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What are the best carpets for heavy footfall of large families?

What are the best carpets for heavy footfall of large families?

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If you’ve asked this question, you may have a large family and you’re already thinking about how long your carpet will last, the sort of material that will be more resistant and the kind of thing you can do to avoid damage. With those things in your mind you’re halfway there, and there’s little that can go wrong with buying a carpet. Let common sense be your guide, and don’t forget the following:

    1. Cost. There’s a clear correlation between the quality of a carpet and how long it will last. So unfortunately, going for the cheaper option will often knock a few years off a carpets life. In rooms with low footfall this might be fine, but in hallways a cheap carpet is going to show its age much sooner.

    1. Colour. Lighter carpets are going to show wear and tear much quicker than darker ones. So, at the end of the day, if you want to carpet an area with heavy footfall you’re going to have to make a choice on whether to compromise on colour to avoid discolouration. Alternatively, of course you can be really careful where you tread, but even making sure everyone takes their shoes off at the door won’t save your carpet in the long run. stylish design interior heavy footfall carpet

    1. Material. While natural carpets might seem like a more refined choice, modern synthetics can actually be better for areas of heavy footfall. This is because the man-made material is often designed specifically with anti-stain or anti-discolouration in mind. This isn’t always the case of course, so it’s worth checking the benefits of the material used in your preferred carpet, some synthetics can be cheaper than the real thing. But a good wool blend might be the ideal option. Making sure the material is easy to clean can be the difference between a 5-year carpet and a 20-year one.

    1. Pile. A deep pile carpet might be just as long lasting as a shallower alternative in theory, but in practice, areas of high footfall will mean that certain areas get noticeably trodden down over time. This could have the effect of making the carpet look patchy or streaky, like a freshly mown lawn. As a result it’s probably best to leave your luxury carpets to bedrooms and stick to tougher short twist or loop carpets for the hallways. designs tips heavy footfall carpet

    1. Preventative measures. In a lot of cases you won’t have to compromise on the carpet you love if you take the right measures to protect it against wear and tear. Even in areas of high footfall there are a lot of simple things you can do to avoid too much damage: Rugs are a perfect way to protect the heavily trodden areas like entranceways and halls. Keep all your spare carpet cut-offs from when your carpet gets fitted and you can use them as subtle carpet protectors under doors and places where your pets like to sleep. The best way to make sure a carpet lasts though is getting it fitted properly, with a proper underlay that is designed to pad the carpet out. Keep your carpet clean to avoid dirt getting embedded, remove stains as soon as they appear and keep your carpet well vacuumed.

If you’re still worried about a carpet being damaged in areas that are in constant use, then you could always go for a different type of floor altogether. A solid timber or quality laminate floor, with a well-positioned rug can be just as good as a carpet, and will last a lifetime.
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What are the best carpets for heavy footfall of large families?

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