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Shelley joins longstanding ambassador and interior designer Darren Palmer and is looking forward to sharing her knowledge and advice with budding renovators.


How can I get summer look in my home?

How can I get summer look in my home?

 house interiors tips summer look

Summer is coming creeping back round again, with a brighter and warmer feeling already being welcomed back into our lives. So as we start to open up the patio doors again, and clear away the cobwebs with a bit of spring-cleaning, it’s also a great opportunity to get a more summery feeling into our home designs too.

Hotting things up for the summer doesn’t just have to be about using brighter summery colours. Oranges and yellows may well be much more effective when the sun is shining, but there are easier ways to create a more summery feel in your home without having to completely redecorate.
house interior designs ideas summer look
Spring comes with wildlife bounding back up through the rainy ground. So as soon as the green shoots are back there’s an opportunity to decorate our homes with fresh, colourful flowers. A floral theme is a sure reminder that summer is on its way. Flowers don’t just look good in the home either, they come with a fresh, summery fragrance too.

And the floral theme doesn’t have to stop at the decorations. Large floral prints work great on home accessories like throw cushions, kitchenware and other soft furnishings like curtains, throws and tablecloths. If you want to go the whole way, you could try floral patterns on your walls, design fashion can’t get enough of the floral at the moment.
home designs ideas summer look
If flowers aren’t your cup of tea then a more summery feel comes easy once you lighten things up. Think of the beach when you’re styling your rooms and you can’t go far wrong. Nautical themes, pastel shades, blue, red and white stripes, and light coloured woods can all look a bit washed out in the winter. But in summer they complement the heat of the sun perfectly.

Summer is also about lightness and airiness – trying to find that cool place out of the sun. Take a leaf out of Mediterranean book and roll up your heavy rugs to leave your wooden and stone floors bare and cool on the feet. Pull down those heavy curtains and let the light back in. And at the same time get out some light cottons and linens for your window drapes to keep the light and air in, but the fierce midday sun out.

Summer in Australia is all about bringing the outside in and taking the inside out. Summer is a time for our yards and houses to merge into one. As soon as it’s dry enough to get out into our gardens that’s what we inevitably do, so it seems completely natural for our interior designs to follow us out there. Instead of focusing on how to make your interior more summery, get out into the back yard and spruce it up ready for the summer.
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How can I get summer look in my home?

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