Commercial Flooring

Commercial Flooring

Carpet Court’s commercial flooring collection delivers high-performing flooring solutions to commercial spaces and office floors without compromising on visual appeal. Carpet tiles, commercial carpet and commercial vinyl floors in a wide range of designs provide a stylish aesthetic to complement any business.

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What does commercial grade flooring mean?

Commercial flooring is predominately carpet, carpet tiles or vinyl flooring manufactured using highly resilient and durable flooring materials able to withstand heavier wear and tear and tougher conditions in commercial buildings rather than residential flooring.

These floor coverings are high quality and ideal for use in many different commercial environments including office spaces, healthcare, childcare and education facilities, aged care, shops, hospitality venues and even sporting facilities.

Commercial flooring has a commercial-grade rating awarded to features such as durable wear layers, protective coatings and high degrees of slip resistance complimenting commercial interiors.

This type of flooring can be installed anywhere that requires a hardwearing flooring material, particularly high traffic areas in office environments and commercial spaces.

Are carpet tiles the best commercial flooring?

The best commercial flooring solutions for your business can be found in our range of carpet tiles, acoustic carpet tiles, commercial grade broadloom carpet and commercial vinyl flooring.

Convenient and stylish commercial carpet tiles are available in a range of design options and include high levels of acoustics. They are a popular choice for office flooring, healthcare and hospitality facilities, along with commercial grade broadloom carpet.

Commercial vinyl flooring has a hardwearing protective coating which creates an easily cleaned surface. Luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) are suited to humid environments or premises which may need frequent cleaning, such as healthcare or educational institutions. Come in store to see our extensive range of carpets, luxury vinyl flooring, timber flooring and laminate flooring options suited to your next commercial project.

What are cost effective and popular commercial flooring options in Australia?

It is important to choose the best commercial flooring product to suit both your environment and your specific needs for it to be the most cost-effective choice.

For example, carpet tiles can be a more cost-effective option than commercial broadloom carpet in places where spills or stains are common because you can lift and replace individual carpet tiles without replacing the entire floor.

Equally, the installation costs will vary depending on the product you choose, so if you are covering a large commercial space not prone to spills then commercial broadloom carpet could be cheaper to install. The same applies to commercial grade sheet vinyl flooring compared to luxury vinyl planks.

To determine which is the most cost-effective option for your commercial space fit out, speak with the experts at your local Carpet Court store today.

How to choose the right commercial flooring for your space

The main aspects to consider when choosing commercial flooring are performance including long-term durability, ease of maintenance and cleaning, and visual appeal.

Commercial flooring solutions are all about providing floors which will withstand a higher level of wear and tear than your average household floor, so they are all created with high levels of durability and resilience in mind.

Choose the appropriate flooring material for the level of wear and tear your commercial space receives. Not sure what that is? The experienced team at one of our local Carpet Court stores can help!

What is the most common and best flooring material for offices?

Flooring for office environments spans all our commercial flooring products designed to suit commercial office spaces and home offices.

Broadloom carpet and carpet tiles will provide the best comfort and sound insulation underfoot, while vinyl flooring and laminate are low maintenance and hygienic floor coverings.

Available in a wide range of colours and design options, carpet provides excellent acoustics and warmth, while vinyl and laminate are easy-care, stylish, hardwood floors.

Five things to look at when purchasing office floors:

Whether the best flooring for your office space is carpet tiles, broadloom carpet, acoustic carpet tiles or commercial vinyl flooring depends on:

  1. The intensity and type of foot traffic - a busy, public office space or low traffic private rooms?
  2. Sound insulation requirements - do you need a quiet environment?
  3. Available design options to suit your space - consider marketing opportunities with respect to logos, colours and corporate designs.
  4. Cleaning requirements - is hygiene a concern? Will your office floors get dirty easily?
  5. Specific environmental conditions - for example, does your environment include a lot of office machinery, are you in a humid climate?

Is vinyl flooring the toughest, most durable waterproof commercial flooring?

The key is to choose the best flooring for the conditions. In many cases commercial vinyl flooring will prove to be the toughest, simply because it has a hard surface in comparison to carpet, and because of its low maintenance durability, rather like laminate.

Where to find a range of commercial flooring options with a free measure and quote

You will find a great range of commercial flooring solutions in your local Carpet Court showroom or by browsing the collections online.

  1. Our comprehensive website is a great place to begin your search for commercial flooring solutions for your space and allows you to compare products on performance, design options, price and visual appeal.
  2. The commercial flooring range displayed in our showrooms provides a variety of flooring solutions for varying environments such as commercial spaces with heavy foot traffic, office machinery, and extreme environmental conditions such as highly tropical to extremely dry climates.

If you need help with your decision, Carpet Court are Australia’s largest flooring retailer with over 200 stores Australian wide all of which are locally owned and operated. Please contact your local store for a free measure and quote, and to discuss which of our commercial flooring products will best meet your needs.