3 Tips on Tiles

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There is never one answer to design challenges but Carpet Court can ease the burden of renovator’s remorse and help you get the look you love from the floor up. Tile choice is one of the internal finishes with the most solutions and variations so here are some tips to help you choose the right one for you.


1. KNOW YOUR LIMITS: 3-tile-tips_1

As with all interior design decisions the first place to start is to set your parameters and understand your constraints. Tiles for living spaces will have different requirements to those of a bathroom, outdoor space or pool. Interior designer and Carpet Court ambassador Darren Palmer recommends checking with your tile suppliers that the tile you're specifying is right for the area you're thinking of using it.

“You’ll also need to look at things like gloss level and slip rating from space to space. Some tiles may work better on walls than floors or some may suit one space better than another, so make sure you double check with suppliers and installers to be sure you have made an appropriate choice,” he said.

2. MAKE A PLAN: 3-tile-tips_3

In terms of style there are many different directions to take your tile choices. You can browse by room, trend or colour with Carpet Court to find the look you love. Whether you’re after a contemporary style or a feature, Australian TV personality and Carpet Court ambassador Shelley Craft said it’s important to consider what will suit your space.

“If you’re working with a small space, large tiles will look overpowering and out of proportion. The size, pattern, colour, texture and gloss level of a tile can change the feeling of a room so be sure you know what you’re after,” she said.

3. BUILD A BUDGET: 3-tile-tips_2

Remember when you're choosing the size and shape of your tiles that there is a knock on effect in terms of installation costs. The fussier the shape or size, the more labour and higher costs. Darren said the standard 600x300 or 300x300 tile will be about as basic as you can get in terms of ease of installation, while small mosaics sheets, whilst fairly common, take a little more care and craftsmanship, so may cost you more to lay.

“Basically the more attention to detail your tiles require to lay the better and generally more expensive the trades person needs to be. Also be sure when you're buying your tiles that you are working to quantities handed down to you by your builder or tiler. You don't want to over or under order,” he said.

The Carpet Court Tile Collections are available from selected Carpet Court stores nationwide or online at the Carpet Court website. To view the collections, make an order or find your nearest store.

3-tile-tips_4 3 Tips on Tiles

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