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Modern Living Carpet Court (Launceston)

For a home refurbishment where quality meets style, choose Carpet Court. Carpet stores in Launceston, Tas are your go-to flooring experts so shop for our extensive range of products and services to transform your space into the home of your dreams.

Get to know the team at Modern Living Carpet Court Launceston TAS

Starting a home renovation project can be a huge undertaking. If you are wondering where to begin or the prospect of making decisions on colour schemes and materials seems a little daunting, then a visit to Carpet Court is highly recommended. Come and meet the team at Modern Living Carpet Court. Our family of highly skilled professionals are here to assist you and guide you in making the best choices for your home or workspace. Visit our showroom and explore the entire range of floor coverings, carpet tiles, and window treatments to transform your space. Located at 156 Invermay Rd, this locally owned Tas store has proudly been serving families in Australia for many generations. Check our store locator for opening hours.

How to choose between curtains & blinds for your home

Privacy or panorama? That is the question. The huge range of high-quality curtains and blinds at Carpet Court gives you the opportunity to let the sunshine in or create your own secluded hideaway. From Roman blinds for a classic style to Veri shade curtains for a breezy contemporary appeal, and every style in between, we have them all on show at Carpet Court.

Install timeless plantation shutters to your Tasmanian home

Imbue your home with a touch of class with the addition of plantation shutters from Carpet Court. These elegant and iconic shutters are stylish yet functional. Composed of low-maintenance PVC material, these shutters are the perfect combination of heat and moisture-resistant properties making them perfect for the Australian climate. Their timeless design makes them suited for all interiors from the bathroom to bedrooms.

Discover installation services

Make your flooring project come alive with a bit of help from Modern Living Carpet Court. Our specialised team of highly skilled professionals are here to assist you from conception to installation. Speak to our planners for a detailed understanding of flooring solutions available to suit your styling preferences and budget so you can transform your home or office into your dream space.

What products are available at Carpet Court Launceston TAS?

At Carpet Court, we have an extensive range of products manufactured to the highest quality and workmanship to give your home or office the perfect makeover. Transform your space from the ordinary to the extraordinary with exciting flooring solutions. From wool carpets to modern contemporary rugs ideal for homes across Tasmania. Choose Carpet Court for your floor coverings, rugs, and window furnishings.

Find affordable flooring options at the Carpet Court Launceston store

It goes without saying, when it comes to flooring solutions, Carpet Court is your trusted expert. With over 200 stores across Australia, we have been the flooring specialists for many generations. We pride ourselves on providing you with exceptional flooring products from hard flooring to carpet tiles to suit your budget and needs.

Multi-layer Hybrid: This first rigid hybrid flooring product is easy to install and is ideal for use throughout the entire home.

Timber flooring: Embrace the warm earthy tones that timber flooring has to offer. It’s a timeless look that truly is much loved.

Vinyl flooring: This is your flooring option for low maintenance and minimal fuss. The vinyl plank achieves the look of real timber without all the added costs.

Bamboo flooring: This eco-friendly solution is quickly making its way into homes all around Australia.

Laminate flooring: This highly popular flooring boasts the look of real wood at a fraction of the cost!

Get a free measure and quote today at Carpet Court Launceston TAS

Find us at Carpet Court Launceston to assist you with your flooring project or simply book a carpet call. Speak to our local installation team - the industry experts and book a free measure and quote. Carpet Court is your number-one choice for quality products at competitive prices. Choose us for your next carpet installation, flooring solutions or window furnishings, book a home service appointment online, visit us in-store, or call 1300 CARPET. Check our store locator for the opening hours of stores throughout Tasmania.

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What are the different types of carpets?

Carpet has long been a favourite flooring option for many homes across Australia. Comfort meets style as carpet adds an element of warmth and softness to any living space. Carpet Court’s range of carpets are perfect for the Tasmania home. Choose from natural wool, modern synthetic wool or easy-to-manage nylon. With a plethora of styles available in various budgets, finding the right carpet for your home is a breeze.

