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Warrnambool Carpet Court

Why should I choose to shop at Warrnambool Carpet Court?

When it’s time to think about a home renovation or even a quick refashioning in one or two rooms, it always starts with the floor. Here at Warrnambool Carpet Court, we think of flooring as the blank slate on which you can create your perfect home. And of course, the same applies to window coverings. Updating old curtains or blinds with new designs, colours or classy and beautiful plantation shutters, gives any room an instant makeover. The team at Warrnambool Carpet Court are experts in all types of flooring, from carpet and rugs to a wonderful range of hard flooring options including timber, vinyl, bamboo, laminate and the exciting new Multilayer Hybrid range, which is the first rigid floating floor product that can be installed throughout the entire house – including wet areas – for a beautifully seamless flow.

Can I Find the Right Flooring at Warrnambool Carpet Court?

Warrnambool Carpet Court is a very proud part of the universally respected Carpet Court group, which, as Australia’s largest retail flooring specialist, has an excellent record of providing top-notch service, expertise and advice. Carpet Court has an ever-growing chain of 200 across Australia, including right here in Warrnambool. The size of the network and the bulk buying power of the brand mean that you'll always get the best possible deal.

Just how competitive are the flooring prices at Warrnambool Carpet Court?

Warrnambool Carpet Court takes great pride in offering excellent value for money, and with a range of products to suit every taste and every budget, why go elsewhere? We can offer these prices because of our group bulk buying capacity, which is second to none, and enables us to enjoy a considerable advantage over our competitors.  

Of course, we understand that price isn’t everything. Excellent personal service, attention to detail and a real team commitment to helping you create your ideal home is also a big part of what the team at Warrnambool Carpet Court can offer. As are all other Carpet Court stores, we are locally owned and operated, so you enjoy all the personalised customer service that comes from dealing with a local company.

Can the staff at Warrnambool Carpet Court advise me about the latest design trends?

Considering the pivotal role flooring and window coverings play in the look, feel and touch of your home, we understand the importance of always having our fingers on the pulse of all the latest trends, technology, innovative products and interior design landscape. Consistently growing our reputation as Australia’s largest flooring retailer is important to us, and we’ve made it our mission to stay in tune with our customers and take the time to understand exactly what you want.

Our budget is tight? Can Warrnambool Carpet Court offer me suitable flooring and window covering options?

With a stunning and versatile range of carpets, hard flooring and window coverings, we’ve literally got all your options covered. We’re always looking for better and more creative ways to help our customers achieve their dream home, and we can guarantee you’ll be pleasantly surprised to see just how many budget-friendly flooring options we have available. Come and talk to the friendly team at Warrnambool Carpet Court and experience for yourself how you can get a designer look and feel in your home for a fraction of what you’d think you have to pay.

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