Discover modern and affordable custom-made vertical blinds to suit any interior style. Shop Carpet Court’s large range of high-quality blind fabrics online and book a free measure and quote for custom vertical blinds in your home or office.

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Think about all the places you’ve been to that have vertical blinds. They’re everywhere and have been for decades. Well, there’s a very good reason for that - aside from affordability, they are very good at their job. Vertical blinds take up little space, can be made in a fabric that suits your décor, and provide incredible versatility to have them sit fully open, closed, or at any angle between the two for total light control. Here’s more information about why custom vertical blinds are an excellent window covering for your home or office.

Match your vertical blinds to your home décor

Create a look you love with blind fabrics from our extensive range. Your custom vertical blinds can be made with a fabric that matches your interior style. From neutrals that blend in with your existing colour scheme to more dramatic colours that turn your window furnishings into a feature.

Buy premium made-to-measure blockout vertical blinds

Don’t settle for nearly right or good enough, get the perfect fit for optimum light filtering with Carpet Court’s premium blockout vertical blinds.

Did you know that vertical blinds can be hung from the wall on a face fit track or within the window or door frame on a recess fit track? And did you also know that you must consider any obstructions on your window or door that may interfere with the operation of your vertical blinds? No? That’s okay because we believe made-to-measure blinds are a job best left to the experts - that’s us! Let us look after your light control needs.

Control light coming from your large windows with custom vertical blinds

Large windows are fantastic. All that natural light at your fingertips. But it’s important to get your window treatments right for large expanses of glass and this is for several good reasons:

  1. Light control - Custom vertical blinds will tame glare and provide control over how much light you let in.
  2. Privacy - Versatility to leave your blinds open, closed or anywhere in between.
  3. Insulation - Prevents losing precious heat or cool air out of your glass.
  4. Interior design - Big windows dominate a space, so your window covering is the perfect opportunity to set the mood you’d like to create.

Roller blinds vs vertical blinds - which to choose?

Which should you choose - roller blinds or vertical blinds? Quite frankly, both are excellent options for small or large windows. Perhaps the defining factor for choosing between these two window coverings is the opening you’re covering.

Vertical blinds are particularly well suited to sliding glass doors and windows because you can choose the location from which you’d like them to open and stack - left, right or centre. Roller blinds offer a little more flexibility in fabric type because you can choose between light filtering, blockout and transitional sunscreen fabrics, or a combination of them with a dual roller blind.

Ultimately, both window furnishings are timeless and versatile with abundant options for tailoring their size and fabric to meet your requirements.

Add value to your home with custom vertical blinds

Custom-made blinds communicate quality and care. A matching suite of coordinated window coverings says to a potential buyer that the person who owns this place thinks quality is important and that their house is worth the investment. And it saves the buyer from one more task! Good window furnishings add value to a property.

Cleaning and maintaining your custom vertical blinds

There is no need to remove your fabric vertical blind slats to clean them. Leave them hanging up and vacuum them regularly with a vacuum brush attachment to remove dust and dirt. Marks can be spot cleaned using a damp microfibre cloth and a mild detergent diluted in warm water. Don’t use chemical or cleaning agents as these can scratch or pill the surface. These simple maintenance and cleaning measures should keep your vertical blinds looking great for many years to come.

We recommend referring to the manufacturer’s cleaning guidelines for information on caring for your specific product.

Book your free measure and quote for your custom vertical blinds

At the click of a button, you can arrange for a Carpet Court professional to come to your home or office for a free measure and quote. Not only that, but they’ll also give you their thorough assessment of the best window furnishings to suit your windows and doors and maximise natural light in your interior space.

Custom blinds made from long-lasting fabrics

Here at Carpet Court, we pride ourselves on the quality of our products and our excellent customer service. This means you can rest assured your new blinds will be fit-for-purpose, long-lasting and exceed your expectations.

Our range of high-quality fabrics is often used across numerous blind types. For example, the Modern range we use for our blockout vertical blinds is also one of the fabric ranges used in our blockout roller blinds. So, if you’re comparing vertical blinds with Roman blinds, Venetian blinds or another style of vertical window furnishing called panel glide blinds, we can happily show you how these might perform in your home and walk you through alternatives like light filtering and sunscreen options.

DIY custom vertical blinds to match any living space, from classic to modern interiors

Looking for the right window treatments can be time-consuming. Not to mention all the research and DIY installation videos you’ll need to watch to work out how to hang them. How do you attach the slats? Is a pelmet feasible for your style of window? It’s all a bit laborious, right?

At Carpet Court, we don’t expect you to do the legwork when we can make it quick and easy for you. So don’t take your chances with DIY installation when we can make custom vertical blinds to suit your interior space and install them while you get on with what you do best.

Choose custom-made vertical blinds with a blockout feature

Australian homes get a lot of sunlight. And they aren’t always built with the colder months in mind, either. Lots of single brick structures and not much double glazing. So, a bit of extra help from blockout window furnishings is welcome.

Blockout vertical blinds can assist in the battle against Australian weather by providing an insulating barrier along your glass windows and doors - the most significant entry point for external temperatures. Blockout fabric controls light but it also traps incoming heat and cold to help moderate your internal room temperature, saving you money on power bills.

Have peace of mind with our free measure and quote for your custom blinds

Most people want reassurance that their custom blinds will perform well and look good in their space before committing to their investment. That’s why Carpet Court sends a window treatment professional to you with free samples for a chat about your needs and a free assessment of your windows and doors.

Of course, we’d love to see you in one of our showrooms to show you the entire range of our high-quality products. But whether we’re at your place or ours, we can walk you through their functionality, child safety features, how many years warranty they have and even work out whether they can be motorised. So, you’ll have peace of mind about the process and purchase of your new blinds.


What is the difference between vertical blinds and plantation shutters?

Vertical blinds are made up of a series of vertical fabric slats mounted to a track. Plantation shutters are hard window furnishings made up of a series of horizontal louvres that sit inside a frame which is then fixed to a window or door.

What are the benefits of vertical blinds?

There are so many benefits to vertical blinds, but the two major ones are versatility in light control and affordability. Vertical slats and the ability to stack them left, right or centre make them a favourable solution for sliding doors and windows over horizontal options like Roman blinds.