When the weather becomes warmer and you're preparing for the months of entertaining, it's always nice to update your outdoor space. Carpet Court is Australia’s largest flooring retailer with over 200 locally owned and operated stores and while we sell a range of stunning indoor flooring solutions and blinds, we also have a fantastic selection of outdoor rugs that are robust, weatherproof, but most importantly - stylish. 

Explore our outdoor rugs for your alfresco space today and bring the indoors - outdoors!  

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Where can you use an outdoor rug?

Where can you use an outdoor rug?

An outdoor rug can be used anywhere you need a durable, easily cleaned, affordable rug!

Of course that is likely to be in your alfresco area or beneath your pergola, but the rug police are also quite ok about using outdoor rugs indoors. Because they are made from resilient fibres, outdoor rugs are the ideal choice for rumpus rooms, kids’ playrooms, hallways, dining rooms and family rooms.

When used externally an outdoor rug is a stylish way to define your outdoor dining space while also protecting your pavers, timber decking or aggregate concrete from spills. And if it’s too late for that – an outdoor rug can hide a myriad of unsightly stains and give your entertaining area a fresh, new look.

What materials are outdoor rugs made of?

Our Alfresco outdoor rugs are made from 100% polypropylene, an inexpensive synthetic fibre which is strong, durable and resistant to UV rays.

Polypropylene carpets are often chosen for rental properties because it is a hard-wearing and easily cleaned carpet fibre. These qualities also make it the perfect fibre for use in outdoor rugs as well as in areas of the home where spills and soiling are likely to occur, such as in rumpus rooms which see a lot of indoor/outdoor foot traffic and children’s playrooms.

What sizes of outdoor rugs are available?

Rugs in our delightful Alfresco collection range in size from a neat and tidy 1.6m x 1.1m to a whopping 3.2m x 2.3m. The smaller sizes are perfect for adding a little comfort and design appeal within the area containing your outdoor lounge suite and the largest size can encompass a super-big outdoor dining suite or even cover the majority of your timber deck or concrete flooring space.

What colours and styles do outdoor rugs come in?

While we talk a lot about the durability and resilience of outdoor rugs, they don’t lag behind in the beauty stakes either. While they are not designated as outdoor rugs, the gorgeous polypropylene rugs in our Evoke collection offer a mixture of Turkish-made traditional and modern styles in a beautifully soft and subtle colour palette.

Are outdoor rugs easy to clean and maintain?

To provide a modern, sustainable look to your outdoor areas, check out the natural appeal of the Suva collection. In simple, predominantly two-tone colour designs, Suva has minimalistic appeal in a simple, flat woven polypropylene fibre with a gel backing.

Polypropylene rugs are the perfect way to continue the theme of your home into your outdoor dining area and even provide a point of interest in your Bali hut setting. Within our synthetic fibre rug collection there is a great selection of colourful and neutral rugs in plain styles or patterned with geometric shapes, tribal features, floral and contemporary designs.

Are outdoor rugs easy to clean and maintain?

As long as you are able to hang it somewhere to dry in the sun, you can even use the hose to clean your outdoor rug. You can’t get easier to clean than that!

Hardwearing polypropylene is UV stable so it won’t fade in the sun and is also mould and mildew resistant so it won’t deteriorate during the winter months.

Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions when cleaning your outdoor rug.