House Rules - What you might have missed so far

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With the season now up and running, the speed at which the House Rules contestants have to plan, paint and primp is already dizzying. For those of you who have already fallen behind here's a 30 second update:

The season premiered barely more than a week ago and the ticking clock has already proven one of the biggest obstacles for the teams. Candy and Ryan's Sydney home was first up for renovation, with temperatures cranked up and stress levels to match, with the pace and pressure of renovating their zones pushing the teams to breaking point: Bomber and Mel hit the wall of physical demands, Adam and Lisa struggled to overcome their inexperience, and this is only the first week! With the big reveal fast approaching it looked as if all the teams were going to crumble, but they somehow pulled it together at the last... What did Candy and Ryan think? You'll have to watch to find out! And then, as fast as Candy and Ryan's new home was presented in chaotic but outstanding glory, the teams were already gearing up for the next challenge, Carole and Russell's Perth pad. And no sooner than they had begun chaos turned to panic as more than just a bad colour scheme threatened the second renovation...

What did we learn from the first week of renovation?

Well, the house rules set by Candy and Ryan betrayed their fashionable tastes for starters:

1. style our home edgy & arty 2. deliver one-off pieces and graphic patterns 3. showcase the bath in the master suite 4. dish up citrus & concrete in our kitchen 5. give Candy crazy colour in a fun laundry

The graphic patterns were there, they provided a busy but stylish background to the clean, modern lines of the rooms. The citrus was there too, in the form of unbridled lemon trim and, perhaps slightly clashing, lime around the newly arranged kitchen and dining area. The house was transformed in more than just look: The revised layout showed how a set of tired rooms can be repurposed as an open, bright and (thanks to the colour schemes) vibrant space. The addition of glass sliding doors was a great touch to provide extra light and the feeling of space, a classic size increasing trick. The whole renovation can be summed up in one simple word: Fresh. And the before and after shots show us the huge workload that the contestants took on for their debut week; they're probably feeling pretty proud with the results.

Candy and Ryan's tastes have been revealed and now we're looking forward to see how they cope when the pressure falls on them and the rest of the teams when House Rules are laid down by Carole and Russell in Perth...

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