You will find a vast range of highly durable carpet for sale at all of Carpet Court’s stores in Adelaide. What makes a carpet durable? It’s not only the natural or synthetic carpet fibre, but also the type (loop, plush or twist), the tensile strength of the fibres, and the way the carpet is treated to resist spills, stains and crushing from foot traffic and furniture.

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    Carpet Atwood II
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    Carpet Defined Charm
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    Carpet Wayfarer
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    Carpet Ocean Road
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    Carpet Natural Formations
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What is the most durable carpet?

When choosing a durable carpet you should firstly consider the environment in which it is being laid. Are you installing new floor coverings in a home or business property? Is the home an investment property or your personal residence? The degree of durability is a factor here.

Also consider what the best flooring solutions are for the specific rooms in which you are carpeting – perhaps a family room, bedroom or formal lounge. Consider who uses those rooms – are they rooms your young family and pets spend a lot of time in? If so, durable carpets with good stain and soil resistance will be important. Are you carpeting rooms which receive a lot of foot traffic such as hallways? In entrances to the home and in hallways or on staircases you will find carpets with high tensile strength are ideal.

Carpet Court have a huge range of quality carpets for sale many of which are classified as functional and designed for high use. Edge is an example of a cheap carpet Adelaide people like because it works well in high traffic areas of the home and in investment properties where stain and soil resistance is important. Avallon is another, along with Avant Garde, Essex Place and Jacaranda II. Browse the full range of carpets categorised for high use using the handy search filter on the website.

How to maintain carpet?

How much is a good quality carpet in Adelaide?

The cost of quality carpet varies as it does with any type of floor coverings. Carpet is priced per metre, so the total cost will depend on the area you are covering. You can rest assured that as the largest flooring retailer in South Australia with over 200 stores Australia-wide, Carpet Court have bulk buying power and those savings are passed onto their customers.

On our comprehensive website carpets are assigned a $, $$, or $$$ symbol to reflect the pricing structure. You can select an approximate room size and your preferred carpet followed by the ‘request a quote’ tool to gain an estimate of the carpet cost excluding installation, or you can call in to your local store and talk to the expert team about the cost of good quality carpet in South Australia.

How much does carpet cost installed?

The installation cost is dependent on the size of the area being carpeted. Browse the exciting range of quality carpets online or instore, and when you have narrowed down the choice to your favourites, ask Carpet Court for a free measure and quote to determine the cost of the carpet including installation.

How to dry carpet?

Where to buy carpet in Adelaide?

With over 200 Carpet Court stores throughout Australia, you know there are many stores in Adelaide including one near you. The beauty of buying from Carpet Court – aside from the amazing range of quality carpets – is that every store is locally owned and operated. Not only are you supporting hardworking South Australian business owners when you buy from their carpet shops, but you gain the benefit of the extensive knowledge they have of the local environment. This means the team at Carpet Court can help you to choose the perfect carpet which will best suit your home or office.

If you’re not sure exactly where the nearest Carpet Court showroom is to your location, use our store locator function and enter your postcode or suburb to see a list of the stores in your vicinity before popping in to check out their vast range of flooring solutions such as vinyl floors, laminate flooring and floating floors of all descriptions.