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Heather Nette King is a Melbourne-based interiors stylist and writer for many leading interior titles and newspapers. The hallmarks of her styling are colour and vibrancy, and she writes passionately about peoples’ homes and how they live in them.

No matter where you live – whether it’s in the warm north or the cool south; in a house or an apartment; by the beach, the city or even rural - your piece of mind at home can always be elevated by taking your design cues from nature and incorporating them into your home. The
idea that living in spaces that are connected with nature will positively affect our wellbeing has been brewing for a while now. Its official name is biophilic design and it’s all about incorporating natural materials, light, vegetation and views into your surroundings.

Creating a home that is beautiful and biophilic has never been so easy. From the flooring that you select to the colour palette, and even the style of finishes and furnishings used, you can create these tangible links to the outdoors, inviting nature’s calm into your space. So, what is the easiest way to bring a sense of the outdoors into your home?

So, what is the easiest way to bring a sense of the outdoors into your home?

The most obvious way to achieve this is by adding indoor plants and greenery to your space,
but what about furniture, lighting and materials? Natural timbers and wool carpets will instantly bring a sense of nature inside. My top pick for carpet would be a 100% wool carpet, Alpine Retreat, in a beautiful natural shade like Buller or Thredbo. For a hard floor, I’d choose the Latitude 25 floating timber floor in Blackbutt.

The colours you choose to paint your walls can also help create an outdoor vibe indoors. I particularly love pale, sage green colours such as Dulux’s Sage Green, or for a deeper green try
Dulux’s Mangrove. If you love a tropical look, try Dulux’s Equatorial Forrest.

The right window coverings will help to bring the outdoors in. Of course, it makes sense to
select window coverings that connect you to the outside word – so sheers, shutters or even Veri Shades® will work beautifully.

That’s covered the basics, so now what about furniture, lighting and materials? Relaxed pieces
like slouchy sofas, tables and benches in natural materials such as rattan, cane, knotted timbers and bamboo will create an outdoor feel. Similarly, indoor hanging chairs or bench seats will also work, particularly when they’re loaded with cushions in botanical prints or earthy colours.

Light fittings can also add an outdoorsy feel, especially if they are in a lantern design. Again, the
material should be cane or bamboo, or even green glass which will catch the light and give your room a beautiful, verdant glow.

Adding live plantings is one of the easiest ways to bring the outdoors in. Mix up the species –
from striking indoor palms, to delicate maidenhair ferns and bold fiddle leaf figs. Varying the
shape and texture will be pleasing to your eyes and your well-being overall.

Finally, add layers of flooring for comfort. Rugs, indoor/outdoor carpet in natural textures
(expert tip - these can also be used in undercover exterior areas), or even an indoor door mat
will help to add visual interest. To create an exotic holiday vibe, one of my favourites from the
rug range is the Atrium Jute rug in Polo Blue.


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