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Kitchen Flooring Guide

The kitchen is one of the most high-traffic areas in the house, so durability, low maintenance, easy clean and non-slip options should be high on your list of priorities. Here you’ll find great tips on what to consider when choosing kitchen designs.


Kitchen Flooring Guide

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Kitchen Flooring Guide

5 Budget kitchen tips

Fitting a new kitchen is much more costly and complicated than getting yourself a new lounge or dining room. To do any major work like changing layouts, units, sideboards or fixtures is pretty much going to mean bringing in the professionals, for the design and the installation, which could see your costs sky rocketing into the thousands before you've even thought about style.

However, kitchen makeovers don't always mean changing absolutely everything, including the kitchen sink. We've pulled together a few simple style solutions to revamp your kitchen without spending a fortune.

1. Keep things on the surface

Unless you tired old kitchen is actually damaged or poorly positioned, you don't have to go tearing everything out to start from scratch. A lot of major aesthetic changes can be done by replacing all the surfaces that you can see on the outside.

So, for instance, there's no need to replace all your old units when you can just spray a new colour or finish onto your old cabinet doors. This is much easier, cheaper and safer than replacing even just the doors of your units (although make sure you know how to use a spray-can safely before attempting anything like this!).

Floors are no different. Unless your kitchen is carpeted, old floors can often be covered up with new ones, especially if you're going for click-together timber or laminate, or even cork or linoleum. So long as it's all fitted properly, evenly and safely it will save having to have the old floor removed.

Countertops can also easily be covered up if you are tired of the colour scheme, or if your old one is chipped or scratched. Specialists can come and add a new layer of veneer on top and save having to pull out all of the old units to replace the original surfaces.

Kitchen-Accessories-Designs-Tips Elsewhere in the kitchen, going over what you've already got can be the best way to avoid an overall revamp. From repainting your ceilings and wall, to brightening up your tile work, you don't have to go all out to change your design. Kitchens can be all about what's on the surface.

2. Freshen up your accessories

Decluttering a room comes for free, and there're few better rooms to throw out all the bits and bobs than the kitchen. If your sides are littered with an eclectic mix of gadgets or accessories then ask yourself when the last time you used each item was. If it was more than a year ago, you should probably just throw it away. Simplifying a kitchen is a great way to improve its style as a room. Concentrating on fewer, neater features will bring the room together and make it feel bigger, brighter and cleaner, which is really useful in a room like a kitchen!

After you've got rid of all your useless gadgets, think about getting your other accessories a bit more uniform. Having 10 different style mugs can be okay if they each add their own style value, but if your kitchen is full of low quality mix-and-match items then it might be a good idea to get a new matching set in a colour that goes with the rest of your kitchen.

Overall, a few well selected features for your kitchen sideboards are going to be much more stylish than a whole lot of clutter. Tidiness isn't just about putting everything away, it's about getting the balance of what's on show right too.

3. Lighten up a little


Kitchens should be light places anyway, but in the evening, when the natural light has faded, we need to rely on artificial light sources for our rooms. In the kitchen, lighting is inevitably going to be as bright as possible in order to help us see properly when preparing and cooking food; after all kitchens need to be safe. That can easily be achieved by replacing your old high-wattage bulbs with modern LED lighting. Going for white LEDs is a cheap way to bring your kitchen back to life, and they are more energy efficient than traditional bulbs too, so you'll be making a double saving.

We don't always require bright white light in a kitchen though, another simple and cheap way to make a kitchen look stylish without total renovation is to change up your lighting in order to accentuate the best features of the room. By getting lighting fittings underneath your eye-level cabinets, or even having foot-level lighting along your kitchen skirting board, can be a very stylish way to light the room in a more delicate, moody way for when the kitchen is not in use for cooking. You could even try some well placed pendant lighting with some classy lamp shades to really draw attention to certain areas. Feature lighting like this can look great in the daytime too.

4. Backsplash colour into your kitchen

The kitchen backsplash (that area of the wall behind the sink and work surfaces) is a simple section of colour that's full of design opportunities. If your kitchen is fairly neutral, the world is your oyster when it comes to changing up the backsplash with colour or patterns to update and modernise your kitchen look.

There are plenty of really affordable options. You could keep your eye out for some stylish second hand tiles, or you could cover up the whole thing with sleek vinyl boards, add a bit of texture with brushed laminates or get a clean, classy finish with new porcelain tiles. If there's anywhere to really go for style and update the look of your kitchen it's the backsplash. And it's the simplest and easiest way to turn a tired kitchen into a trendy one.

5. Ignore us completely and go for a complete redo

Redoing your kitchen doesn't actually have to be all that expensive. While we assume that reinstalling the whole lot of kitchen appliances with new cabinets, new sideboards and new tiling will require a company to come in with grand modern designs, this doesn't always have to be the way.

Kitchen-Matching-Furniture-Design-Tips If you think outside the box of the standard fitted kitchen installation you will open yourself up to a world of far cheaper, and far more unique, kitchen designs.

Before we all had vinyl floors and granite/marble surfaces, people used to prepare food on the humble kitchen table. Food would be kept in free standing cupboards or on open shelving rather than uniform kitchen units. Large porcelain sinks would be plumbed into walls, ovens or agas would be free standing too. Taking a step back in terms of kitchen design gives us excellent options for mixing and matching furniture and appliances in a kitchen, as well as sourcing some second hand or antique fixtures. It also means that you can continually upgrade what you have rather than needing a total redo every time your kitchen begins to look dated.

This approach doesn't just help with keeping the costs down, but it truly frees up your design possibilities by taking things away from the preconceived standardised kitchen looks.
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