Where can I buy carpet in Launceston?

If you are in Tasmania, visit our showroom at 156 Invermay Rd for your carpet solutions. Our Modern Living Carpet Court store has been servicing homeowners in the Tasmania region from nearby Mowbray and Hobart Rd, Kings Meadows to Westbury Rd or further north into George Town. Even South Launceston is no place too far for our carpet services. Check out Carpet Court for more inspiration.

Areas We Service

Fingal, TAS, 7214
Mangana, TAS, 7214
Mathinna, TAS, 7214
Upper Esk, TAS, 7214
Blackstone Heights, TAS, 7250
East Launceston, TAS, 7250
Launceston, TAS, 7250
Newstead, TAS, 7250
Norwood, TAS, 7250
Prospect, TAS, 7250
Prospect Vale, TAS, 7250
RaveNSWood, TAS, 7250
Riverside, TAS, 7250
St Leonards, TAS, 7250
Summerhill, TAS, 7250
Travellers Rest, TAS, 7250
Trevallyn, TAS, 7250
Waverley, TAS, 7250
West Launceston, TAS, 7250
Alberton, TAS, 7263
Legerwood, TAS, 7263
Ringarooma, TAS, 7263
TalaWA, TAS, 7263
Trenah, TAS, 7263
Badger Head, TAS, 7270
Beaconsfield, TAS, 7270
Beauty Point, TAS, 7270
Clarence Point, TAS, 7270
Flowery Gully, TAS, 7270
Greens Beach, TAS, 7270
Kayena, TAS, 7270
Kelso, TAS, 7270
Rowella, TAS, 7270
Sidmouth, TAS, 7270
York Town, TAS, 7270
Hagley, TAS, 7292
Quamby Bend, TAS, 7292
Rosevale, TAS, 7292
Selbourne, TAS, 7292
Westwood, TAS, 7292
Brandum, TAS, 7304
Breona, TAS, 7304
Caveside, TAS, 7304
Central Plateau, TAS, 7304
Chudleigh, TAS, 7304
Dairy Plains, TAS, 7304
Deloraine, TAS, 7304
Doctors Point, TAS, 7304
Dunorlan, TAS, 7304
Elizabeth Town, TAS, 7304
Golden Valley, TAS, 7304
Jackeys Marsh, TAS, 7304
Kimberley, TAS, 7304

Liena, TAS, 7304
Mayberry, TAS, 7304
Meander, TAS, 7304
Mersey Forest, TAS, 7304
Mole Creek, TAS, 7304
Moltema, TAS, 7304
Montana, TAS, 7304
Needles, TAS, 7304
Parkham, TAS, 7304
Quamby Brook, TAS, 7304
Red Hills, TAS, 7304
Reedy Marsh, TAS, 7304
Reynolds Neck, TAS, 7304
Walls Of Jerusalem, TAS, 7304
Weegena, TAS, 7304
Weetah, TAS, 7304
Western Creek, TAS, 7304
Ross, TAS, 7209
Tooms Lake, TAS, 7209
Campbell Town, TAS, 7210
Lake Leake, TAS, 7210
Beaumaris, TAS, 7215
Bicheno, TAS, 7215
Chain of Lagoons, TAS, 7215
Coles Bay, TAS, 7215
Cornwall, TAS, 7215
Douglas River, TAS, 7215
Douglas-Apley, TAS, 7215
Falmouth, TAS, 7215
Four Mile Creek, TAS, 7215
Freycinet, TAS, 7215
Friendly Beaches, TAS, 7215
Gray, TAS, 7215
Scamander, TAS, 7215
Seymour, TAS, 7215
St Marys, TAS, 7215
Upper Scamander, TAS, 7215
Breadalbane, TAS, 7258
Relbia, TAS, 7258
White Hills, TAS, 7258
Ansons Bay, TAS, 7264
Boobyalla, TAS, 7264
Cape Portland, TAS, 7264
Derby, TAS, 7264
Eddystone, TAS, 7264
Gladstone, TAS, 7264
Herrick, TAS, 7264
Moorina, TAS, 7264
Mount William, TAS, 7264
Musselroe Bay, TAS, 7264
Pioneer, TAS, 7264
Rushy Lagoon, TAS, 7264
South Mount Cameron, TAS, 7264

