Light Filtering

Light Filtering

Shop dozens of Light Filtering Roller blind fabrics online or in-store with Carpet Court. Our range of high-quality light filtering fabrics in on-trend and classic colours allow natural light into your home while providing day and night time privacy.

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The roller blind that works as hard as you do. Light filtering roller blinds have a lot going for them in the functionality department - 24/7 privacy, diffused natural light, affordable, attractive, minimalistic, and great for insulation. All ‘rolled’ into one window covering! Here at Carpet Court, we think light filtering roller blinds are an excellent option for any home and budget. Read on to learn why.

Increase the privacy of your home with light filtering roller blinds

No one wants outsiders peering into their homes. But no one wants to live their lives bumping around in the dark with their blinds closed, either. Enter light filtering blinds - our only blind fabric that provides day AND night privacy. This specially designed range allows you to enjoy soft natural light during the day and prevents people from seeing inside at night.

Block out unsightly views with light filtering roller blinds

Have you got a room with a not-so-great view? Light filtering fabric provides a translucent view of what is outside. So, diffused natural light comes shining in but the shapes outside are more like silhouettes without fine definition. It’s time to say goodbye to the neighbour’s ugly fence or the dingy old car park across the street.

Light filtering blinds vs blockout blinds - choosing the right blinds

The major difference between light filtering blinds and blockout blinds? Darkness. Both blinds provide excellent privacy at any time of day, but light filtering blinds provide privacy as well as daylight, while a blockout fabric blind needs to be closed to create privacy. So light filtering blinds are great for rooms that don’t require darkening. Many people who desire both aspects install double roller blinds with one light filtering or transitional sunscreen roller blind and one blockout roller blind.

Diffuse natural light with light filtering roller blinds

There’s no substitute for natural light. It creates warmth and clears the head in a way that artificial light cannot. But sometimes a need for privacy is a barrier to letting the outside in. Not anymore with light filtering blinds! Bring in soft, diffused daylight while reducing glare, and at night with the lights on, enjoy the way internal light bounces off your blinds, gently reflecting into your room.

Best blinds to install so people can’t look in

Carpet Court has many types of made-to-measure blinds that will prevent outsiders from seeing into your home. There are elegant Roman blinds, Modern panel blinds, affordable Vertical blinds, and classic, clean-looking Venetian blinds, just to name a few. All of these are excellent window covering options for creating privacy, adding style, and insulating your home or office. The major element these blinds have in common is that they’re either open or closed. When open, even just a little, an outsider can see inside. However, a light filtering blind will allow light in while preventing someone from seeing inside and that is what sets this style of window treatment apart from its peers.

Cleaning and maintaining light filtering roller blinds

It’s easy to keep your light filtering blinds clean and looking sharp for years to come. Light filtering and blockout blind fabrics are one of the simplest window furnishings to maintain. Dust them regularly with a soft cloth or vacuum brush. When they need a clean, use a damp cloth and mild detergent diluted in water to wipe the blind fabric. Dry the blinds with a clean, soft cloth. Don’t roll them up while damp.

If in doubt, refer to your manufacturer’s guidelines before cleaning, or phone the friendly Carpet Court team who installed them for their expert advice.

Save space and increase daytime privacy with light filter roller blinds

The interior designer’s best friend. Roller blinds sit within the footprint of a window or door on a face fit or recess fit mount. This makes them visually and physically slimline so they save space and can fit with any interior style, from modern minimalist to traditional or even scandi.

But there are more reasons why designers love them. Light filtering roller blinds protect your floors and furnishings from UV rays and offer excellent light control as well as night and daytime privacy. What’s more, they’re affordable and can be made within shorter timeframes than more complicated window treatments. And lastly, they’re easy to operate via a discreet chain operation system that sits at the top of the window for child safety.

Sunscreen vs light filtering fabrics

Australia - the lucky country. So much glorious sunshine to enjoy. But when it’s time to prevent the sun from fading your sofa or cracking your floorboards, Carpet Court’s blind fabrics come to the fore.

Our transitional fabrics act as a sunscreen that allows light and heat to be controlled while offering a clear view outside and providing 95% protection against UV rays. Perfect for our harsh Australian summers.

Light filtering fabrics diffuse both external and internal light. This means that the fabric softens the impact of sunlight and provides excellent privacy while also reflecting and diffusing internal light sources making it complementary to floor lamps, pendant lighting, bedside lamps or even a chandelier.

Translucent blinds to match your home décor

How will you choose a blind fabric colour that matches your home décor? With dozens of on-trend and timeless colours in Carpet Court’s light filtering fabric range! Your only difficult decision will be picking which ones you won’t use. From classic bright whites and mid-greys to chestnut or ink, our colour palette allows you to blend your window furnishings into your interiors or make them stand out as a feature.

Insulate your home with light filtering roller blinds

Save on your power bills! When heat enters your home via glass windows or doors, a high-quality light filtering blind will trap the heat between the fabric and glass, helping moderate the internal room temperature. And in winter, the blind acts as a barrier to keep warm heat in and cool air out.

For extra insulation, consider double roller blinds. Blockout blind fabric has acrylic backing that is highly effective at reflecting heat and light. A light filtering and blockout duo provide double the light control and insulation and can be chosen in complementary colours with matching bottom rails.

To see our range of roller blinds and fabric combinations, why not head to your nearest showroom or book a free measure and quote online? Chat to our expert team about product durability, warranty information and even motorisation of your beautiful new window coverings. And there’s no need to worry about the finer details of installation instruction because our professional installers look after that for you.


What is a light filtering roller blind?

A light filtering roller blind is a roller blind made with light filtering fabric. This clever fabric provides day and night time privacy while allowing natural light into your home or office and is available in dozens of colours from our large range of fabrics.

Do light filtering blinds provide privacy at night?

Light filtering blinds provide privacy day and night because their light filtering fabric allows natural light into your home during the day but prevents outsiders from seeing inside 24/7. If you’d like to completely darken a room, pair a light filtering blind with a blockout fabric to create a double roller blind.