Get the Most Out of your Designs: Staying in Fashion Long After your Renovation

Trends are a tricky beast. Thankfully interior trends move at a fraction of the pace of fashion with the same trends stretching over several years and slowly fading to favour the new. Trends, though, do inevitably go out of style. So what do you do if you like to live on the cutting edge of what's hot whilst also making sure you are future proofing your home for the years and decades to come? 

Trends are best taken as flavours or condiments with an otherwise staple meal. If you treat your trend driven desires as cravings that you can satisfy in morsel sized pieces, you'll be on the right track. 

Look at your home with a view to first improve its faults.

Recognising and finding solutions for whatever is holding back your home from being its best is your first step. Structural issues, lighting, outlook, floor plan, flow - all these things will transform your home in an enduring and substantial way. Get the structure right first, including where you locate your furniture in your rooms, and you are 80% towards having your perfect home.  

Finding the right pieces to fit into your home becomes your next challenge and how you interpret trends and your own approach to taking on risks will be your guide to just how far you go on the scale of classic to cutting edge. 

If you're a risk taker and love to have the latest of everything, you will also be familiar with having to replace things more frequently when the next thing comes along. However that approach does open up all interior inclusions to being the latest and greatest available. Wallcoverings, sofas, occasional furniture are all opportunities to satisfy your trend craving but just be aware that the bigger the statement, the more you will notice it when it goes out of vogue. 

If you're moderate minded when it comes to trends, perhaps look at keeping your sofa a safer or more neutral statement whilst giving yourself a statement chair. Wallcoverings are a great way to express a trend in your home as they take little time to install by a professional, add a lot of interest to the space and can be easily removed (if you use a vinyl or non-woven base as most modern papers do). They're a big statement to be sure but one that can be easily changed down the track.

If you only want to dip your toe in the latest trend, think about your art and decor choices.

Finding the latest cushions aligned to the specific style you covet will allow you to transform a neutral sofa costing you only the replacement cushion costs, which also allows you the freedom to change styles for your mood or for the season. Artwork is an opportunity to enhance a room's style and a good way to represent a fashion as well, though if this is your approach you'll be advised to look for wall art as decor as more substantial paintings are usually purchased as a timeless investment rather than a trend influenced one. 

Home decor is the other simple fix to experiment with trends.

We've all seen pineapples and chevrons come and go from people's homes in the last five years but the good thing is with such a wide variety of product you can purchase for relatively little and switch pieces that you grow tired of with little effort and investment.  

If you're looking at bathrooms and kitchens, consider that your most expensive rooms also should be the most enduring so keep trend decisions in kitchens to small appliances, tea towels, artworks and tiles. In bathrooms, choose towels, accessories, handles and tapware that adhere to the trend but give careful thought to making trend based choices on tiles as they are the one thing that should you want to replace them you will likely need to start from scratch for your entire room. 

Darren Palmer has a broad portfolio, having studied fine art & graphic design, originally working in advertising and owning his own graphic design company. After succumbing to his true passion, Darren now operates his own interior design studio and has been a judge on numerous seasons of The Block.