Wall Panels

Wall Panels

Customise your living space with authentic DIY peel & stick panels that add instant interest to any room.

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What is a wall panel?

Look out, wood panelling is back in vogue! In 2019 wall panels are an on-trend way for home-owning DIYers to easily create a fabulous feature on any wall - or even the space beneath an island bench, behind a bedhead or on a ceiling! A far cry from the clunky timber wood panelling sheets that dominated Australian homes between the 1950’s and the 1970’s, the latest trend of sleek, sophisticated peel-and-stick timber strips bring dimension, tasteful style and warmth to a room – and look nothing like the wood panelling of old.

Carpet Court’s Elevate wall panels are a decorative wall covering to be applied to internal walls only. They should not be used as structural component in any building, nor should they be applied to external walls. Just like your timber doors and windows, Elevate wall panels may expand slightly when the atmosphere is damp and contract when it is dry. Therefore, they are not recommended for wet areas of the home or office premises such as bathrooms and laundries where the humidity may exceed 30% to 55%. If you want a decorative finish to somewhere like a wall in your bathroom or your shower recess, you need to consider feature tiling.

Elevate are high performance wall panels designed in Australia and manufactured in China. Constructed from sustainably sourced paulownia timber, they are a natural wood panel product which has all of our expert interior designers enthused! The stunning timber designs and colours win the popularity polls, kicking those old-school painted feature walls and even modern wallpapers out of the ballpark and taking their place centre-field.

Without a doubt, wall panels are asserting themselves in the home decorating world as the most stylish and exciting way to create a feature wall so far this century. They are the perfect choice if you are looking for simple, easy-to-apply methods of livening up a dull, unimaginative space, bringing symmetry and interest to any room in the house. Take note though, just like a painted or wallpapered feature wall, wall panels are a reasonably permanent fixture to your wall, meaning that once you’ve applied the adhesive backing to the wall, it won’t easily peel off.

Carpet Court’s Elevate wall panel strips each measure 1210mm long, 128mm wide and 5mm thick. They are available in ten on-trend colours showcasing natural timber designs and finishes. While they are lightweight and easy to apply, you can still hang objects on wall panels but it is best to ensure that the hook is fixed through to the structural wall behind the wall panels.

How to install wall panels?

Wall panels are certainly easier and quicker to install than hanging wallpaper and a lot less messy than painting! The simple ‘peel and stick’ application method is definitely an attractive proposition for DIYers looking for a new and fashionable way to completely transform certain areas of the home without too much mess or work.

Like anything, the secret to success when installing wall panels is in the preparation and careful application.

The first step in installing wall panels involves ensuring that the wall is clean and dry. Then, using a builder’s pencil, a measuring tape and a spirit level, create two level dot points at a comfortable working height and join the dots to create a line. This is where you will place your first wall panel. Simply remove the backing from the adhesive strip and press the wall panel firmly along the measured line for level placement of your first wall panel (allow 48 hours after the first panel is installed to ensure it adheres to the wall).

You then use this wall panel to ensure your second  panel is straight, placing it horizontally above or below, but a minimum of 300mm offset. Use a J roller to ensure each panel is adhered firmly to the wall. Continue in this fashion until you reach the end of the row at which point a cut may need to be made. If cutting manually, a fine tooth saw blade should be used. If you are using a power saw the cut should be made with the wall panel face down. The cut end should be placed at the end of the row, not adjoining another plank.

Of course your Elevate wall panels will come with detailed installation guidelines, and if you have any questions the helpful team at your local Carpet Court store will happily oblige.

How should I care for my Elevate wall panels?

The manufacturers recommend that you do not apply water to the surface of your Elevate wall panels. Wall panels are a low maintenance feature so they don’t require much care, but if needed you can use a soft, dry brush, a microfibre cloth or a duster to keep them looking fabulous. To remove stubborn marks such as handprints or scuff marks, try rubbing gently with a slightly damp cloth.

It is important to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations as introducing excess moisture to your Elevate wall panels may result in swelling and bulging. Always refer to the manufacturer’s care guide before cleaning your wall panels and if in doubt, speak with the team at your local Carpet Court store or phone 1300 CARPET for advice.

Is wood panelling cheaper than drywall?

Wood panelling and drywall are difficult to compare. Carpet Court’s Elevate wall panelling retails for $69 per square metre. It is a decorative wall product which has to be adhered to drywall or another form of construction on the structural wall or the ceiling.

Drywall, which is also known as plasterboard, wallboard, sheet rock and gyprock amongst other names, is not a comparable product to wood panelling as it is an engineered wall panel used in the construction of interior walls and ceilings. Drywall retails for a range of prices, but it is not a finished, decorative wall product like Elevate wall panelling so if you are looking to compare cost you need to factor in additional costs for the finish applied to the drywall, such as paint or wallpaper.

Elevate is also a product which is easy enough for the average DIYer to install. Drywall, as it forms part of the construction of the home, is usually installed by builders, so you also need to factor that cost into the equation in order to compare the total cost of drywall with a DIY wood panelling project.

Talk to the friendly team at your local Carpet Court store or phone 1300 CARPET to discuss the size of the area you would like to cover with Elevate wall panels and see how affordable a major transformation to your home can be. And don’t forget how much value you can add to your home by increasing the aesthetic appeal with modern wall panels!

Why is wood panelling so popular?

