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Passionate is the perfect budget-friendly option in the Carpet Court Triexta collection. This range has enhanced durability and resilience as well as inbuilt stain protection, making it an exceptionally long-lasting carpet.

Triexta is molecularly designed to be soft without comprising on performance. Created from spring-like triexta fibre molecules, Passionate will resist matting and crushing from everyday wear. These fibres allow your carpet to bounce back into shape after vacuuming, and even after years of foot traffic in your home.

Triexta fibres are inherently negatively charged, naturally repelling stains from the carpet fibres. This allows for chemical-free cleaning, with most household spills cleanable using just water. A triexta carpet also repels moisture, giving it superior stain resistance. There are no additives or applied chemicals in Passionate, just pure triexta fibre.

This Triexta carpet is manufactured locally in Australia with renewable, plant-based ingredients, and is made using fewer greenhouse gas emissions than regular carpet production*. This allows you to select a carpet that is both sustainable and affordable, without sacrificing comfort and softness.

Passionate comes in a vast colour palette, with an option for every room of your home. The collection ranges from velvety black all the way to a crisp pearl, also including playful pinks, blues and plums. This ensures a shade to suit your style and your home, creating the perfect partnership of elegance and comfort.

To arrange a free quote on Passionate or any of our other triexta collection, give us a call or drop by your local Carpet Court. We would love to help you select your dream carpet.

*Compared to nylon 6 production

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Carpet Classification Ultimate Soft
Type Carpet
Carpet Type Twist
Fibre Synthetic
Manufactured Australian Made
Budget $$

Warranty Information

Your warranty on Redbook Triexta carpet applies only in Australia and to the original purchaser of the carpet. The carpet must have been professionally installed over underlay, with the warranty not applying to carpet not installed as a fixed floor covering e.g. rugs.

For more detailed warranty information, please download the warranty guide here.

Care Instructions

A comprehensive carpet care program consists of four elements - preventative measures, regular vacuuming, steam cleaning and spot cleaning.

For further details on each of these four elements, please read the care instructions carefully.