Telita, TAS, 7264
Weldborough, TAS, 7264
Blackwall, TAS, 7275
Deviot, TAS, 7275
Exeter, TAS, 7275
Frankford, TAS, 7275
Glengarry, TAS, 7275
Holwell, TAS, 7275
Lanena, TAS, 7275
Loira, TAS, 7275
Notley Hills, TAS, 7275
Robigana, TAS, 7275
Swan Point, TAS, 7275
Winkleigh, TAS, 7275
Devon Hills, TAS, 7300
Perth, TAS, 7300
Powranna, TAS, 7300
Merseylea, TAS, 7305
Railton, TAS, 7305
Sunnyside, TAS, 7305
Dynnyrne, TAS, 7005
Lower Sandy Bay, TAS, 7005
Sandy Bay, TAS, 7005
Cleveland, TAS, 7211
Conara, TAS, 7211
Epping Forest, TAS, 7211
Akaroa, TAS, 7216
Binalong Bay, TAS, 7216
Goshen, TAS, 7216
Goulds Country, TAS, 7216
Lottah, TAS, 7216
Pyengana, TAS, 7216
St Helens, TAS, 7216
Stieglitz, TAS, 7216
The Gardens, TAS, 7216
Myrtle Bank, TAS, 7259
Nunamara, TAS, 7259
Patersonia, TAS, 7259
Targa, TAS, 7259
Tayene, TAS, 7259
Banca, TAS, 7265
Winnaleah, TAS, 7265
Bridgenorth, TAS, 7277
Grindelwald, TAS, 7277
Legana, TAS, 7277
Rosevears, TAS, 7277
Bishopsbourne, TAS, 7301
Blackwood Creek, TAS, 7301
Liffey, TAS, 7301
Longford, TAS, 7301
Toiberry, TAS, 7301
Collinsvale, TAS, 7012
Glenlusk, TAS, 7012

Invermay, TAS, 7248
Mayfield, TAS, 7248
Mowbray, TAS, 7248
Newnham, TAS, 7248
Rocherlea, TAS, 7248
Blumont, TAS, 7260
Cuckoo, TAS, 7260
Forester, TAS, 7260
Jetsonville, TAS, 7260
Kamona, TAS, 7260
Lietinna, TAS, 7260
Lisle, TAS, 7260
Nabowla, TAS, 7260
North Scottsdale, TAS, 7260
Scottsdale, TAS, 7260
South Springfield, TAS, 7260
Springfield, TAS, 7260
Tonganah, TAS, 7260
Tulendeena, TAS, 7260
West Scottsdale, TAS, 7260
Bangor, TAS, 7267
Karoola, TAS, 7267
Lalla, TAS, 7267
Lower Turners Marsh, TAS, 7267
Turners Marsh, TAS, 7267
Hadspen, TAS, 7290
Bracknell, TAS, 7302
Cressy, TAS, 7302
Poatina, TAS, 7302
Avoca, TAS, 7213
Rossarden, TAS, 7213
Royal George, TAS, 7213
Storys Creek, TAS, 7213
Kings Meadows, TAS, 7249
Punchbowl, TAS, 7249
South Launceston, TAS, 7249
Youngtown, TAS, 7249
Branxholm, TAS, 7261
Warrentinna, TAS, 7261
Lilydale, TAS, 7268
North Lilydale, TAS, 7268
Underwood, TAS, 7268
Carrick, TAS, 7291
Birralee, TAS, 7303
Cluan, TAS, 7303
Exton, TAS, 7303
Oaks, TAS, 7303
Osmaston, TAS, 7303
Westbury, TAS, 7303
Whitemore, TAS, 7303