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Kitchen Flooring Guide

The kitchen is one of the most high-traffic areas in the house, so durability, low maintenance, easy clean and non-slip options should be high on your list of priorities. Here you’ll find design ideas on what to consider when choosing kitchen flooring.


Kitchen Flooring Guide

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Kitchen Flooring Guide

All you need to know about kitchen flooring

When it comes to renovating your kitchen, so much time and thought goes into worrying about bench surfaces, cupboard space and sink fittings that you can easily forget about the all important flooring. Taking time to consider your flooring options though, is well worth it in the long run.

We've collected together some key bits of information to keep in mind when thinking about kitchen flooring, to help stop you from overlooking one of the most important features of any room. We've also gone through some of the basic kinds of kitchen floor available to help you make and informed decision.

Choosing your kitchen flooring

Your kitchen is probably the most high-traffic area in your house. So before you make any decision about your kitchen floor, it’s a good idea to do some thinking about all the ways you use the space and how much you're going to use it too.

  • Getting a grip: The last thing you want in a kitchen is a slippery floor. Think about how flooring will respond after years of wear, tear and inevitable spills before you jump in, pick something with safety in mind and and save yourself some broken plates and maybe some bruised elbows too.

    Quick tip: A high gloss finish is the slipperiest surface and even finished wood or vinyl can get slippery after a lot of us. More modern materials can get around this issue but matt or textured surfaces are generally a safe bet.

  • Breaking bad: Safety doesn't stop at slippage either, spillage is something else you should keep in mind when picking your kitchen floor: Are you prone to dropping things? If you find that your things are always tipping themselves off your surfaces you're going to want a floor that is both durable to heavy knocks and resistant to liquids and stains. Not only that but you want your floor to be forgiving enough so as not to cause every minor drop to cause a breakage.

    Quick tip: Materials like vinyl and wood are relatively soft and less likely to result in breakages when precious items collide with them.

  • Keeping it clean: If you are the sort of person who loves to clean, or can pay a cleaner to visit every week, then you won't need to hold back on your flooring choice. But if you find that time is too short to constantly tend to cleanliness you'll want to look for easy-to-clean options for your kitchen floor.

    Quick tip: Sealing a surface will make it much easier to clean, especially with areas made of wood or stone. Tiles are great with the right grouting, but vinyl is one of the easiest floor types to wipe clean without harsh chemicals.

Basic Types of Kitchen Flooring

1. Hitting the tiles

Laying down tiles in the kitchen is a great design feature and often the perfect way to add character and a quality feel to your kitchen. Tiles come made from fairly durable materials, in almost countless colours, sizes, shapes, finishes and variations.

Tiles are cool in summer, and they can be heated from below in winter. They also have the added benefit of being suitable indoors and outdoors, so you can use them to connect your kitchen with other rooms and outside areas for entertaining.

It’s always a good idea to get some extra tiles when you’re buying them, because they can be hard to match up if you ever need to replace them due to damage.

2. Playing with vinyl

Vinyl flooring is all about versatility. Vinyl can be made to resemble wood, stone, marble, and many other surfaces, but it maintains the resilience and adaptability of plastic. Perfect for a busy, well-used kitchen.

While some people scoff at the idea of vinyl flooring as an inferior, cheap alternative to wood or tiles, they are really missing out on a waterproof, heat and stain-resistant flooring that has the added benefit of being remarkably easy to clean. It’s also a quieter surface to walk on than wood or stone, which is an important consideration in rooms that echo. Vinyl certainly deserves a better rep on its versatility alone.


3. Natural wood floors in the kitchen

Is there a better way to add a feeling of warmth to your home than with wooden flooring? Wooden floors suit almost every style of kitchen and are easy to clean as they usually need no more than a sweep and a wipe over with damp mop.

A downside with wooden floors is that without regular maintenance, they do tend to show dirt, smudges and, in some cases, cracks and splits. They can also stain if they are not treated properly and can be very costly to replace if damaged.

Timber floating floors are made of thick pieces of timber flooring that fit together without glue or nails. Laminate floating floors simply click together over a flat surface and require no treatment or coating.

4. A kitchen with a concrete floor

The ultimate in low maintenance floor coverings for your kitchen, concrete floors give an “industrial” look and are easy to look after.

Costs will vary according to size, texture and colour; which you can really have a lot of fun with. The cheapest option is keeping the concrete that is poured as part of the foundation of your house, but this isn’t really favoured by many people as it’s clearly too “rough and ready” to be very practical in a kitchen. Polishing and sealing concrete floors are great ways to improve concrete as a flooring surface without breaking the budget. The modern feel and versatility of concrete flooring is making it an ever more popular choice for designers and renovators alike.

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