Carpet in Tasmania

Carpet in Tasmania

Timeless, durable and visibly stunning carpets are a great choice of floor covering if you want to add value to your property and improve the insulation, comfort and ambience in your home.

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    Carpet Atwood II
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    Carpet Woolridge
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    Carpet Outback Spirit
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    Carpet Defined Charm
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    Carpet Alpine Retreat
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    Carpet Universal
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    Carpet Passionate
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    Carpet Hawksview
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    Carpet Dreamtime
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    Carpet Antilles Twist
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    Carpet Wayfarer
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    Carpet Parklife
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    Carpet Ocean Road
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    Carpet Natural Formations
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How to choose the best carpet?

At Carpet Court’s selection of owner-operated stores throughout Tasmania there is an extensive choice of quality floor coverings of all types, including luxury carpets and cheap carpets to suit all budgets, as well as carpets to suit different lifestyles and home or business environments.

Whether you are seeking a wool carpet for your formal lounge, soft bedroom carpets for the kids’ rooms, stain resistant carpet for your family living area or a highly durable carpet for your business or office space, the expert team at your local Carpet Court store have all the knowledge and experience to guide you towards the best carpet for the environment.

When you live in cool-climate environment such as in Tasmania, carpet is a popular choice of floor covering because it provides fantastic insulation as well as sophisticated visual appeal. Wool carpet offers the highest amount of insulation with synthetic carpet also providing luxurious warmth, softness and comfort under foot.

Carpet Court’s Tasmanian stores offer luxurious carpet collections in twist, plush and loop piles with excellent soil, fade, crush and stain resistance. Classic, traditional designs and colours remain popular while contemporary designs and trending colours also feature strongly. Which is the best? That demands on your needs.

To determine which type of carpet is best consider the amount of foot traffic your carpets receive along with the daily demands of pets and children. Also ascertain how much direct sunlight they receive, how easy they are to clean spills and stains, and how important the tactile experience and the visual aspect of the carpet is to you.

Answering these questions will help you to decide on wool or synthetic fibres, plush, twist or loop pile construction, whether you need higher levels of fade, stain, soil or crush resistance and which designs and colours will suit your environment.

When to replace carpets?

How long should a carpet last?

With correct installation, maintenance and care your carpet should last many years, often longer than the period of time you will spend in any one property.  Carpet manufacturers usually guarantee their carpets with a wear and tear warranty which is valid for between 10 and 25 years, and with correct cleaning a quality carpet will retain its good looks and continue to be a high performing floor covering within that timeframe.

How much does carpet installation cost in Tasmania?

The cost of carpet installation in Tasmania depends on the size of the area in which it is being laid, as well as your requirements for the removal and disposal of your old carpets, the cost of underlay and even shifting heavy furniture for the carpets to be laid - if you need the install team to do that for you.

The best way to determine the total cost of new carpets in your home or business is by obtaining a free measure and quote from the team at your local Tasmanian Carpet Court store. Chat to the friendly staff instore or book online.

Where to buy high quality carpet in Tasmania?

Where to buy quality carpets in Tasmania?

Carpet Court have several locally owned and operated stores throughout Tasmania. Each team has significant industry knowledge and experience which is a great help when you are choosing which quality carpet is the best one for you.

If you’re unsure where the nearest Carpet Court showroom is to your Tasmanian location, simply click here and enter your postcode or suburb to find the stores closest to you.