A high quality carpet is an investment in any home. Elegant, comfortable and beautifully tactile, a well-chosen carpet will never go out of style. The good news is that with our huge range, it’s easy to find one that is a perfect fit for your space. Practical and stylish, a quality carpet will stand the test of time when it comes to performance as well as interior trends. Known for its superior noise reducing and insulating qualities, today’s carpet lets you create a home of real distinction. Depending on your lifestyle and needs, there are so many options available.

Many people often have an idea of the colour they want their new carpet to be. Then it may be about the fibre. A sumptuously soft wool carpet is always popular. You can choose between a synthetic blend option which will enhance its inherent properties or indulge in pure wool. Alternatively, a quality synthetic carpet works great in family environments with its durability and supreme performance. Another important consideration is – will it be loop, plush or twist? A good quality carpet can always be found in all three types. No matter what you budget is, there are always options for a quality carpet.

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How to choose good quality carpet?

Many years ago good quality carpet was synonymous with wool carpets because pure wool offers not just luxurious visual and tactile appeal but a high degree of natural resilience, tensile strength and durability in family homes. Nowadays, choosing high quality carpet is not so simple. We are spoilt for choice with beautiful and affordable wool and wool blend carpets as well as high quality synthetic carpets made from a range of durable, easy-to-care-for fibres. Both wool and synthetic carpets are elegant and comfortable and will never go out of fashion. Investing in a good quality carpet will also add immense value to your home.

It’s easy to choose the best carpet when you shop at Carpet Court, because we stock all the brand names you associate with top quality carpet such as Godfrey Hirst, Cavalier Bremworth, Victoria Carpets, Redbook and many more. You can’t go wrong with a timeless, natural wool fibre carpet, and many top quality synthetic fibre carpets are manufactured by industry leaders such as Quest and Redbook.

How to compare carpet quality?

While many buyers give great consideration to the fibre and colour when seeking a good quality carpet, the fibre should not be the only determining factor. The carpet construction, raw materials and performance properties combine with the quality of the fibre and the pile type to create a well-made, timeless and long-lasting carpet.

While wool is a proven performer which has certainly stood the test of time, many high quality synthetic carpets are also stain resistant, non-allergenic, don’t pill or shed, are easy to maintain and have colour fast-and fade-resistant properties.

The most important aspect in comparing carpet quality is to know what characteristics are needed in your home environment. For example, a home in a cold climate environment will want a carpet which offers good insulative properties. A home built with extensive floor to ceiling glass may need a carpet with excellent in-built UV protection and fade resistance.

You’ll also need to decide on the pile type when choosing your new carpet. While cut, twist or looped yarn isn’t a direct indicator of quality, the right pile type for your environment will contribute greatly to the longevity of the carpet. Is your carpet going to be laid in high traffic areas? Will it be laid on stairways? Good quality carpets in a looped yarn, a cut pile or resilient twist pile will be suitable for different areas of the home.

With so many aspects to consider, Carpet Court have made it a little easier to peruse the vast range of quality carpets available to suit your living areas and for bedrooms. Browse the carpets on the website to see pricing categories, characteristics and information amounting to a carpet quality guide for each premier carpet collection before calling in to your nearest Carpet Court showroom to check out how they look and feel under foot in person.

How much does good quality carpet cost?

With so many different types of high quality carpet available from Carpet Court you can make the most of our bulk buying power and purchase good quality carpet in a price range which suits your budget.

Of course the cost of new carpet in your home is determined not only by the particular carpet you chose, but by the size of the area in which it is to be laid. When you’ve narrowed down the list of preferred carpets, you can use the handy online cost estimator to gain a rough estimate of the carpet prices based on a small, medium or large-sized room. The website price indicator is for the carpet prices only, and does not include underlay, installation or any other materials.

To obtain a fixed price for the carpet of your choice installed in your home, you can request a free in-home measure and quote from your locally-owned and operated Carpet Court store by clicking here.

What is the best quality carpet?

The best quality carpet is both functional, elegant, beautifully stylish and will perform for many years in high traffic areas such as hallways and it is perfect for living areas and for bedrooms. Not only is carpet a wonderfully tactile floor covering, it also has noise reducing and insulating qualities, helping to create a quieter, warmer environment within your home.

With a huge variety of designs, colours and styles available, the best quality carpet creates a home of distinction with practical and aesthetic benefits too. Good quality carpets offer first-rate soil and stain resistant properties, have outstanding durability and exceptional tensile strength which means they will bounce back when flattened by furniture or heavy objects.

How long should good quality carpet last?

Choosing the right carpet for your home environment means many years of high performing wearability and timeless good looks. In high traffic areas and at doorways you can place mats to help protect your carpet from excessive wear and tear. Many good quality carpets manufactured by all the best brands have warranties covering different aspects of the life of the carpet up to 20 years long.  Top quality carpets receive a manufacturer’s lifetime warranty against things such as defects and resistance to staining from common food and beverage spills.

A high quality carpet is a valuable investment in your property and will reward you with supreme comfort, practicality and timeless visual appeal for many years.

Where to buy quality carpets?

As Australia’s largest flooring retailer, Carpet Court have over 200 locally owned and operated stores right across the country. With fantastic showrooms displaying a huge range of wool, synthetic and wool blend quality carpet and flooring options in a large selection of colours, designs and prices, there is no doubt that Carpet Court is the best place to buy quality carpets for your home.

You will receive excellent customer service from your local store, while the bulk buying power of the Carpet Court company means fabulous prices too.  If you haven’t visited your local Carpet Court store yet, click here to find it and pop in to browse their stunning range of carpets today.