Innovative wood panelling is extremely popular with home owners and interior designers because it looks so striking and has the ability to transform an uninspired space into something quite dazzling. It is also a popular panel product in both commercial and residential properties not only because of the stunning visual appeal of the timber designs and finishes but because it is so easy and quick to apply to a wall or ceiling as a DIY project.

Often you will find the cost of a tradie equals or exceeds the cost of the materials you are hiring them to work with, effectively doubling the financial outlay. As wood panelling is simple to install yourself, there can be significant savings made in comparison to paying an expert interior decorator to hang wallpaper or hiring a professional painter.

Also keep in mind that in areas in the home such as the face of an island bench in your open plan living area Elevate wall panels are far more resilient and durable than paint which so easily and quickly shows scuff marks, particularly if bar stools are used.

When you look at the Elevate range of high-performance wood panel products it is easy to see why they are so popular. The natural flow of the woodgrain, the textures and shapes of the knots in the timber, the organic and earthy hardwood hues – they are all beautiful and add sophistication and flair to any wall of your home.

Wall panels are a perfect choice for any home interior while also providing an inspirational touch of class to a luxurious cocktail bar, a retro café or a trendy gastro pub. The stylish sophistication of Elevate wall panels also creates a strong first impression at the reception area within a professional business environment.

With regards to safety, Elevate wall panels have been independently tested by the CSIRO in Australia for fire safety and have been classified as Group 3 in accordance with section A2.4 of the Building Code of Australia. Regardless of whether your premises are for business or pleasure, wood panelling makes a highly popular feature wall for many reasons.

Can you paint wood panelling?

With the scientifically advanced paint products on the market today, it would be quite feasible to find a suitable base product to prepare wood panelling to be painted. So yes, you can, but seriously, why would you? Today’s stylish wall panels do not replicate the look of the heavy wood panelling everyone painted over in bygone eras! Today’s wall panel finishes are natural, elegant, luxurious and high performing. Elevate wall panels make a powerful statement in any room but they work with contemporary interior designs, not against them.

Some of Elevate’s darker finishes like Peppercorn and Woodsmoke are bold, not olden-day gloomy. They create a rich and sultry ambience, matching perfectly with the luxe textures and deep, warm tones of your boudoir while Driftwood and Hamptons are cool and classy. They are the perfect way to create a stunning backdrop or feature behind the bed, especially if the ensemble has no bedhead.

In the living areas of the home they make a great conversation piece and are the perfect surround to a fireplace or backdrop to your seated areas.

Paint wood panelling? Not on your life – unless your wood panelling dates back to the seventies. If you do have an older home with the old-style wood panelling intact, the ideal process would be to remove it and replace it with contemporary, easy-to-peel-and-stick Elevate wall panels. They will look far better and add more value to your home than painted panelling. Definitely say no thanks to messy, stinky paint jobs!

What textures and designs does Elevate wall panelling come in?

Carpet Court’s innovative Elevate wall panel collection is available in ten exquisite timber finishes ranging from a sumptuous and sexy blend of ashy greys and chocolatey browns to golden hues and soft smokey highlights.

Homestead is a versatile shade, bring warmth to interior decors with trending grey tones. It has a gorgeous mid-brown tone with soft grey lines running through it. Storm Grey is going to look quite incredible in a contemporary setting against crisp white walls with bold splashes of colour within the soft furnishings. Sienna has luscious reddish tones which can ignite a space while the remaining designs can highlight a wide variety of interior styles.

Fixed vertically to the wall Elevate’s flowing woodgrain will create a sense of height and spaciousness, giving the impression that rooms with low ceilings are taller than they are. When affixed horizontally wall panels will do the opposite, giving a narrow room width instead of height. A small bedroom or living room will appear wider with a feature wall of Elevate wall panels affixed in a horizontal pattern, and a breakfast bar will appear longer. You can even transform an ordinary ceiling into something quite spectacular using Elevate wall panels.

Where can I see actual samples of Elevate wall panels?

Get excited, get your eager-beaver DIY hat on and get yourself down to your nearest participating Carpet Court store during March, because that is when Elevate wall panels are making their much-awaited debut appearance instore.

With over 200 locally owned and operated Carpet Court stores right around Australia you have most likely noticed one near your home or work location. But if not, call 1300 CARPET and ask, or click here to find one using the handy store locator. Simply enter your postcode or suburb to find the nearest store to your location along with others in your area. Before you go give them a call first to check that the beautiful Elevate wall panels have already made themselves at home at your local store, and then drop in to see this fabulous product for yourself.

What other products can I find for my home at Carpet Court?

You can also find an extensive range of flooring products – not just carpet – at your local Carpet Court store. Their comprehensive timber, laminate, vinyl, bamboo and hybrid flooring collections look amazing in any home, bringing fresh new feels as hygienic, low maintenance, durable and visually stunning flooring solutions for your home or business.

How are your window dressings? Looking a little shabby? You can easily update them too as Carpet Court have a fantastic selection of custom-made window furnishings such as roller, roman, vertical glide and venetian blinds as well as timeless plantation shutters.

If you’re thinking that new rugs might be a nice, cosy addition to your home as summer comes to an end, selected Carpet Court stores have exciting rug collections on display too. But if your local store doesn’t display rugs, there is always the easy option to purchase a stunning new rug via our online store as well. Payment can be made via credit card, Paypal or using the super convenient Afterpay service.

With the introduction of the amazing new Elevate wall panels into Carpet Court stores, they’ve really got your floors, windows and walls covered!