top Rugs for Spring Refresh

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