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Esperance Carpet Court

For premium floor coverings and more, look no further than Carpet Court in Esperance, your dedicated flooring provider. From lush carpets to durable hardwoods, sheer curtains, and traditional rugs, our team ensures the highest quality products tailored to your needs.

Shop Local - Shop at Carpet Court Esperance

At Carpet Court in Esperance, we offer a wide range of flooring products to suit every need. If you're looking for timber, laminate, or vinyl flooring, our store at 20 Norseman Rd., Esperance, WA, 6450, is stocked with high-quality options. Our friendly team is always ready to help you choose the perfect flooring for your home.

Transform Your Space with Carpet Court in Esperance

Your home's flooring can reflect the beauty and versatility of the surrounding landscapes. At Carpet Court, our selection of floor coverings is crafted to suit the vibrant lifestyle and aesthetic of Esperance. Dive into a world of quality flooring options at our local store, and let's find the perfect fit for your space.

Timber Flooring: A Touch of Nature

Embrace the natural beauty with our timber flooring. Each plank captures the essence of the forests, providing a warm and timeless foundation for your living rooms, bedrooms, and hallways.

Laminate Flooring: Style on a Budget

Designing a child-friendly space? Our laminate flooring replicates the look of real timber with scratch and stain-resistant qualities. It's an affordable choice that doesn't compromise style, reflecting a vibrant and family-friendly spirit.

Vinyl Flooring: Durable Beauty

Vinyl flooring offers robust beauty for active homes in Esperance, Hopetoun, Ravensthorpe, and nearby areas. Whether it's a bustling kitchen or a cosy living area, our vinyl flooring range combines elegance and resilience. Come explore the designs at our local store, and redefine comfort.

Hybrid Flooring: Versatility Meets Style

Hybrid planks provide a perfect blend of laminate and vinyl, offering the appearance of timber without the hefty price tag. Explore styles like Natural Oak and Weathered Hazel at our store.

Transform Your Space with Curtains, Blinds, Shutters & Rugs

Carpet Court is not just your local flooring store. We go beyond floor coverings to offer a wide range of window furnishings and rugs. Discover how you can add warmth, elegance, and functionality to your home or business with our extensive selection.

Stylish Window Furnishings at Esperance Carpet Court

Curtains - Curtains can warm up any room in your home in Esperance. Whether you prefer sheer curtains that let sunlight in or blockout curtains for privacy, you can find them at our local store. We offer free measures to make sure they fit just right.

Blinds - Blinds are an excellent way to control light and privacy. At our store, you'll find Venetian, roller blinds, and more. These blinds are practical and can match any room's decor. Visit us to see our extensive collection.

Shutters - Plantation shutters are a timeless addition to homes known for insulation and light control. Check them out at our location on Norseman Road to elevate the look of your living or working space.

Versatile Range of Rugs in Esperance, Western Australia

Want to bring a cosy and stylish touch to your home? At Carpet Court, we offer a wide range of rugs that are perfect for any space. Visit our local store at 20 Norseman Rd., or browse online to find the perfect rug for your needs and preferences. We offer:

  • Traditional Rugs: Timeless styles from the Ottoman Empire, Morocco, and more.
  • Modern Rugs: Modern, sleek designs in trending colours.
  • Shag Rugs: Plush comfort with a luxurious texture.
  • Jute Rugs: Natural appeal and durability.
  • Hand-Knotted Rugs: Handcrafted designs in soft pastels or neutrals.

Explore Our Extensive Range Today

From flooring to carpets, rugs, curtains, and blinds, we have something for every space in your home. Visit your local retailers or use our store locator to explore our wide selection of products. Need assistance? Just give us a call at our phone number, and we'll guide you to the perfect choice for your home. Make your space truly yours with our quality offerings!

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What's special about hybrid flooring?

Hybrid flooring combines the best attributes of laminate and vinyl, suitable for most areas of the home and DIY-friendly.

How do I choose the perfect flooring solution for my home?

Consider factors like sunlight exposure, presence of pets and children, desired look and feel, and your budget. You can use our online resources, such as our room visualiser, to envision product materials, colours, and styles.

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